"Cough … it’s almost broken." The tie Xu Xuan said so.
After the river bank’s eye-catching voice passed, the Huanyi girl over there was slightly dazed and looked puzzled. Xu Xuan then pointed to the woman who had been beaten into strips, looked at the clothes and looked up at him. He didn’t speak, and then the wooden stick sounded again.
It seems that he is meddling in his own business. Xu Xuan shrugged his shoulders slightly, and the sun covered the water with a piece of Xu Xuan’s mind to soak his feet carefully in the water. Autumn water with obvious cold stimulation on his ankle made him involuntarily send out a * * * * from the nasal cavity. The female slant head over there glanced at the beautiful eyelashes and blinked gently, but there was no embarrassment. Then the emotions knocked and rang a few times and then stopped.
"Notoginseng Radix, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Lignum sappan, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Rhizoma Sparganii and Folium Artemisiae Argyi …"
Light spirit sounds like running water, thinking about things. Xu Xuan didn’t hear the expression clearly and wondered slightly, "What?"
The woman over there looked at Xu Xu Xuandao, "I smell the herbs in your body to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis …" Then she turned her head and didn’t beat the clothes in her hand again. Her eyes were staring into the water and she didn’t know what to think.
"Chinese medicine …" Xu Xuan scratched his head. "The effect is very general."
Previously, Xu Xuanlin Xianlou’s injuries have recovered after these days’ conditioning. If it weren’t for the big activities, he would still be affected every day. However, in this era, herbs are limited for some injuries, because if you want to recover, you need some. I heard Fang Yuanfu say that martial arts people have some better medicines, but these are all taken seriously along with the art industry. Xu Xuan’s injuries are not those of early new medicines. This is because she has been active for a long time, and the taste of real medicines has been almost scattered. It is also quite accomplished to be a doctor.
The woman took a strange look at Xu Xuan and probably didn’t understand what he said about "traditional Chinese medicine". Then she thought a little and said, "The real medicine is already very good. If it hurts too much, you can try Rhizoma Corydalis, Radix Curcumae and Rhizoma Curcumae …" Then she ignored the nonsense of "I still miss Yunnan Baiyao" over there. At this time, I probably thought it was strange.
There is silence in the atmosphere, and there is no special experience in talking to Xu Xuan. At this time, I also looked at the water in silence, then pulled my feet out of the water and put on my shoes and socks. It took a long time to hear the good voice of the woman. "Do you say that women must marry?"
Xu Xuan is putting on his shoes and smelling the words slightly. Is it that this woman is going to get married? However, it is also normal for a girl’s mentality to change somewhat before marriage, and it is not uncommon to feel uneasy. However, at this time, listening to her words seems to be a game without meaning, so she just casually said, "What else?"
The white woman over there probably didn’t expect Xu Xuanzhen to reply, so she reached for a handful of water and opened her fingers slightly, and jumped from her fingers to clear the silver line.
"How can two people be together when they don’t know each other before?" The white woman shook her head and looked a little upset. "Although everyone seems to be like this, I always feel that something is wrong …"
Xu Xuan’s mouth gently tugged at a thought about whether to discuss the proposition of love philosophy with this girl … In this era, marriage is not free, and it is normal for parents to order matchmakers to say that the husband and wife have never met before marriage. Of course, this is on a large scale, and the situation will not be absolutely intimate before marriage, and there are also cases of staying together after marriage.
"Earlier, a matchmaker came over to talk about a marriage. At that time, the master refused. Every so often, there were always some matchmakers. These things were blocked by the master, so I didn’t realize that a few days ago, when the matchmaker came over and the master didn’t object, he also asked my opinion. Even if I had any ideas in my heart, it was too … too."
Xu Xuan shook his head and didn’t know which one it was, but she said that Master was a little curious to see if she was washing men’s clothes or if she was married. At this time, she looked at her eyes carefully and looked like the clothes of the elderly.
