In an instant, nine middle-aged people dressed in their elite colleges appeared in the square, and all the sights of cranes disappeared!
Then hundreds of helpers also stepped in from the outside of the law, each looking for a good position and standing upright.
For a moment, the original red pillars were scattered around like floating leaves.
Then an old man who looked like a fair-haired boy appeared.
The old man’s gentle face is not as cold or disdainful as that of the nine elite college invigilators.
This is Feiliu, a small city with a very low ranking in strength.
For the invigilator, this means that there is not much oil and water to take here, and naturally there is no good face.
The old man looked at the candidates in front of him and said, "Don’t talk nonsense. All the candidates go to these nine areas by themselves according to the distribution of the admission ticket number, and then listen to the arrangement of the tutor and others. Do not act without authorization! There are ten minutes! People in the wrong position will be deprived of the examination qualification! Ok, go! "
As soon as the voice fell, the old man’s figure dissipated.
At the same time, nine invigilators and hundreds of helpers bowed down and respectfully sent them.
This old man is from Imperial Court. They are not to be taunted!
In an instant, a light curtain lights up in the center of the square to show the number difference.
There are more than 2,000 candidates’ squares here, and they are also divided into nine groups. The heads of each group are the nine middle-aged people wearing college system.
The whole square was divided into nine blocks, each of which was separated by a light curtain, but there was no obstacle for the candidates.
Zhai Ling is the seventh group.
I found it soon.
Ten minutes is up. Fortunately, everyone is in the right place.
The first step in the assessment is to measure the spirit!
This step is not a screening, but a reference for the nine elite colleges to choose students.
The instrument for testing the examinee’s spirit number is called a spirit detector.
What the examinee has to do is to hold the spirit detector board in his hand and stretch out the ball, and then run the aura detector board. A crystal cylinder standing one foot long is engraved with numbers.
When the examinee runs Reiki, the crystal column will float out of the black liquid stagnation place, which means how much the examinee’s spirit number has reached.
I don’t know if it’s luck or providence. Du Long, Du Jin, Mo Zhentian and Zhai Ling have all been assigned to a group.
At this time, a candidate ran Reiki and saw that the black liquid floated rapidly for about three seconds and then stopped for sixty scales.
The assistant immediately announced that "Manling’s score of 6 is medium B!"
Another assistant on the side quickly recorded the result in a form.
The spirit score is divided into three grades: high, medium and low! Each class is divided into three compartments: A, B and C.
Mann immediately went to the rest area to wait after finishing everything.
It’s one!
Soon the assistant announced
"Cao Ranling scored 65 medium B!"
Then dozens of people were in the middle position, and the candidates didn’t have much curiosity.
Even the head of the seventh group showed disappointment.
"The quality of candidates in low-level cities is really not good!"
However, at this time, I listened to the assistant and said, "Du Longling scored 95 and got a third grade!"
Finally, someone is advanced!
At the back, the examinee craned his neck and looked at Dulong, whose face was flushed.
Dulong smiled with a face of excitement. Suddenly he saw that his eyes were moving. Zhai Ling’s face was stiff and he screamed. He hurriedly pinched his tail and ran away.
"Is it advanced C?" Middle-aged face disappointment has not completely disappeared.
It didn’t take long for the assistant to be excited again. "Du Jinling scored 116 and got a high grade B!"
The first case was born!
Middle-aged people also nodded slightly at Du Jin with a kind smile.
This kind of friendship made Du Jin’s vanity swell up immediately.
See, big shots like this have to make friends with me. You know I’m awesome!
Seeing this, many candidates are full of envy.
That’s a big shot!
What’s the good guy, not me?
Du Jin looked at Zhai Ling with a smug look. That means you see it? This is our gap.
A light hum Du Jin proud twist away like a proud cock.
Zhai Ling didn’t feel at ease for Du Jin to show off like a child, and he didn’t feel at ease for this first result.
Only this final assessment result is different. It doesn’t matter whether he needs to enter an elite college in Zhai Ling.
Just when Du Jingang was a few steps away, he listened to the helper exclaim, "Mo Wen Tianling Number 131 is a high grade!"
This time, even the middle-aged people have completely moved to gather the spirit, and the spirit number on the fifth floor has reached 130. This young man’s qualification is by no means comparable to ordinary genius!