It is only to designate a group to own chess.
soon afterwards
Then guide the other side to win the final victory through various ways!
And the game lottery when their own designated chess win.
It is convenient to specify this chess game, and you can get a little harmful benefit from other players.
But a vast [time] is a powerful [ethnic group] and a more special [treasure]
Generally speaking,
Although the profit is not big.
But it is more or less profitable …
Plus, you can communicate with the strong in the same level.
Different factors are added in pairs.
This group of super-beings who are idle to talk is also rare to inspire some vitality to get together.
And face to face with Olga and distribute it to yourself [world control]
Those children didn’t refuse either.
After each wanted to think.
Have added various settings to the two worlds according to their own ideas.
And for the reason that each individual’s ideas are completely different, and the ideas are very different.
As they join.
Two [worlds] that’s a bit strange, and the style of painting has become more and more grotesque.
after all
Some even have a unique aesthetic view, which belongs to the super heavyweight that ordinary people can’t bear …
And after the other party acts as a designer, how wonderful will the painting style become?
This doubt
It will be a question worth consider!
It can be said that even Olga is a little bad for daydreaming …
Anyway, the high probability will be unbearable for many [players] …
Thought of here, Olga was even more heart!
That’s what he wants.
What is interesting about ordinary things?
The more wonderful, the more unexpected, and the more playable this game will be!
Real luck is not fun. It’s ruined
It’s just a round of restarting things.
It’s not yourself who suffers.
It doesn’t matter!
that’s it
With the approaching of the "metaphysical wilderness", all kinds of strange things have mushroomed in two different areas.
Even the local aborigines cried out after seeing it. I can’t believe it. I feel too sour …
Chapter 111 This is really new!
[March 1, 2133]
This is a special time.
It is called the first one in the much-anticipated expectation-[simulation virtual game] [metaphysical wilderness] is finally officially released!
At that time, the scene was complete.
Many cash-strapped game enthusiasts join in the fun, and the hecklers even cut their waists or made dirty original deals!
And the number of scalpers is also very happy and straightforward. Ask grandpa to tell grandma about the journey and ask for more supplies!
See this situation
Several employees in the game industry were immediately deeply moved.
Have said that they must also make a similar game!
Shake up the game world again!
More professional game critics scored a perfect score, and I looked solemn.
Its appearance changed the game world!
You’re welcome to say that [Metaphysics] is as important to the whole game world as Jerusalem in the western world!
In the frenzied atmosphere outside
In a small old building.
By selling iron in a saucepan and borrowing a loan shark, Xiao Jun finally succeeded in getting the game equipment of "Metaphysics and Wilderness" as the first batch of gamers.
But also that most expensive and valuable game warehouse!
The total selling price is about equivalent to a three-bedroom and one-bedroom property in ordinary second-tier cities!
The end of this life is what he can’t imagine.
At that time
He just took out part of his savings and bought a game helmet.
That’s exactly why it happened.
It directly led him to fall behind some people to some extent!
after all
The most luxurious game equipment, the game warehouse is not only equipped with the best life-sustaining equipment, but also comes with a special novice gift package.
Early game
The time when most people were so poor that they had a cloth and lived by craftsmanship was definitely hard to cross the class!
It’s easy to snowball and pull the distance directly behind the guy!
In this life, he got a good enough start. He did it at all costs, last stand …
It took me a while to calm my excited heart.
When I took a look inside the room,
I know it’s almost done. He
Take a deep breath slowly and then lie in the game room …
After more than ten seconds.
After going through a time-lapse EEG authentication procedure