If the monk is thoughtful, he will suddenly recover.
After about a thousand feet away, GongSunYi people wondered that this distance would no longer affect the detection process over there.
Fu Li just came to her side, looked at the door carefully, saw the mountain and said, "Miss Gong Sun, did you take a different road after stepping on the mystery of life and death?"
It seems that it is not just out of curiosity to ask questions specially.
GongSunYi faint feeling in people’s hearts did not hide the meaning that "it is".
She shook her head again. "If you really want to say something else, it’s not really a road. I just borrowed from the existing ones and unconsciously deviated from the route to the bridge between heaven and earth."
In recent times, the spirit of GongSunYi people has a moment to fit in with the law of the movement of heaven and earth around him, but it doesn’t feel as deep as practicing the virtual realm, but floats on the surface.
According to the general thinking, it is natural to go deeper into the rhythm of the mind to gain more essence of power.
But after she reached the existing state, she felt that it was natural, smooth and more comfortable, and she didn’t want to go deep into it.
If the vitality of the universe is compared to an ocean with poor undercurrent and endless waves,
Then the original purpose of practicing the virtual realm is to constantly stir the deeper undercurrent, and the influence of the undercurrent on the sea surface waves becomes more and more important in this process.
And if it’s the route of Tiandi Bridge, it’s whether it’s diving or not, whether it’s in the side, it’s trying to increase the intensity of swallowing seawater, pumping water into the sea and circulating it in its own department for extension and quenching until it forms an overseas sea.
Yue Tianen’s true martial arts are another way, but they are closer to Tiandi Bridge and can also be classified into this big type.
So the present state of GongSunYi people is like getting the qualification of boating in the sea to see the scenery on the surface of the sea.
She can dive, but she doesn’t like diving and she doesn’t like pumping.
I want to just drift away and leave a longer channel to see more scenery.
"If you don’t swallow a lot of vitality, but you have the dominance over the surface vitality, the general endowment has just reached this stage. Strengthening the surface vitality of everything in the world is like a heartbeat, and you can control it naturally or die by yourself, right?"
Operator from almost right GongSunYi people now all the feelings.
The dignified expression of the little girl’s face in red robe and white boots changed slightly, and she became like seeing the latest strange butterfly. She leaned forward slightly and approached GongSunYi with her small face upturned and her eyes round.
But she is shorter than GongSunYi, and she is smart and cute. This behavior is not offensive, but a little funny.
GongSunYi fingers moved a little want to touch her head.
It’s a pity that I haven’t waited for her to move away. It seems that she is novel enough and dignified again. Although she is still cute, she lacks some vitality. She seems to have become a little mediocre. She puts her sleeves on her stomach and said, "I know I’m right by your expression. So do you have any ideas on how to get there?"
Gong Sunyi had a brainwave and smiled. "Can you teach me?"
I can’t teach you, but I can give you some reference.
Fu Li said, "Before the four realms in ancient times were formally established, some sages made many different paths."
Some routes have been proved to be wrong and will die, and some routes are too difficult, all of which have been lost to Tiandi Bridge, and none of them can reach the final result 3.
"But those inspirations are also very important historical links in the development of martial arts, and they are still in the collection of Shengshan, which I loved to browse at the beginning."
She said, "You are in a state where a predecessor once conceived almost exactly the same idea, but it is too coincidental to achieve this state and there is no complete pre-method."
"And this route is also very dangerous. The elder who conceived the idea has been observing the degree of vitality on the surface. She was always unwilling to swallow it by herself, but later she unconsciously became frustrated and lost her goal and died."
The little girl recalled that she saw those deeds in the past, and she was deeply saddened and daydreamed. Now it seems that she can make up for the regrets of that year.
But she still woke up seriously. "But you have reached this stage. If you get the information, you may be able to climb to the fourth level in a short time. You can weigh the pros and cons yourself."
"Do you still want to?"
It’s very natural for GongSunYi to stand on the ground with a long sword on his shoulder and pierce the soil shallowly with the scabbard. When he is close to a little left hand, he takes the operator off his shoulder.
Well, naturally, this move seems to be an expression of closeness and gratitude
Ah, what a lovely little girl. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sister …