Many political events have been triggered by the fact that too many scholars were admitted to the imperial court, which is also an urgent problem to be solved by Wang Anshi’s political reform. Later, the old and new parties in the Northern Song Dynasty competed for sufficient manpower
How big is the recruitment demand of the imperial court, the people can be several times as many as the candidates. Is it true that the imperial court needs officials and there will be recruitment dissatisfaction?
The scene became awkward for a while.
Don’t talk, don’t you think it’s a bit too much for you to stand in for others?
Seeing that Zhang Wenyi was red in the face, Su Yonglin smiled and spoke.
"It is because the local government is unprofessional and unprofessional that there will be so many unjust, false and misjudged cases. great injustice said that there are many visible grievances. Is this kind of thing less than what I have seen in many places?
I’ll never be short of talents again if I make such a mistake. Then I’ll go to a special institution to train talents. If I don’t correct it, I’ll just let it go. People’s grievances should be ignored?
I know that this will consume a lot of events and a lot of money, but it is not political and inhumane to do work like this for the benefit of the present and the future. "
Su Yonglin looked at Zhang Wenyi and said slowly, "You are worried that it is unreasonable and the court needs to face practical problems. This is true. You are right. That’s why we have to solve it, isn’t it?"
Su Yonglin’s attitude is obviously very firm and unwavering.
So they repeatedly said that they were no longer opposed.
Wen-yi zhang also secretly relieved to realize that he barely survived the crisis of social death.
But he hasn’t spoken. Kong Zheng noticed a flashpoint.
A Chinese spot brought by Su Yonglin’s words.
Run a school to train specialized personnel?
This …
What do you mean?
Does Su Yonglin intend to train specialized legal talents?
Want to run another school?
Is the professor not unifying Confucian classics, but studying law?
Kong Zheng is very interested in this aspect, but Su Yonglin doesn’t seem to explain the meaning in depth, and he dare not ask now if he can hide his doubts in his heart and prepare for it at the right time.
The administrative and judicial aspects were determined by Su Yonglin, followed by the military aspects.
Su Yonglin did not set up the Ministry of War in name only, but kept the Privy Council, which still set up a council ambassador and a council deputy, but limited the position of the Privy Council to the promotion, rewards and punishments of military personnel in daily military management and logistics management.
The real military planning and military command was transferred to the newly established department staff college.
The Staff College will be expanded from the Military Staff Division. All staff members have military experience and are promoted from the army. The heads are the Chief of Staff and the Deputy Chief of Staff, who specialize in military command.
At present, the Guangfu Army has reorganized the future into the five major corps of the national army and the guard samurai army, including the military departments, all of which belong to the Privy Council but really command the Staff Committee, and the Privy Council and the Staff Committee are directly responsible to the emperor.
Of course, this result seems to be no surprise to all the ministers.
Su Yonglin was the earliest founder of the Guangfu Army-later the Big Three-and finally the savior of the Guangfu Army. Now the Guangfu Army is reorganized by Su Yonglin.
As far as the army is concerned, it is Su Yonglin’s personal desire. No one thought that he could bargain with Su Yonglin in the army unless he was tired of living.
How to arrange, how to set up, how to train and how to fight in the army are all things that Su Yonglin can decide with a word.
Because of his merits, his prestige and his military talent.
Don’t say that he didn’t do anything about Wen Yuwu before the donkey cart drifted in Zhao Guangyi.
At the beginning, many senior officials of the Privy Council were military commanders. Before the war, Zhao Guangyi also left the civilian government to discuss with the Privy Council alone and not to hook up with civil servants.
It is no stranger to the emperor and the enterprising emperor’s army. If they want to command, they must command themselves.
However, if the emperor is a capable man and the prestige in the army is lost and the society dies, there is naturally nothing to say, and all means must be used to never let the army get out of control.
Administration, justice and military have solved the problem that it is not important to take over some central institutions.
It doesn’t matter what institutions such as National History Academy, Xuanhui Academy, Hong Wen Academy, Xianyuan Academy, Astronomical Academy, and State Supervision Academy are all modeled after the previous Jin and Song Dynasties.
The central system has been basically determined, and the next need is to note the local system.
Su Yonglin made great changes to the local system.
The first thing to bear is the system of "doing business while saving money"
In short, Su Yonglin wants to change the system of "keeping the economy in line with the plan" into "customization" because he wants to fix the administrative divisions at the national level.
This change is really great.
Chapter 593 The new country doesn’t keep a basket case.
Su Yonglin’s reform plan of traveling to the province is an inheritance and development of the system of "traveling to Taiwan" in Han and Wei Dynasties and the system of "traveling to the province" in Jin State.