When he took out the phone, the bell rang at the same time
Regardless of the number, Huo Junzhong already knows who it is. "I know about Zhao jǐng’s official in the United States."
It is not surprising that Zhao Xueping learned from Huo Junzhong that Zhu Youneng often had such a thing before. What happened in vain?
"Attacking the White House to read the report is attacking my two people. Do you know what they will attack the White House?"
"Probably the president of the United States."
"The President of the United States is a lame actor. What’s wrong with attacking him?"
"I don’t know" does not comment on Zhao Xueping’s acerbic evaluation of Huo Junzhong.
"They are still in there as if waiting for the Americans to attack. If I remember correctly, isn’t it that people like you can’t appear in the public eye too much? The more people know, the more dangerous it is? They make so much noise that everyone on earth will know. "
"maybe he doesn’t care about what we’re afraid of."
Zhao Xueping was silent for a while. "Forget it. It’s no use asking you. The corpse of a vampire bat was found. Animal experts are identifying it. You didn’t kill it, did you?"
"No" Huo Junzhong didn’t have an attack on Qinglan. Zhao Xueping is a nuisance. It’s no good for anyone to talk to her. Huo Junzhong doesn’t want Qinglan to have a relationship with her.
"Anyway, don’t you want to see my brother? I’ll pick you up early, and you and I will see him." Zhao Xueping’s brother Zhao Xuedong is better than Zhu Youneng as a pseudo-God, and Zhao Xuedong is also the strongest man in the world. It is precisely because he is making all gas refiners dare not treat Zhao Xueping, otherwise Zhao Xueping’s bad situation will inevitably be implicated with gas refiners, and his fate has long been ruined.
However, Zhao Xueping’s brother Zhao Xuedong was a vegetable before she was born. She has been in the hospital for so many years. She doesn’t seem to know that her brother will be so powerful in the eyes of the gas refiner.
False gods!
What will it be like to be called this person? This made Huo Junzhong look forward to it.
Lu Honglan, who was also expecting and uneasy, walked into the dilapidated building where she used to suck ghosts. The ghosts here have been swept away by the mastermind flag, and there is no ghost crying anymore. The broken building exudes a dilapidated atmosphere.
Waiting for Lu Honglan’s man to break half of the column and cover his chest, blood is flowing, and his face is paler than moonlight. When he sees him, Lu Qinglan will be white. This man is already dead.
But this dead man opened his eyes when Lu Honglan came in. "It tastes very sweet. It seems that you have made further progress than I expected. I really don’t know if this is good or bad for you."
"Who are you?"
"You can just call me Mr. Su. Everything that happens to you is because you have my things in your body, and your progress is beyond my expectation. Maybe it’s because of cause and effect that I am destined to marry someone else after all, although it’s not unexpected that it’s really annoying to be played with by fate."
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The fifth volume Monty The first chapter The other half (in)
"Are you still alive?" Lu Honglan listened to his words, but there was always a feeling that the person in front of him was dead and completely dead. Even the soul should not be in Lu Honglan’s ghost food, but this person should not even have a soul.
"It should be dead," Mr. Su smiled slightly. "All life has been cut off, even the Yuan God has died. I can still talk to you because of your strength, not me. I have something in you." He turned to the black rabbit and said, "Thank you, old friend. You can come back. I want to talk to her alone." The black rabbit nodded and disappeared with a swish.
Lu Honglan stepped back and warned, "I don’t have anything for you."
Mr. Su leaned against the column and closed his eyes, which was more tired than "Please rest assured that I didn’t mean you any harm. All these anomalies around you were caused by you eating a female ghost." After he left the address, it was in Honglan Company that Honglan was also white. He was a female ghost in the toilet.
"That female ghost is not a ghost, but some fool. My baby made an artificial soul. This soul copied the body. The girl remembered that she was a dead soul, but she didn’t expect you to absorb her."
"So everything is your ghost …"
"This is not a bad fate * * * * I swore that I would never return to Asia if I were alive. It seems that I still haven’t driven the girl away. I’ll give you a choice. If you want to restore your original peace and restore your human identity, I can help you take out my things. You will still be an ordinary person. If you are attracted by it, you can take a completely different and transcendental road. You can gain the power of being above the world. Tell me which way you want to go before I die."
Red and blue were silent for a long time before finally making up their minds.
But just as she was about to answer, a white light shone into Mr. She’s chest.
Mr. Su looked at Honglan with regret. "It seems that fate has made a decision on your road after all." After saying that, a figure was swept into a knife like a big bird, and Mr. Su’s head flew up.
The head flies, but there is no blood. Mr. Hua Su’s body is like ashes in the wind.
Chop Mr. Su is a woman with a standard Korean female face. She wears a white skirt and holds an ancient Se ancient incense sword in her expression. This is the sword that will pierce Mr. Su and then chop his head.
