Lin Yi looked at his father-in-law’s back. Su Qinghou woke him up earlier. Be careful. Is that terrible person going against him?
It seems that Su Qinghou recognized this formidable figure.
Lin Yi know Sue light hou have something to hide from him.
And he didn’t taste that there were some things to hide from Su Qinghou.
Everyone has his own secrets.
No matter how close everyone is, even brothers, best friends and even husband and wife will always have secrets from each other, just like husband and wife sleeping together every day, but they don’t know what the other person’s head is really thinking.
When Lin Yi left, the branch was being expanded. Thousands of migrant workers and craftsmen were in full swing and rushed to work overnight. This period has been completed. The new site and the old site have been connected together. Now it can accommodate four or five thousand people, and it is not crowded and noisy. It has completely solved the housing problem of people from all walks of life, and the branch defense has also been carefully laid out. There are many sentries everywhere, which can be said to be strict barriers.
The whole branch is now more magnificent.
The North House lost nearly 1,000 people before and after taking the South Courtyard of Jinzhou twice, but Jinzhou finally gained its footing. Now the South Courtyard and the North House are all recuperating, so it’s quiet before a storm.
Lin Yi and Su Qinghou owe all these achievements to Xiao Lianqin and Zuo Chaoyang.
Especially when Zuo Chaoyang and Hu Yanting Lin Yi left, they entrusted everything to them.
Zuo Chaoyang is young, flexible and energetic. Hu Yanting has been in the East for many years. He is well-informed and experienced. With the help of Xiao Lianqin and Zeng Tengyun, everything has been properly handled and everything has been arranged in an orderly way.
The southern troops and the local forces in Jinzhou also lived in peace, and there was no dispute. Unlike the northern people, the southern troops were bossy and oppressed the people at that time, and they kept a low profile and were kind, and often helped the poor people, which also won the praise of the people in Jinzhou
This makes Lin Yi very gratified.
Lin Yi met Zuo Chaoyang and Hu Yanting first.
After Lin Yi left, Zuo Chaoyang was exhausted, and Zuo Chaoyang’s eyes were red, which was due to lack of sleep. Hu Yanting added many wrinkles and white hair.
Lin Yi was very moved, and he sincerely thanked them for their hard work.
Zuo Chaoyang joked, "Wang Lin, you are finally back. If you don’t come back, I will stand on my own feet."
Lin Yi laughed, "Chaoyang, if you stand on your own feet, I’m absolutely in favor of Lin Yi! And it will be helpful. "
Zuo Chaoyang said, "You want to push this chore on me, but I don’t think you’re back. I’m so relieved that I can finally sleep it for a few days."
Hu Yanting said, "When King Lin and the Duke come back, we can rest easy. It’s really hard when you’re not here. You can’t sleep for two hours every day. He has to worry about all things, big and small, and he’s afraid of losing the trust of King Lin …"
Hu Yanting’s eyes were full of love and affirmation when he said these words.
At the beginning of Jinzhou, Lin Yi and Su Qinghou went to Kunlun to leave them with a big booth. During this period, they worked hard without any slack, especially Zuo Chaoyang, who made the greatest contribution. He sympathized with Hu Yanting’s old age and couldn’t bear Hu Yanting’s overwork. Most of the things were handled by Zuo Chaoyang, who took back the Jinzhou period twice, especially Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun, who didn’t sleep a wink for a few days and nights, and were afraid that they would be ruined by improper handling.
After this period of time, Hu Yanting appreciates Zuo Chaoyang even more. Hu Yanting thinks that his daughter is really discerning about Zuo Chaoyang. At the beginning, he learned that his daughter had an admiration for Zuo Chaoyang, but he still disagreed. Now he sees Zuo Chaoyang as his son-in-law.
Lin Yi and the two chatted for a while to understand what happened in this period, and then Lin Yi went back to his hospital.
Just entered the courtyard, Lin Datou and Lin Shuang were greeted.
Father and daughter are full of happiness.
During the long journey back to the Central Plains from Kunlun Mountain, Lin Yi has slowly revealed the suffering of Lin Shuang to Dad. Lin Datou learned that his daughter’s tongue was cut into Sargam. Although it hurts, it has become a fact that it is difficult to change. The girl has also lived, which also makes Lin Datou very happy.
And there is one thing that Lin Datou never thought of.
I never dreamed of it.
Chapter 26 Father meets Joseph (3)
Lin Yi not only told Lin Datou about his sister, but also told Lin Datou that his father Qin Gumei was still alive.
I didn’t expect that Master Qin Gumei was still alive.
When he was caught by Liang Hongyan, Liang Xiuqing personally told him that the North House was completely finished, except for their father and daughter, and the North House was not even alive with a dog.
At that time, Lin Datou was in great pain when he heard that he had been struck by lightning.
Everyone in Datou Lin is dead, including Young Master and Lin Yi.
For so many years, I have supported Lin Datou’s belief that one is my daughter and the other is that I changed Lin Yi’s own son.
My own son is not only a hope for Lin Datou to live, but also a heart disease for Lin Datou.
He’s sorry.
Big head Lin dreamed of learning that his own son had fallen one day.
At the beginning, Lin Yi promised that he would find his own.
But Lin Yi didn’t like this word all the way.