After 【 Instant Door 】, there is a long rest. 【 Three consecutive cuts and injuries 】 It takes a full forty seconds, but don’t forget that when Zhang Lan finishes the third cut, he doesn’t choose to close the injured door, but continues to blow the air, so naturally he won’t hit the first four doors for the fourth time-
[The Fifth Unique Door]
【 The Sixth Scene Gate 】
That’s when the fireworks in chakra disappeared soon after, once again wrapped Zhang Lan’s naked face and his eyes were suddenly red-he didn’t enlighten sharingan. Because it’s very simple to move around, he doesn’t need to see himself move. He needs to constantly, mercilessly, vent and swing wildly!
A muffled sound is different. This muffled sound gives people a continuous feeling. It is almost impossible for a continuous sound to stop from hearing this muffled sound. It is full of ears and head, just like a small room. This muffled sound bounces back and forth for a limited time and has not weakened at all.
However, no one wonders what this is. It’s very simple. You won’t be surprised to see Zhang Lan. Actually, no one can see Zhang Lan. Because Zhang Lan’s chakra fireworks are once again wrapped in a layer of lux fireworks, it’s that his hands hold on to Thor’s hammer and swing wildly to generate a lot of heat energy. The horrible temperature distorts the surrounding light for a few minutes. Originally, it was a line of hand ghosting. From the outside, it seems even more illusory. Now he seems to have grown up as a god of war with thousands of hands, and he was severely hit by it. 【 Earth Dun and Heavy Rock Technique 】 The destroyer has exerted absolute pressure. Even so, it is still the continuous heavy hammer moving forward quickly, while Zhang Lan is chasing after it. The heavy hammer in his hand will never lose the target!
Outsiders can listen to the continuous muffled sound and watch Zhang Lan control the flight in a circle. The destroyer can easily catch up from the starting point to the end point, and the ghosting has not yet disappeared. So the magical scene happened. If the picture is like a circle, the ghosting in the air will disappear in the future. Zhang Lan is already chasing the destroyer, skipping the new ghosting again and generating it again.
This strange scene lasted for more than ten seconds, and the audience didn’t come to recover from the shock. Zhang Lan had already completed his attack. His right hand held Thor’s hammer tightly against the ground, bent down violently, panting and breathing like a bellows. His chest fluctuated rapidly and his red skin was still steaming.
To the destroyer?
I’m disappointed in the hope that Zhang Lan will have the destroyer’s surname. Where is the destroyer at this time? There is nothing but a lump of iron bumps that have been randomly kneaded into paper balls, with a diameter of more than half a meter. However, it is not much different from the original destroyer. There are one groove after another on the outside, which is just a perfect fit with the hammer face of Thor in Zhang Lan’s hand, not to mention knowing that it was hammered out by it.
Although it is hard to believe that everyone is still short-circuited, the brain has to accept Zhang Lan’s outbreak. This destroyer was directly hammered into a lump of scrap iron!
Will it be resurrected this time?
There are also two people who can be sure that the destroyer is indeed "dead"
One nature is that Loki has lost control of the destroyer. Seeing that he left the throne of God in a rage and headed for the Rainbow Bridge, since there is no way to kill Saul, he can carry out his own one-step plan and prove to his parents that Loki is capable of protecting them and maintaining the glory that belongs to the divine domain.
And another person who knows that the destroyer’s braids must be all these figurines, Zhang Lan, or rather, he has received a message from Tong Shi-
"Ding detected that the host destroyed the S-class artifact *1 and rewarded the S-class rule fragment *1"
"Ding congratulations to the host for completing the S-class first kill of hidden achievements; The special reward [state recovery] *1 will take effect immediately if the current host state is detected to be poor. "
With the second audio system, Zhang Lan, who is close to being squeezed dry, feels that a clear spring is pouring out from his eyebrows and spreading to his body. All the fatigue he has passed has been eliminated, and the spirit that he has withered is also uplifted.