"Two people don’t even know their home address, family name and appearance, so they can get married with the word of birth … he probably doesn’t know if my body likes it if I feel incompatible after marriage. Even at best, it’s respectful, but respectful … is it really good? "
Xu Xuan listened to her side and said these things in pieces. It’s not good to get in at this time and be immersed in love. This kind of thing is very troublesome to deal with, and there is no real need to ask your opinion. After all, two people don’t even know each other. It’s probably because they have accumulated some depression in their hearts. At this time, they will talk casually when they meet people.
"My front Hangzhou also heard people say stories about Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and I felt very happy in my heart." At this point, I glanced at Xu Xuan’s beautiful eyes and blinked. I reached out and dialed the water surface to make waves. "Of course, I still don’t like the ending, but I also think that if two people want to live together for life, they should have a common life and know less about each other’s preferences. Of course, the best situation is congenial …"
Female words make Xu Xuan slightly surprised. This concept of love is advanced in this era. Therefore, Xu Xuan is also thinking that it seems that later generations have been talking about ancient women for many years, but people with different ideas will naturally not be less than this woman.
Although it is not good to comfort her at this time, you can’t really say nothing. After thinking about it, Xu Xuankou said, "Speaking of Liang Shanbo Zhu Yingtai, I think of another story."
At this time, the woman over there scooped up a handful of water and heard that she would splash it out and look curiously.
"Once upon a time, there lived two big families in a city. These two big families had deep feuds. They often fought with each other for many years. There were also many casualties. One family leader had a child named Romeo, which was very popular among people. The story happened when Romeo was seventeen years old …"
The voice is not loud, but it is also some strange gestures, and the khaki sunshine shines on the sparkling water. Occasionally, fish jump up and look far away. In some places, fishing boats are busy, and when the wind blows, it has a unique taste of late autumn.
The woman sat by the water’s edge, gently holding the moon-white dress wrapped around her knees, and then she gently pressed her cheeks and tilted her head. Even if she moved her like a little daughter, it would make people feel a little bit. Zhuang Yalai stopped occasionally to show some memories like her face … The original story was probably very long and tortuous, and it was very fascinating to imitate the tone of the people in the story.
Juliet didn’t want to live alone when she saw the dead Romeo. She pulled out Romeo’s sword and stabbed herself without finding the poison. Romeo died. At this time, both parents came and the priest told them the story of Romeo and Juliet.
"The two parents didn’t wake up until they lost their children, but it was too late. Since then, the two families have eliminated their grievances and each of Romeo and Juliet in the city has cast a golden statue. The story ends here …"
Xu Xuan chewed a blade of grass at this time, because this story has been depressing my heart in another world’s memory, and dreams are usually things that haven’t happened yet. The beautiful girl over there squinted slightly and looked at the water. I don’t know what was going on. The atmosphere was silent for a long time before there was a sound. "It’s a story, right?"
Xu Xuan Tantan hand laughed. "What you said about Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai is also a story …"
The woman in white shook her head. "I don’t like this story …" Even if she denied something, the gesture was still so flawed.
After she finished, the voice sounded again. "Don’t take things too pessimistically. You know the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl … Dong Sheng and the Seven Fairies didn’t know each other at first, but then they stole people’s clothes quietly … You see, we have a Beggar’s Day every year now."
The woman in white just slightly remembered that Xu Xuan had picked up clothes from the water and tilted her head …
Chapter 155 Emotional trivia (4)
Xu Xuan pulled out a flat piece of stone from the sole of his foot, slightly inclined, and then cut it off against the water. The piece of stone jumped away from a distance like a winged bird. After that, he looked at a straight piece of stone and left more than a dozen lotus leaf-like ripples, and then slowly melted away from the water. Then he looked back and asked Zhuang Ya, a white woman, "Girl … Do you already have a lover?"
It’s just that this question has been exported, so it’s ok for a stranger to tell a story. Some of these questions are out of line. It’s because he can’t help asking this sentence at this time that he can’t catch his own mentality.
There was silence for a long time before there came a faint sound. "I also said no …"
Yeah, it’s a heart.
Xu Xuan then heart something similar to hope quietly dispersed.
Then he got up and sat by the river for a long time unconsciously. At this time, he suddenly got up slightly dizzy, and the sun converged its brilliance. At this time, he was slightly west and slightly bowed, said goodbye and turned around, and he was going to leave his eyes. Some discussions about love were also the female’s own affairs, and others could not help him.
