I don’t feel anything when I slaughter so many Amyans in one breath.
Just killing foreigners.
However, Burroughs and Roushan Derui were horrified. In their eyes, Xu Xu had become the Red Devil.
As usual, several quasi-planets have planted spiritual imprints, but it is not so troublesome to change their boundaries.
The huge gap in spirit can make Xu retreat brazenly display his mind cover and radiate directly to give them a kind of spiritual shackles and dare not betray Xu retreat.
After more than half an hour, Xu retired a three-star quasi-planet corpse and melted it into a blood crystal soul crystal.
I got 50 grams of blood crystal and 31 grams of soul crystal, and the harvest was not bad.
I’m really not interested in the return of the body of the Muyan people in the transmutation environment, mainly because the harvest is too small
The blood crystal and soul crystal of a corpse in a transmutation environment can be harvested at most three grams, most of which are about two grams, and there is even one gram in the early stage. Although there are also gains, it feels a bit tasteless.
When you retire, it’s precious.
But Xu tui was suddenly stung by the fiery eyes watching Burroughs Meat Mountain.
These two goods look at Xu’s soul crystal and blood crystal, and their eyes are hot and their mouths are watering.
In particular, the speed of blood crystal cultivation experienced by Roushan Derui before this time is more rewarding than expected.
Come back and give them a few bucks.
After all, if you want a horse to run, you have to feed it.
But at this time, looking at these two guys’ fiery eyes, Xu retreated and suddenly a very evil idea was born!
This idea is really evil!
If someone blue star does this, it is definitely a big crime against blue star and humanity!
But it’s only a moment to retreat and react. This is not a blue star.
This is the planet controlled by the Mayans, and this is the deadly enemy of the Blue Star Terran as food.
Why do you want blue star human morality to demand and restrain yourself?
The more cruel you are to your enemies, the better.
In that case, it can be done.
But Xu retreat is very clear that what he does today may make him want to kill people the most in the future.
Today, if his affairs are to flow out to the Maya Department, I’m afraid it will be pernicious, poor and extinct!
"Do you want this thing?" When I made a decision in my heart, I made a quick retreat and waved the newly harvested soul crystal and blood crystal at Rabras, the meat mountain.
Derry was so excited that his eyes were shining and his mouth was watering.
"My Lord, I am willing to be loyal to death!"
This made Burroughs anxious and said, "My Lord, I also want my Lord to be loyal to death!"
Xu nodded with satisfaction. "I really want to give you these treasures, but I think you two are my most trusted department. I want to grant you the method of refining blood crystal and soul crystal!
After you have enough bodies, you will be able to refine your own blood crystal soul crystal practice! "
Rabras’s eyes immediately widened, which was a great surprise!
On the spot, Derry from Roushan knelt down and touched Xu’s chest, saying, "Respect for your adult Derry will always be your most loyal servant!"
Burroughs was in a hurry to be smart in front of his former governor, Frank. That’s a must. No one dares to talk about the second.
I didn’t expect to be beaten by Derry before Honghu today.
In an instant, Burroughs knelt directly in front of Xu tui and kissed Xu tui’s upper. "Your servant is willing to do things for you, my Lord!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Looking at these two guys, I laughed and laughed, but it was a little strange.
Maybe the future nightmare of the Mayan people will start from today!
After a few minutes, Xu Xu directly taught the method of melting blood crystal and soul crystal to Rabras in Roushan.
Then look at two people on the spot each refining a transmutation of the body.
After more than 20 minutes, Rebras finished refining the blood crystal and soul crystal respectively, and each got one or two grams.
But the excitement and joy of the two have already taken shape.