He just saved Ding Longyun. This iron bar struck enough strength. At this moment, he leaned forward slightly, trying to get out and retreat. He couldn’t come. Seeing this osteotome, he will cut him from the lower abdomen to the chest all the way. This is fatal, even if he has the healing ability of spiritual source.
At the moment, if you want to withdraw the iron bar and stop it, you can’t come. Su Li can risk his left hand and move the "gluttony tooth" to stop it.
In the dark, the osteotome is coming too fast, and there is a slight deviation. Su Li’s left hand is more than his left arm, and it is gone.
"Zheng" is clear and crunchy. Four "gluttonous teeth" narrowly blocked the osteotome Rao. So Su Li still felt that the lower abdomen was slightly cool. The tip of this bone fell into the lower abdomen about one or two centimeters. Su Li immediately kicked the senior corpse beast with a bang and kicked it out.
Looking at this senior resin beast rolling out, Su Li’s back is full of cold sweat. Just now, this rapid change is too dangerous. He is like coming back from the ghost gate.
This kind of advanced corpse beast is really terrible and even more difficult to deal with than the third-class sea iguana.
Ding Longyun, who was injured in the chest, roared with his left hand covering the wound, holding a steel shovel and shoveling it toward the senior corpse beast that was kicked out by Su Li.
This senior resin beast fell to the ground and immediately rolled the steel shovel to the ground. Mars was visible in the harsh voice. Ding Long Yun did his best in this blow.
Su Li also followed with iron bars towards the tumbling senior resin beast attached to play.
"Clack" Two senior resin beasts raised their right arms and obliquely stretched out their osteotome to block Ding Longyun’s hand with Su Li iron bars. A steel shovel shot down and hit the ground, followed by a slap on the ground. The senior resin beast’s right shoulder immediately rang with bone fracture.
Bone fracture in the right shoulder This senior corpse beast’s right arm immediately lost its strength to hang down. Su Li grabbed a step, and his left hand stretched out "gluttony teeth" and cut into this corpse beast’s face, which cut out four deep blood slots.
This senior resin beast’s face contracted and disappeared, and soon a spiritual source emerged from the blood tank of the face and flew to Su Li’s forehead.
The injured place was wrapped by a mass of heat flow, which accelerated the healing of the wound.
Su Li took a deep breath. With this spiritual source, he is three spiritual sources short and will be promoted successfully.
Head-on corridor rings, but a group of resin beasts are staggering towards them.
Su Liqi’s observation of "peep symbol pattern" is fortunately a group of low-level resin beasts, otherwise it would be in trouble if a group of high-level resin beasts appeared.
"I’m two short of Su Li, and you’re a few short of it." Ding Longyun gasped and turned his head, but suddenly he heard the sound coming from the thirty-first stairs leading to the surface, and then a few shadows appeared. It was several rats and beasts who rushed from the side.
"Xue Hui, these low-level corpse beasts are handed over to you." Su Li thought that Xu Xuehui is already a level 1 spirit source, and she has less strength of 500 pounds. With level 1 spirit source, she should have speed, strength and reaction ability. Even if she is a thirteen-year-old girl, it is not difficult to deal with these lowest-level corpse beasts.
Xu Xuehui heard Su Li’s words a little nervous and ran to Su Li with a hammer.
While Su Li turned around and followed Ding Longyun to deal with the rat and beast rushing from the other side of the stairs.
Ding Longyun has already succeeded in the first step. Although his chest is injured and his blood is flowing, it is still not difficult to deal with the rat beast. When the steel shovel of the rat beast suddenly falls, the rat beast’s overturned head collapses and a spiritual source immediately sinks into his forehead.
Ding Longyun’s wound healed immediately with visible speed, and he suddenly felt refreshed. "One short!" A longitudinal active toward another rushed to rat beast.
Su Li also killed a rat beast at the same time and harvested a spiritual source. The distance from the breakthrough was two spiritual sources short, and the group of resin beasts in the back corridor had surged and rushed to the front of Xu Xuehui.
Xu Xuehui, after all, is the first time to take the initiative to fight against a corpse beast alone. She is full of tension and looks at the rushing corpse beast. Instead of daring to attack, she can retreat back.
Su Li has been secretly observing that after seeing this, she turned around with a sigh and came back to Xu Xuehui’s back. She hit the iron bar in her hand and put the corpse beast into Xu Xuehui’s arm to interrupt her mouth and shouted "Quick!"
Hear Su Li sound Xu Xuehui bile a strong hand clutching a hammer smashed out.
"Lindsey" to a hammer accurately hit the low-level resin beast head, she now strength this hammer blow power not small immediately will this low-level resin beast head smashed a spirit source in Xu Xuehui mind a message appeared in her mind.
Chapter 45 Successive promotion
"Level 1 Spirit Source Spirit Source /1"