Ah, it’s still a little difficult to be surprised at the third report
Why is this reaction to doubt?
At ordinary times, the Lord ordered the concubines in the palace not to disturb the three princes to rest. Did you ask the emperor? Koharu was worried that the Lord had provoked something, and it would be troublesome to get the emperor’s attention and make the emperor unhappy again.
Shen Suer is a little difficult.
What do you mean?
Ask him if you want to see the first snow.
No, I’m a queen. I’m not a different level of concubines. I’m not limited. Shen Suer ha ha a smile. This is really good. Besides, Mu Jing also said three days of sin
Do you want a handmaiden to call a sedan chair?
No, let’s walk. We can also look at the palace buildings all the way.
Is Koharu a little upset or taking Shen Suer in the direction of Meiyuan? Section 39: Insult Meiyuan is amazing.
Shen Suer saw Koharu uneasy but didn’t pay much attention.
Gradually she knew.
I really didn’t go through anything, and I didn’t know until I left that Chaofeng Palace was far from Meiyuan.
Although the scenery in the palace is pleasant and the ladies-in-waiting posture is graceful, they can’t stand walking for almost an hour. If I hadn’t known earlier that Meiyuan was so far away from Chaofeng Palace, I would have thought twice before killing her.
It’s a mistake to refuse Koharu’s sedan chair, and it’s better to find a sedan chair.
Is it necessary to walk so far to Chaofeng Palace in the first snow?
No, it should be something instead of walking.
What is it? She has never seen it.
The little boy also said that he would often pass by, which was an excuse to drop by there.
Is the Lord tired of walking? Koharu gave her a hand.
Have you arrived yet? Shen Suer is panting.
Koharu son looked forward and glanced around again, almost because Meiyuan turned a few palaces and roads turned away.
Isn’t Meiyuan Meiyuan? When you ask Shen Suer, you know you have asked an idiot question.
Koharu smiled. Meiyuan, also called Meiyuan, is said to have been planted for a long time. Xuemei is beautiful in winter, but ordinary people are not allowed to go in. Handmaiden can also take you to the door.
I know. Shen Suer smiled. These two days, no matter what I did, the emperor said I wouldn’t blame it on a plum garden.
Shen Suer cheered up.
Feeling a little tired is also due to someone’s potential laziness.
Is it a surprise to think of seeing the first snow later?
Imagine that he is as pure as a child, smiling and tired as if he were worth something.
Or because someone’s mentality changed, he didn’t go long, that is, he arrived at a compound.
A few cold plums exposed from the high wall are particularly delicate and charming.
People say that the red apricot wall and the red plum will also be on the wall. Hehe, she strolled and looked at the wall. The plum branches were pale. Section 4 was a dark wound and the plum garden was amazing.
Lord, what are you talking about? Koharu didn’t hear you clearly because of the low voice.
At this time, two people stood in an ancient and half-moon arch door, and the door was left unlocked, and a little plum blossom was faintly visible through the gap.
The word "Plum Garden" with carved stone carvings is luxuriously and solemnly decorated.