Soldiers sent boxes to designated locations, and engineers took out special building materials brought from the earth from the boxes, and then dismantled the boxes into steel bars thicker than fingers.
Of course, this thing looks like steel bars, but it is actually a special low-temperature alloy.
A large number of building materials have been piled up around the inclined shaft dug by all the packing departments, and all kinds of construction vehicles have been parked, so everything is ready.
On July 26, 232, Jizhou ordered the official engineers to backfill the inclined shaft, first insert the steel bar into the bottom of the well, then mix the special cement and ore together and mix them evenly, and finally pour them into the bottom of the well one by one.
In this way, the nearly 100-meter-deep inclined shaft is poured car by car after it is filled above the ground in just two hours.
At the same time, engineers have already prepared molds to surround the wellhead, and then filled the gaps in the molds. A platform with a height of two meters and a side length of ten meters was initially completed.
Then the engineers built a camp near the platform. They found a fairly flat place, dragged the remaining crates together and connected them to form a standard Mars camp.
A whole day later, the concrete strength reached the standard, and a whole day later, the concrete strength finally reached the highest.
The most crucial step came. The fleet arrived at Mars together. The big guys moved to the North Pole of Mars and then suspended at the North Pole.
Since the fleet arrived on Mars, it has been moving around Mars, and it has been flying around from the South Pole to the North Pole, not along the equator, and it has moved unnoticed.
The big head rushed to the small head and rushed silently to the North Pole, then the head popped out with a long tail and slowly fell to Mars.
Finally, someone noticed the news, and it wasn’t long before the Leishan received the news. Yip Han rushed to the bridge and saw that the bus almost dislocated. "Isn’t this a track ladder?"
Pop-up head is the ground end, the middle part is the low pier, and the wide ass is the synchronous track.
Others rushed to the bridge to see this scene and their eyes widened.
Lu exclaimed in amazement, "which one is this?"
There are three known track ladders, two of which are located on the earth and one on Io.
These three ladders are in the hands of Beidu and Washington respectively, which are important transportation hubs, and no matter which side can let go.
Moreover, the three track ladders are all landmark buildings, and everyone is very familiar with the appearance of the track ladder. None of them looks like this, and it is even more impossible to combine the low-orbit pier and the ground end into a large spaceship!
Yip hon frowned. "Any news from the flagship?"
Luo jiaqi shook his head "no"
Lu said angrily, "What the hell is going on here? Why don’t you let us know anything? "
Yip hon has the same question, but as a captain, he can’t vent his emotions regardless, but must appease others’ dissatisfaction. "Don’t say that there must be a reason. Besides, even if you say that you can still help in the past? We are protecting the transport ship, not following the engineers to build a Mars base! "
After hearing what Yip Han said, everyone stopped talking, but how do you want to know for yourself?
After a while, the road was light and said, "Can track ladders be placed in polar regions?"
Luo jiaqi can clearly look at Yip hon Yip hon smiled at Luo jiaqi made an expression of eyes beckoned him not to.
Luo jiaqi pursed the lips and finally said nothing.
At this time, the ground terminal has flown away from the main body for more than 100 kilometers, and finally the low-orbit terminal has been launched. The ground terminal and the low-orbit terminal have been flying directly to the North Pole of Mars in tandem.
Everyone was surprised to find that both the ground end and the low-orbit wharf were equipped with propulsion devices, and the flight speed was getting faster and faster.
After more than two hours, the propeller at the ground end was turned from propulsion to propulsion.
Two hours later, when the ground end approached the atmosphere of Mars, its speed had already dropped to a very low speed, and it did not fall to the ground until half an hour later.
After waiting for several hours, the engineers hugged it and all kinds of tools grabbed the ground end and pushed it into the reserved base in the center of the platform.
More than half of the ground end is plugged into the platform, and then the lock device locks the ground end firmly … If the engineer looks up and can see that the square cable is swaying gently with the wind, it is called relaxation.
At this time, more than 20,000 kilometers away, the center of the ground moved towards the equator of Mars.
The ground end of the fixed platform also slowly falls down with the inclination of the cable. It is foreseeable that when the cable is completely leveled, the ground end is not a vertical platform but a platform surface.