"You call out and go straight back to the distant mountain," Wang Changli said quickly. "There’s nothing going on there now. Can you solve Lao Suo’s predicament when you go back? How many hours will my support be white?"
"Okay, that’s it." Tai Yong hung up the phone.
Nanmu periphery
Jun Chen’s nephew asked, "Have we entered the battlefield?"
"There has been a firefight." The commander in front immediately replied.
Jun Chen’s nephew immediately shouted, "Give me the fastest speed when the helicopter comes in."
Chapter 135 Crash
Three Marion helicopter gunships flew from the northeast in the war zone of Nanmu Life Town.
The huge wind-breaking motor instantly attracted the attention of the belligerents. It was too brave to retreat forward and immediately turned around and shouted, "Give me the RPG."
A dozen people set up RPG rockets after hearing the shout and immediately moved to both sides of the road to prepare for the fire.
"Pay attention to pull up the bomb net and knock it out directly." The leader shouted, "Report the secret position at all points!"
When everyone was communicating, three helicopters suddenly pulled up.
The pilot of the engine room immediately shouted "Ready to launch" with the intercom.
"No.2 machine is ready!"
"No.3 machine is ready!"
The two helicopters next to him immediately responded.
Three helicopters are pulled up for another 50 meters and slowly dispersed.
Four soldiers of each helicopter pushed the ejection box to the two engine rooms and pressed the launch button.
"Bang bang bang …!"
A series of explosions rocked the sky, and the ejection box fired a large number of spherical smoke bombs.
Marion’s armed forces in the warring area quickly retreated and pulled out a safe distance
Projectiles fell from high school and rolled into each other’s gathering crowd. A large amount of smoke rose and spread rapidly, including the central crowd
Tai Yong ran quickly and watched the smoke bury his own people at a speed visible to the naked eye.
"out of sight"
"The back idea protects the back!"
"Protect my ass. There’s no one behind me."
"What’s ahead? Did you call ahead? !”
Thousands of people in the center of the war zone can’t see clearly, and the visibility of a single person is less than half a meter, so they can communicate by constantly shouting.
On both sides of the street, more than a dozen people were going to launch RPG, but now they can’t lock the three helicopters. Just now, the other side pulled them up and they couldn’t hit them. Now there is smoke everywhere, and they can’t aim at it at all.
"Descending height"
Commander Marion shouted with a walkie-talkie
Three helicopters quickly lowered their altitude, and at the same time five more helicopters flew in the northeast.
Seeking truth from facts, although this helicopter was printed with Marion armed Lg, it was not actually transported from the second area of the European Union, let alone flew by itself, but Jun Chen secretly borrowed it from the South Shanghai military industry and sold it to Marion armed forces without leaving anyone to talk to …
The helicopter quickly lowered its altitude, and the crowd had heard the roar very clearly.
"Down to 30 meters again" continued the commander.
In just seven seconds, three helicopters dropped to the height of ten stories.
"Fire!" The commander reached an order.
The helicopter from the northeast kept a height of 30 meters along the main road and showed a near-crazy massacre at the teams of three families and two companies.
"Dadada …!"
Large-caliber machine gun strafe was buried in smoke, and thousands of people couldn’t see where the gun was, so they were attacked by extinction.
Cars on the main road were swept away and exploded, and people were fleeing in a panic. People on both sides of the road were better. At least they could run to the buildings in the street hutong, which could effectively avoid shooting, but the people caught in it were miserable. Whether they would escape or not could not see the road. Whether they could live or not depends on the degree of ancestor blessing.
A round of shooting, the main road of Nanmu life town was riddled with holes, not only people died, but also the road was swept away by machine guns.
The smoke slowly dispersed, and a helicopter has been raised again to avoid RPG attacks, and it is also preparing for the second round of launch.
Brother Xiao and others in Qijiayuan look silly. They are not without contact with private armed forces, but they have never seen anyone play this tactic.
"It’s really not for nothing that the people raised in the second district of his mother have been fighting all the year round." Lao Qi sighed and immediately took the walkie-talkie and shouted, "I can hear the shouting when I fought back!"
After dozens of seconds.
Stick to the team around the terms, like locusts, and rush out from the hutong building in various buildings, chasing and driving the partners crazily.
"Steady, steady, fucking steady!"
The main road is too brave to take people to hide in the alley and keep shouting, "Don’t disperse, it’s over. Find shelter first to avoid the attack."