It is impossible for a priest to deduct these things every ten years.
If he takes this wave today, he can really make a fortune, and his strength and strength can rise again.
This kind of thing complements each other, and the stronger the strength and strength, the more stable his position will be.
In a few years, he will be able to change to a prosperous planet as the priest, and he will not need the company of a remote place like Gabe.
Then he can make more money
After the two sides checked the bet, Kodo couldn’t wait to say, "Dear Gabe, why don’t we communicate now?"
Gabe nodded.
"Then the first item is the follower tournament! Well, this tiger spirit guard is my new recruit, and he will play in the first game!
Just send whatever you want over there, "Kodo said.
Looking at Gabe’s ugly face, Kodo’s face became more and more smiling.
He almost wanted to laugh.
This feeling is so good
Gabe, this fool, is simply sending him a treasure door to Wan Li this time. It’s stupid … cute!
"Who among your followers will play!" Kodo stared at Gabe with a smile on his face. The smile was full of pondering!
Gabe consciousness at xu back.
"In that case, let me do it." Before Red Hu Xu retreated suddenly.
"Just him?"
Kodo pointed to Xu tui and laughed. "Ha ha ha Gabe, I’m really looking forward to your choice!"
Xu tui is a crooked head. "Gabe, I think it’s better to be simple?"
"Make yourself at home, my Lord." Gabe bent down.
As soon as this statement came out, Kodo’s face suddenly changed.
My Lord!
Gabe called him a quasi-planet follower!
How is that possible!
The priest of the temple is detached, even if he meets the stars, he is superior and will not be called an adult.
In the same instant, Xu retired and suddenly soared into a small giant with a height of several tens of feet.
It’s just that the little head looks a little funny.
The tiger spirit San Weikeduo looked at the sudden change of body shape at the same time, allowing this ability to retreat …
But for an instant, both of them froze.
Because of the retreat, the earth body was revealed, and their feet instantly raised a huge earth puppet!
They were distracted and hugged them directly.
The Tiger Spirit Saint-guard roared, and the puppet giant made a bang!
Directly squeezed by the soil puppet giant!
"You … who are you!" Cordo screamed, but Gabe laughed wildly.
"Kodo call you crazy now know that I’m good! Hahahaha, you are going to die! "
Gabe was really proud at this moment.
Yukodo’s four quasi-planets were frozen by the ice seal in an early moment.
That’s the powerful benefit of the spirit main star.
Looking at the horse being squeezed slowly by the puppet giant, it will be crushed. Kodo Gabe, his holy power, held down Kodo Holy Power, pulled up his big ear and scraped it directly!
That feeling!
It’s so cool!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
It’s not long before Gabriel is cool. Not far from the temple department, the main hall of the temple suddenly swings with a grand atmosphere!
At the same moment, Gabe, freeze!
Kodo was as surprised as if he had caught the straw!
Chapter nine hundred and seven Imperial Expeditionary Force
In the main hall of the temple of the planet Billa stands a huge idol with a scroll in its left hand.
At this moment, the idol’s left hand is holding the scroll, and suddenly a thick milky white Guanghua grand breath is pouring out of the scroll, which then drives the whole temple breath to spread to all sides of the temple.
Not far from the temple, the science of uniting the hall is whether Gabe, the priest of Manyo Planet Temple, or Kodo, the priest of Billa Planet Temple, and many of them have sensed the fluctuation of this grand holy power in an instant.
But the three people reacted very differently.
Just being slapped by Gabe, being retired and being controlled by Gabe, Kodo’s face is full of ecstasy, and his eyes are full of hope.
Xu tui is a little stupid. I don’t know what happened.
How can this temple on the planet Pira suddenly burst into such a strong fluctuation of holy power?