"Wei Youdi!"
The old prince Qin Feixiong’s eyelids jumped.
Many aristocratic families in Xu Hubu’s dark bureau of Changyuan cooperated with Yujing to stir up the storm, which was to force this demon out, but it didn’t succeed in the end.
He didn’t expect that the Wei Emperor finally stopped hiding his identity and appeared directly in the crisis of the Southern Jin Dynasty.
"Wei Youdi …"
Seeing that all the soldiers in the southern Jin Dynasty were murderous, the young man shook his head slightly without changing his face. "The past has long been mine, and now I am Zhou Ao, the special envoy of the imperial court!"
Qin Feixiong, the old prince, was too lazy to make a mouth shot and said coldly, "What are you doing?"
Zhou ao said indifferently, "You will know when you see one person."
Then several royal attendants dragged a white-haired old man out of a camp in a messy black robe and covered in mud.
When Qin Feixiong saw it, he suddenly became stunned. "Is the witch family leader?"
That old man is Wu Chi, but at this time, his pulse is ruined, his eyes are dull and he drools like a fool.
Zhou ao said coldly, "This man released the demon dragon but fled at the cold feet and stole the fairy symbol of the town demon dragon."
"I want to cast a spell to suppress the demon dragon, so that the red king can seize the blood and achieve the fairy. Then Guangyuan Zhenjun can also build a survey ship to suppress the fate of the Southern Jin Dynasty …"
Qin Feixiong’s eyes are full of disbelief. "Are you so kind? !”
Zhou ao glanced at it lightly. "It’s just a matter of losing Dayan’s fortune to help the Southern Jin Dynasty."
At this moment, an official hurriedly rushed to kneel and said, "I report that Wang Yegan’s Long Jun survey ship has reached the Jiuqu Tianhe River!"
Qin Feixiong suddenly turned his head to the fire cloud, and his eyes were red.
This is the secret technique of exploring by the method of disaster. Even if the sky is overcast, Qin Feixiong can see a black spot hovering outside Lei Yun.
Then a glimmer of light flashed in the thunder clouds.
Zhou ao’s eyes narrowed slightly after seeing it "sting the dragon ball?" It seems that Dayan is also interested in the demon dragon. If you teach them to succeed, it is estimated that it won’t be long before the second survey ship will soar. "
"Why do you want to stop the seat?"
Qin Fei bear eyes rain or shine, twist a head and look at the hand. Although the generals don’t talk, everyone’s eyes dodge.
No wonder this demon is in no hurry, even though many people have been bought off.
"Alas …"
Qin Fei Xiong was old with a faint sigh, and many of them turned away from the camp without talking.
When leaving, only the Confucian scholar bit his teeth and followed closely.
Zhou ao’s face was calm and he looked up at the corner of the sky with a sneer. "Does Red Jun not want revenge?"
A piercing dragon song sounded from the back hill, and then a red shadow rose and the scales were blazing. It was the dragon red gentleman.
He has changed his appearance at the moment, and the ferocious bone spurs twisted out of his broken neck.
The spur twisted into a lotus shape, and there was a huge bloody glass eye hovering around it.
A more majestic Long Yin rang from the thundercloud.
The monster dragon in Lei Yun finally appeared.
A hundred feet long and not losing the snake, the whole body is dark, and the shiny surface of Long Lin flashing glass is densely covered with scars.
There are scratches, traces of sword chopping, and many spears are still stuck in Long Lin, decaying and festering …
The white mane of the faucet is fluffy and elegant, like a lion and a pair of dragons with crazy eyes, and there is a long black horn on the top of the head that emits a dense black light.
Compared with Chijun, who is less than fifty feet tall, his body looks thin.
But the red gentleman is not afraid of fangs and spits out a mouthful of crazy scenery, shining and stinging dragon balls …