But we must remember that we must not be kind to the real enemy in actual combat!
To be kind to the enemy is to be irresponsible for your own life!
Life is the only way to have everything! "AnXiaoXue said.
"I remember."
"Go ahead!"
Not long after Xu retired, An Xiaoxue sounded again, "Ah Huang is going to carry out the twenty-fourth extension experiment!"
"Good light snow"
The higher the grade in college, the easier the course will be.
Every afternoon in sophomore year, physical training classes and actual combat training classes are relatively free.
However, this afternoon, many seniors in sophomore year gathered in the actual combat ring of the school’s Dragon and Tiger List, both in limit and mystery.
A large number of students will gather when there is a challenge in the actual combat ring of the Dragon and Tiger List.
Today, it is natural that so many people will be selected for the actual exchange of the exchange delegation in the India-United District because of the day.
The school office has been notified.
The actual exchange candidates of the India-India exchange group will choose 15 people from the top 30 of the sophomore list.
Ten people will officially go to war, and five people will prepare for the war.
Because of the short-term method of returning to school because of the top of the sophomore dragon and tiger list, the candidates will be selected from the top 31 of the sophomore dragon and tiger list
It is up to the school teacher to decide who to choose.
It is necessary to select 15 candidates to participate in the war based on the comprehensive strength of students and the strength of students who participated in the exchange group in India and India.
Huaxia University of Gene Evolution has one requirement for students participating in the war-winning!
Even a big victory!
On whether it is the battlefield outside the earth or the blue star Huaxia area, it is pressing the Indian joint area to beat it.
Moreover, this exchange delegation from India-India zone came here with its purpose.
Want to win!
The school has given awards to all students who are selected to participate in the war, whether they are candidates for participation in the war or candidates for preparation, and each student will be awarded a little honor and meritorious service.
(Honorary feats are not included in the personal limit grade calculation)
If a participant wins a battle, he will be rewarded with 50 points of honor and meritorious service and 10,000 points of bonus. At the same time, according to the principle of foreign affairs exchange, this kind of actual combat exchange wins a battle and rewards 10 points of meritorious service!
In actual combat, if there is an injury, its school will be at the bottom!
As soon as this award comes out, the students are going crazy.
The reward is too generous.
In particular, those ten feats can directly raise their poor F level to E level.
It’s too hard to earn points that can be counted as personal merits.
At the same time, the 50-point honor is also a big reward!
Many rare materials and really valuable medicines need meritorious service points to buy. Money alone is not enough.
The school cut off the screening at 7: 00 on Wednesday night.
Before seven o’clock on Wednesday night, sophomores will have a chance to show their strength.
The most violent and simplest way is to challenge the students in the Dragon and Tiger List to constantly improve their rankings and show their strength in the challenge. If they reach the top 31, they may be selected by the school to fight.
Just after two o’clock, a large number of students gathered in the actual combat ring of the Dragon and Tiger List.
Xu tui also came to the road.
However, Lu Xutui received a message about knowing Zhuang Ziqiang’s little brother at dinner on Sunday.
"Ah Xu Ge I send you the meritorious convertible cash table. What did you see?
If you are not satisfied with the price and scheme, just tell me and I’ll find a way for you. "
This sentence makes Xu retreat a little stupid.
He is so busy these days that he didn’t read this form at all.
"This ….. Boss Zhuang, I’m sorry. I’m too busy to see this these days."
Xu back that embarrassed directly let Zhuang Ziqiang, who is answering the words, shudder.