Zhou Yi looked a little ugly. He glanced at the civilian who fell to the ground. This civilian is a noble family in Taiyuan. He knew that this civilian had been trying to stop him for a long time. He had long had a bad impression on this civilian. Just now, this civilian’s words directly made him kill.
And glanced at the horror of the village and the dozen petite-headed bodies. Zhou Yi’s eyes were full of rage-
"All these Zhongyuan aristocratic families deserve to die!"
"The main tourist village was burned and killed a dozen children. Was it the Zhang family?" Taiyuan Li family a housekeeper reported to Mason Lee.
"Oh, the zhangs’ hands-on? It’s better to sound out the attitude of the court and show it to the court. Our Zhongyuan family is determined to let Coson Ning know that our Zhongyuan family is not good at kneading. Isn’t he loving the people? I will be interesting to see how he protects these untouchables." Mason Lee laughed and didn’t care about it. It seems that he might as well die a few dogs at home.
"Is this what the Li family means in Zhangjiayou Village, Taiyuan?"
Song Qing, a Song family in Lingnan, watched the information-the Zhang family sent people to burn the village and kill 14 children.
Looking at the stationery for a few seconds, Song Yu directly kneaded the new building into a ball of waste paper. Next to him, Song Yu and Song Guanjia looked at Song Qing.
"The zhangs’ and the lees’ people really don’t think death is fast enough. At this time, they dare to be provocative."
"Father said positions will take this time to deal with the changs" Song Yuwen looked at Song Qing.
"The zhangs’ positions you will only deal with a zhangs’? This group of unscrupulous people will wait. After this incident, it will be good for the Central Plains family to have a layer left. "Song Qing’s cold hum, those families were blinded by greed. Ning Caichen will compromise, but he is very clear about the means and courage of the king in the DPRK today. He can guarantee that this time the Central Plains family is absolutely doomed.
You know that this has always been Song Qing’s point of view. He knows very well that the Central Plains family and Ning Caichen are not qualified to arm-wrestle. He didn’t intend to announce to the outside world with the court long ago, but at this moment, she felt that it was not enough to just close to the outside world. She must let the court know his attitude and turn to Zhou Yu next to him.
"On her horse, send someone to tell the court that everything in my Song family is arranged by the court, and the court will go as soon as possible, and it is best to bring my Song family’s attitude to your ears."
Chapter 722 Goodbye Li Xiaoyao
"Bang … these aristocratic families" In the imperial palace of the Forbidden City in Beijing, I would rather collect the stationery in my hand and strike the table. This is the original news, that is, Zhou Yilai’s news that the village was burned. The most important thing is that those aristocratic families are still so rampant in their hands against small children. A sudden rise in murder can’t help but cause the temperature of the entire imperial house to drop a lot.
Ricoo, Fu Tianqiu, and Liu Qingcheng looked at each other in the eye, especially seeing Ning Caichen’s cold face and feeling a cold in his heart since the founding of the State of Jin. It was the first time they met Ning Caichen like this, even though Ning Caichen himself had never been so robbed. It can be seen that Ning Caichen is angry at the moment.
Li Mo also felt a little chill behind him. He used to be the Prime Minister of Qi, but now he is still ranked as an official of the State of Jin, but it is also the first time for Ning Caichen to be a monk, even though he is a monk of Yuan God. But he still has a fear of Ning Caichen in his heart, especially at this moment, he feels a great sense of depression and suffocation when Ning Caichen exudes murder.
"These courtiers flout the court law, so we should make an example of those responsible," Xiao Teng said.
"What an example! How can we just make an example for these families to die!"
Ning Caichen cold hum this time, he really moved strongly to kill. He is not a soft-hearted person, and he has long been accustomed to the dead. It is himself. He never denies that his hands are covered with blood, but these aristocratic practices really disgust him and arouse his murder. He knows that those aristocratic families must have intended to give him a signal, a warning or a test, but the fact that the other party has made moves on children really makes him angry.
"Well, you all go. I have my own arrangements for this matter."
Ning Caichen waved, Li Mo, Xiao Teng, and others made glances at Ning Caichen in succession, but they couldn’t help but raise a chill. It was really scary that Ning Caichen spilled out that moment to kill. I couldn’t help but feel a pity for those Zhongyuan families. They knew that Ning Caichen was really angry, and then these Zhongyuan families would be devastated.
On the other side of the imperial room, wait until Xiao Teng, Chen Gong and other ministers left the void and there was a slight ripple. Wei Zhaung came out from behind Ning Caichen.
"Wei Zhaung’s visit!" Wei Zhaung gave a salute to Ning Caichen.
"If there are no outsiders, you don’t want these vain gifts. How come there is movement in the Central Plains?" Ning Caichen turned to look at Wei Zhaung Wei Zhaung and nodded.
"Two news one is that the marriage between Shen Bijun, a Shenyang family in the south of the Yangtze River, and Li Shentong, a Li family in Taiyuan, has been settled. The Li family plans to call all the families in the Central Plains to discuss the confrontation with the court. The Li family also hopes to unite all the families to get a court dialogue and become the first family in the Central Plains."
"Compromise, this word is not in my dictionary yet. Since the Li family wants to call all the aristocratic families in heaven, we will do as they wish. Don’t start work on those aristocratic families until the wedding day. I want their wedding to be a funeral."
With a sneer in his eyes.
"The second news is that the Song family in Lingnan wanted to surrender to the court, and everything was arranged by the court. Song Qinglian, the master of the Song family, arrived at the Royal Guards and said that the Song family was willing to obey the court’s orders even against his family." Wei Zhaung once again said.
"Oh, Song Jia Dao Wang Song Qing? He will see the form thoroughly." Ning Caichen’s eyebrows slightly picked up that Song Qing had met when he went out to sea to slaughter dragons, and at that time, Song Qing was kind to him, but later he was in a crisis and was surrounded by Purdue, Yuan and others. Song Qing also fled, and later he never looked for him again. He didn’t have much resentment that it was Song Qing’s practice. After all, Song Qing was only a first-class martial art avatar repair and could not control the current situation. It is reasonable that Song Qing did not even qualify for war unless he made cannon fodder.
"This person is a Song Guling south has a great influence and a good name" Wei Zhaung mouth again.
"Then let’s do it. Two big weddings in Li Shen want to come to the four big families in the Central Plains. One Song family must be invited. Let Song Qing take a trip. Let me see if his Song family is determined to really choose our court or swing from side to side. In addition, these families will be in the charge of the Royal Guards. Let them jump a little longer and wait until the day of marriage between the two families in Li Shen."
"If you don’t move, you will kill all these families who want to fight against the court. We can’t leave Li Jiahe and Shenyang. Since we are planning to hold a wedding ceremony, we will give them a funeral."
"Anyone who dares to provoke the majesty of the imperial court and hinder the development of Jin State will die!"