It’s just that in three seconds, the sample blue has returned to its peak state again.
"Muyu Want to Fly" will be rewarded with 5 starting coins.
Get something from PSMDZZ building, bring Xiamen key, squat down at the door with a stupid face, and the phone is typing until just five o’clock when my mother came home. Oh, my God!
Then I was very sad, dressed in thin clothes, and I didn’t pay attention when I blew the code word for so long. I have been busy lately, and I have been staying up all night with a high fever of 395. My brain is really dizzy, and I can’t figure out everything, but there is no way to code my mobile phone. I can see if I am well or not, otherwise it’s a pity that I am diligent for 6 yuan.
Chapter 23 A mistress? (2 more)
The destroyer is scrapped.
In the same state as the sixth scene gate, why did the first time Zhang Lan [Chao Peacock] just let the destroyer scrap it for a while and then repair itself, but this time it was directly scrapped and recycled?
All this will naturally be attributed to Zhang Lan’s hands. Once the Raytheon weapon gave Loki the ability to control thunder, it naturally possessed divine power. This time, Zhang Lancheng made the heavy hammer hit, and the Raytheon hammer was in contact with it, and even the [Dayu Spiral Pill] was biased towards physical cutting. If Zhang Lan is still alive, he can send a word to the destroyer-
Why don’t you?
It is also an S-class weapon, Raytheon hammer, and Zhang Lan’s powerful explosion directly kills the destroyer. It is reasonable that Zhang Lan can’t think of any unexpected facts, which is why this piece of scrap iron is nothing more than proof of this.
Zhang Lan, the reward for his hidden achievements, was full of (suspicion of) (abandonment of) returning to his prosperous state, and he greatly vented his anger after he died before he had a chance to come back and think about why Sol could not lift the Thor hammer.
After thinking hard for a moment, Zhang Lan still couldn’t figure out the way of thinking, and he was completely lost.
Odin’s seal has been broken and arni Hughes should be satisfied with Sol now, right? He has repented of his past and sincerely apologized and accepted all the consequences. Isn’t that a turn over a new leaf?
"I can’t figure it out!"
I shook my head, but I don’t understand that there is still the simplest way to know the answer-just ask arni Hughes.
Arni Theseus, the star in his doubts, was soon happy and urgent. At first, he "heard" Zhang Lan or misunderstood arni Theseus’ meaning. After confirming it again, he still couldn’t believe it. After arni Theseus repeated it for the third time, the facts were put in front of him. He had to believe it.
The reason is surprisingly simple or unexpected, that is, Sol Raytheon Hammer, the original "third party" Zhang Lan, has won Bisol’s praise, and that engine is in urgent need of control [Leidun Kirin] makes arni Hughes suddenly feel that its Zhang Lan hand will be much better than Bisol’s hand, and it feels that it can clearly feel the kindness in Zhang Lanxin’s bottom, so it makes a decision-
It decided to "divorce" Saul and then go to Zhang Lan, the "third party"!
When Sol was qualified to play Thor’s hammer, there was no way to catch Thor’s hammer and restore his divine power, because arni Theseus had already denied Sol as its owner and was vaguely rejected!
It is precisely because of this that when Zhang Lan calls it, it will not hesitate to break free from Saul’s control and fly to Zhang Lan.
Just now, the outbreak of Zhang Lanqi’s sixth Jingmen also made it enjoy a long-lost battle-a hearty battle! Fight for justice! Fight!
So now the blue problem is coming, which excavator is bah! No, it’s like a chef coming to New Oriental. Bah! Or should it be the black thor hammer now? Or the black thor hammer? Or the Black Thor Hammer? Or it’s black! Or return Thor’s hammer to Saul? ? ?
After a few mouthfuls, Zhang Lanwang looked at Thor’s hammer in his hand and his heart was full of possessiveness!
This is an s-class weapon!
This is the weapon of the great emperor Raytheon in the divine domain!
A whole dying planet with a rare star in ten thousand years is a magic weapon!