Su Jing raised an eyebrow and asked with a smile, "Do you really think so? Didn’t Yang say that he wanted to’ not help each other and watch you kill each other’ after killing the spirit king who protected the altar? "
"That’s what I said at that time, but I really thought so …" Ye Fei smiled like a cold snake. "They didn’t want me to get out when they threw me into the nether world, so they were going to suffer from me! And secondly … I’ve been thinking about that sentence recently, and I’m still hesitant. "
If you hate killing rhesus, you will kill it all; If you hate the present, you will kill the present. This is what it’s like to be a fierce demon. Shrink aside and watch the two families fight for the murderer’s enmity. What can you be happy about … Su Jing once rebuked Ye Fei in front of the temple altar and the demon tower.
Ye Fei didn’t bother to say a few more words on this topic, and then returned to the original question: "My little kid and I really didn’t have any purpose. We just happened to come to the neighborhood to detect the aura turmoil and the outbreak of war, so we came to see the results and met you."
Say that finish a little Ye Fei and carefully looked at Su Jing "hurt so badly, aren’t you Yamaraja, the emperor, and sealed Pluto? In the nether world, your genius ended up like this. "
Sarcastic remarks never match Ye Fei’s identity, but he speaks heartily.
There’s nothing to explain. Su Jing directly said, "Come back to me, you can’t walk alone with me again. Why don’t you stay and help me watch the dharma? Let’s take a group and go out with me to find the lair of the demon and the nether world."
Ye Fei asked noncommittally, "How long do you have to close?"
"three days"
"A few days?" Ye Fei’s face flashed with surprise and immediately laughed. "Can you recover from your injury for three days?"
"You don’t have to worry about it. I will go out to meet them in three days."
Ye Fei, the protector of Su Jing, is unwilling; It’s really bad for Ye Fei to leave at this point. He hesitated … He hesitated for a moment and suddenly turned around, drew his sword, and waited for him to leave the valley outside the longitudinal valley with three thousand swords around him!
The sword spread out, Ye Fei killed people and rushed into the uneven lines to strangle a cup of tea back and forth. After kung fu, he closed his sword and came back to sit still. His eyes were already clear, killing people and killing people made him feel refreshed. "If you can answer me, I will take a group in this nether world, and I will wait for his grievances to leave, but if you answer wrong, I will turn around and leave." If I am ridiculously wrong and make me laugh, I may turn my face at once. "
"You ask"
Ye Fei took out a swordsman with a slight force, "dang" a sharp sound, and broke off a seven-inch blade. Su Jing’s side was red and frowning at the same time. The three corpses had followed the shallow search for swordsmanship and knew that those who were obsessed with swordsmanship loved swords in their hearts. Even ordinary long swords would not destroy them. Ye Fei broke his own sword. This is not a question of whether the sword is precious or not, but an "attitude" fallacy. He is by no means a qualified swordsman.
Ye Feicai ignored these things and pointed his seven-inch blade at his nose. "I have a hurdle in fencing. What is this hurdle?"
Before Su Jing spoke, he turned against others. "Why don’t you ask Su Jing how many times have you been in the bridal chamber? If you don’t want to stay, roll when we really want you? "
Ye Fei is not angry and laughs. "Su Jing also practices sword and his sword has aura and makes rapid progress. I will have some experience with the sword. I ask it’s my business, but it’s even more a sword business." Speaking of this, his tone became sarcastic and continued, "Besides, he once brazenly brought me back … The elders of the punishment hall want inverse acts to return to the motherland and have to do some homework."
After that, the blade in his hand was delivered, Ye Fei opened his mouth, and bit the blade a little … He chewed the sword like eating, and his teeth made a strange noise.
Look at Ye Fei’s eating sword, Su Jing’s mouth and lips are humming, but he can’t hear what Su Jingyin said, and he tells Ye Fei alone.
Stay Su Jing finish ourtenant Ye Fei sank his face … Seven breath silence Ye Fei suddenly smiled and spit out was chewed into iron slag Jianfeng laughed "closed for three days? Ok, I also want to see what you can do if you are closed for three days! Go into meditation for three days, and I’ll keep you safe. "
Su Jing smiled and nodded, "You are too considerate, and please take care of my family."
"Don’t be wordy, Ye Fei will do what he says in this life. I have promised you, so I need to worry again."
Su Jinglai closed his eyes and prepared to settle down. Listening to his rhetoric that "Ye Fei will keep his word in this life", Su Jinglai’s eyelids trembled again and his heart was not steadfast.
Ye Feicai waved to Liu Liuyi after he got up and stretched his waist. "It’s so interesting. I’ll go outside and kill the Yin soldiers. Will you come?"
Liu Liu hesitated to fly and ride Ye Fei’s neck to cast a spell to cover his breath … What did Su Jing say next to him? Su Jing wants to settle down and can’t disturb the two dwarfs. Just ask Ye Fei, "What did Su Qiangqiang tell you?"
Ye Fei turned a blind eye and went to the enemy lines outside the valley.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Cover the sky and cover the skin for three days
On the first day of Su Jing’s closing, more and more Yin soldiers were killed. A "King of Hanging Horn" rushed to the 19th hades. This Lao led his troops to attack the valley. When he was about to enter, he was ambushed by Ye Fei. After being attacked by two short gods, he was wounded. When he wanted to retreat, he was smashed to pieces by a sword with red eyes.
Red eye three sword operator came to spend a sword operator red eye went to a very distressed little hand spread out in front of the flowers "I finished my sword operator, you give me a piece."
It’s outrageous to give your only sword operator to Chimu directly … The three resin brothers have their own tacit understanding not to argue with the boss, not to argue with the second child for treasure, not to argue with the third child for chicks.
However, Wang Guajiao didn’t die, and when the evil spirit broke a wisp of fierce soul, the treasure of "Chuantianyun" fled directly back to the lair, which had been hidden by the demon and the divine justice.
The ghost of King Guajiao fled back to the center of Heaven, and the Tower of Babel fell into tears and confessed. "It’s a crime to fail to catch and kill the thief, but it was …"
The silence, darkness and purest darkness in the tower easily obliterate the direction.