He didn’t come out of the near similar self-introduction sound "my name is lady white snake".
It’s still light and elegant, euphemistic and moist. The early autumn wind is a little cool, and the sun is also good. A strange feeling rises slowly from the coccyx, followed by a slight numbness in the scalp.
Xu Xuan lived in her mind for a moment, and the short words of the woman evoked something in her memory, some were stories, some were pictures, and it took a long time to turn around. The tone of surprise was overwhelming. "You said … who are you?"
The woman in white saw some unexpected expressions on Xu Xuan’s face, and she was puzzled. "My name is lady white snake. I don’t know your name?"
"Xu Xuan!"
Although some strange emotions in my heart subsided, he took a serious look at the woman’s face. Her skin color was just right, and her delicate facial features were matched together. She had previously thought about love issues, and her eyebrows left some traces of thinking. She looked young and should be about the same as Xu Anqi. The female students seen by Xu Anqi and Xu Xuan were already considered to be extremely handsome, but in front of her, she was still moving. More different temperament femininity seemed to have taken off a trace of earthly breath. Even after a busy time, her white clothes didn’t mess up at all, which made her look more noble and clean.
After Xu Xuan took a look, he was somewhat attracted to his mind, and then he didn’t want to make the other person feel like a wild wave. He turned his eyes to something like a fishing boat in the distance. He rarely saw beautiful women in previous lives here, especially when he got there, there were all kinds of women around him, but he usually kept a peaceful mind and his heart "chug" jumped twice, and then he forced him to suppress it. To say that, this mood was only seen many years ago when he was a teenager.
It seems that Xu Xuan, who was a little messy by that name, wanted to think for a while and also attributed such different emotions to each other’s names for the time being.
Lady white snake … Ah, it’s probably the same name. Xu Xuan wanted to think something funny and shook his head …
"Oh, it turned out to be Xu Gong." The woman got up and gathered a gift at him. Then she moved to the ground and packed her clothes and smoothed her hair. She smiled at him. "It’s getting late. My body is leaving Xu Gong. Goodbye."
"Uh-oh … Farewell" Xu Xuan also bowed his hand at the other side, and some of them didn’t realize their sense of loss.
The woman turned around and took a few steps, then turned back to him and said, "Xu Gong doesn’t like it very much, but your story is really wonderful."
"Oh thanks to Shakespeare …" Xu Xuanchong smiled at each other.
"Nothing …"
After a short conversation, the woman said, "White girl is going there, too."
The two of them walked along the river bank, and the water flowed from their feet. In the past, Xu Xuantong told lady white snake to walk along the river bank, and kept some distance from Xu Xuan. When she said some words, she didn’t see any sense of alienation. It seemed that everything here was so natural and harmonious, even if she was accosted, she could handle it without any fireworks.
Then when it comes to kissing, women don’t seem to mind at this time.
"There were a lot of these things when I was in Hangzhou, but I didn’t like them … My body is really a strange person. If Xu Gong knew my body before, he would be scared."
After listening to each other’s words, Xu Xuan laughed, "What a coincidence! Me too!" Then he met lady white snake with puzzled eyes and explained, "I am an old monster who has lived for hundreds of years."
"Oh, Xu Gong is joking."
Then it is to get back to business.
"Although the relatives and concubines know each other’s kindness, they are grateful to them. They often don’t want to be so rash. Later, when they came to Huizhou House with the master, they thought that they could be a little more peaceful." lady white snake said that these wild ducks flew over the river and "wandered" into the water. She looked at them and then said, "This kind of peace was there, but it didn’t take long for relatives to come again."
"In the past, at most, an old woman came to the master every once in a while and said that these masters were unwilling to take a reason … Later, she was probably annoyed and asked my opinion a few days ago."
"Ha ha is really described" Xu Xuan asked casually with a small mouth in his heart "I don’t know which one …"
"I don’t know about this concubine. I know that the other party is also a fan who heard that there was a fight in the fairy building some days ago. I didn’t pay attention to my life but fought. Well, some people don’t like it … huh? Xu Gong, why don’t you leave? "