The woman beheaded Mr. Su and turned to look at Lu Honglan coldly.
Lu Honglan turned white when she saw these eyes. This woman is completely reasonable and she has no kindness.
Almost can Lu Honglan turn round and flee.
The woman sneers at the fact that one step at a time is seven meters and two steps at the back of Lu Honglan. She relentlessly wields a sword to cut off this beautiful head.
Look at Lu Honglan and listen to her breathing, you will know that this is an ordinary person who has not exercised. It is for this woman that anyone who has anything to do with Mr. Su will kill her and erase all traces of Mr. Su in this world.
The sword flies to cut Lu Honglan’s roots stiffly, so it is impossible to flash.
Even when the sword is cut off, it will get to Lu Honglan’s skin. When Lu Honglan’s neck is black, he spurts out a claw and grabs the sword. This woman can swing the sword and fold the thick stone pillars, but she can be caught by a small claw and suddenly can’t move.
The woman was caught sitting on the sword of the world’s top immortal after many battles, and she almost immediately fell down and jumped back.
At this step, the black gasified black Se unicorn beast swept past her just now, and the blood spatter on the woman’s shoulder was torn by Kirin. If she had retreated a little bit, her throat would have been torn by Kirin.
Kirin flew out of Lu Honglan’s footsteps and stopped to turn around.
The woman has nothing to say but look at her shoulder injury. She Shuang Yi shakes two flames and spews out two fire tornado to Lu Honglan from her palm.
Black Kirin jerked its tail and jumped into a black gas and black gas flame, which was entangled in the middle and deadlocked for a while.
Korean women can’t stand the white light from the black unicorn mouth to Lu Honglan at the moment.
Lu Honglan saw that the white light wanted to take it away, and she reluctantly moved a body. The white light ran through her right chest and the blood splashed. She screamed and fell to the ground.
As Lu Honglan fell to the ground, the black unicorn whined and returned to her body.
The woman’s two flames condensed in the palm of her hand and two flame knives. She walked step by step to the ground. Lu Honglan started 52 times smaller. Although Lu Honglan was seriously injured, it seems that she will die soon, but the woman is not at ease. She must behead her.
Lu Honglan’s consciousness gradually blurred and she returned to the whirlpool world. This time, she gradually melted in the whirlpool.
"I want to die and I don’t want to disappear like this." Lu Honglan struggled to get out of the whirlpool.
The three giants’ eyes rested on Lu Honglan. "Is living that important? Are you willing to pay the price for living? "
Without hesitation, Lu Honglan shouted out my reasons.
"Then call my name. Call my name and you will get life."
Korean woman walked beside Lu Honglan without expression and raised the flame knife.
"Asla ….." Lu Honglan suddenly let out a loud cry, and the original body could not move and almost died.
The Korean woman’s flame knife grazed her scalp and swept over Lu Honglan. Instead, in the middle, she turned over and grabbed the shoulder of the Korean woman. The shoulder of the Korean woman was painful. Lu Honglan pointed ten black snakes and bit the skin. The snake head deeply bit the shoulder bone of the Korean woman.
Korean women gave a scream of pain, lifted their legs and put their knees on Lu Honglan’s lower abdomen.
Lu Honglan’s body was knocked over by great power, but her hands still clung to the shoulders of the Korean woman, and they became connected back to back.
Lu Honglan once again let out a loud cry, and the back of her head was split and then split, and the back of her head bit the Korean woman’s head like a blender. This bite suddenly destroyed the Korean woman’s head and crushed the skull, and then the whole body of the Korean woman was quickly swallowed by Lu Honglan. When the whole Korean woman swallowed Lu Honglan’s split head, it was closed and her hair fell. You can’t see the abnormality here.
I looked down at my chest, which had been penetrated, and my chest had completely recovered. Except for rags, I couldn’t see her injury.
Take a deep breath. Lu Honglan looks at the sky and the moon. Why is it so bright red? Soon Lu Honglan found that it was not the bright red of the moon, but that everything she saw was red, because her eyes were a little more red than red.
Double-faced Lu Honglan rubbed her eyes for a moment and then let her pupils return to normal.
Xiao Huo … Can you stand me like this? Never let him know that no one can see me like this, and whoever sees me will kill him.
Get up early. Qinglan’s anger has subsided last night. She also felt ashamed of how she could eat this kind of fly vinegar. Qinglan dared not see Huo Junzhong make breakfast and ran away with Hui Ling.
Xu Xiuya had breakfast and found a friend herself, Huo Junzhong, and lived as usual. He watched the news, and the White House in the United States was still full of news. The military was surrounded and sent the fourth special forces to enter, but it was still like a mud cow into the sea.