The mountain leader came unexpectedly, and his interest also came here to make a trip. Many court teachers often sent witnesses to join in the excitement.
Lu Changfa has also been carefully cleaned up tonight, which is very heroic.
Candle shadows shake red. Tonight, the red veil on the head of Princess Meixue looks very delicate and charming.
The two dowry girls were obviously very strict in moral codes, and they were clever enough to stand behind the country princess Meixue, and they were so jealous of all the guests.
Stay to send three girls to the backyard wedding room road, and the general will return to the front hall to drink and be teased by everyone.
General Lu can’t hide his complacency in his eyes, and he is very comfortable with it.
Massive is massive, but it can’t hold a bunch of Qingyun cousins to take turns toasting.
One by one, it’s not too much to watch the fun. The main cup is to light up the marriage of the general Lu.
It’s a long line, but now it’s a third line …
Tonight, the guest, the white leader, has met many old acquaintances.
Specially invited here, the company commander of Xihai City, the adult, the real big shots of Donglai country, Cat Young and Kyubi no Youko, have become guests at the wedding table.
The most interesting thing is that the rat demon swaggered into the auditorium and sent a gift. After giving a gift, he brought four extra foodies.
Four and a half-man-tall turtles have all stepped into the demon road, and it seems that they not only walk naturally, but also eat delicious food fluently.
Several Donglai officials were present to congratulate each other, and they were all amazed at seeing such a lively scene. Where is there any disrespect?
When everyone was making a lively toast, Baiyun Tower looked at the empty head with great interest.
The eye of the eye is full of reddish breath.
It may be that junior sister Chaoyang was very active when she showed up to congratulate herself and show her happiness.
When I swept a virtual place, the Baiyun Tower suddenly disappeared with a few rays of joy.
If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!
The Baiyun Tower was immediately put into operation, and the weather put the Eye of Heaven into full play. I had a faint insight into the difference there, but I didn’t induce any fluctuations in the air conditioner.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-three Inexplicable murder
"Is there anything wrong with Brother?" Has been silently note brother Zhao-yang Xia found abnormal then secretly read and asked.
"There are unknown things that are secretly swallowed and beaming. It may be that the high-order small world is mixed with creatures, and the eye can’t see through the rules of the body." The Baiyun Building did not hide the preliminary guess and gave it to the Chaoyang pool.
"It’s so hateful … brother wait a moment …"
Said Zhao-yang Xia read will be curious to look around the elf night call to come over.
Then he excitedly read to his senior brother, "It’s good for senior brother to have a divine light to develop magical powers at night, and maybe he can send a show."
Hearing this, Baiyunlou secretly nodded and affirmed the idea of Senior Martial Sister Chaoyang. This night elf comes from a small world of high-level wood construction.
Just think about Baiyun Tower and let the night wait. After all, General Lu is still drinking at the moment.
Without this wonderful tree that will be sent to the bridal chamber, it will not be complete after all.
Then Baiyun Tower got up and went to Brother Lu to help clear up.
"All right, today is Brother Lu’s wedding day. It seems that Brother Lu is about the same. It’s really hard to recognize the door if you are drunk for nine minutes …"
"I still know … brother … I can drink … drink …" General Lu is in excellent condition today.
"Of course, I can have a drink with my brother again. Let’s enter the bridal chamber earlier today …" Speaking, Baiyun Building took away half of Brother Lu with a wave of his hand.
"Ha ha … it’s better to drink again today …"
After waking up, I often burst into laughter, but after listening to Teacher Bai’s words, I said goodbye to all the guests and strode to the backyard bridal chamber.
"Brother Lu, what’s the hurry? We haven’t got the bridal chamber yet …"
"Hurry up and take advantage of the fact that it’s still early, and at least you can make a noise for half an hour."
"Go and watch the fun …"
"Go if you want, float in the sky. Watch it …"
"Good brother, don’t worry."
A group of younger brothers rushed to the backyard to watch the fun, and the guests in the front hall had already been satiated and gradually dispersed.
A few people in Baiyun Tower also walked leisurely to the backyard as if they were going to watch the scene of bustle, but they were looking for the trace of the foreign body and waiting for an opportunity.
Ziyan knew early in the morning that the elder brother had noticed the abnormality and sat tight.
"It’s a little reckless for this exotic thing to fight with the avatar …" I followed the trace of jubilation inexplicably disappearing all the way to the Baiyun Building in the backyard and muttered something to myself. Then I thought to the elf at night and specified the location.
I saw some mysterious spell read in the mouth of the night, and suddenly my figure showed and my hands waved, and the white mountain shone from the emptiness.
This white mountain is visible to the naked eye, but several people can see it as if it were a glazed figure, and it was revealed by this white mountain.
It was an alien monster, and the whole body gave a breath of human incompatibility.
Shaped like a raccoon, the white-headed waist is quite slender, and with a somewhat vicious dog momentum, it was immediately revealed by the divine light.
Several sword light manifest powerful sword domain instantaneous sealed the monster shape.
I don’t want that monster body to shake its place, and it has lost its shape.
The creatures in the high-order small world are really extraordinary. With the powerful avatar, they can easily break away from the blockade of several epee domains.
Of course, this is also the Baiyun Tower. I don’t want this monster to fight here.
As soon as the monster disappears, the Baiyun Tower has already jumped and started to set foot on the dome.
Just now, a wisp of samadhi’s true fire has been attached with a monster. If you want to hide in this dome, you can’t escape the eyes of the white leader.
Looking down the direction of the monster’s escape, the target turned out to be Nanhai Nian Nanhai Baiyun Tower, and suddenly I remembered a strange thing.
A few days ago, when I passed by the South China Sea to see the statue of Sister Snow Silkworm, my mind inexplicably fluctuated. At that time, there was an illusion that the statue fostered spirituality.
I’d like to think that the smell is very mysterious and different, but this exotic monster smells quite similar.
No, it’s not quite similar, but exactly the same. It must have been that monster’s avatar changed the Qi machine at that time, but the Qi machine didn’t change at all.
This monster seems to be interested in the mysterious opportunity. Today, General Lu’s mansion devours the South China Sea, which belongs to people’s unique jubilation …
Unexpectedly, I secretly swallowed up the willingness in the statue of Snow Silkworm Junior Sister!
This alien evil demon should be punished!
Baiyun Tower has always been indifferent, and suddenly a trace of inexplicable murder leaps up, and …