"Four elders! ? This is a bit interesting! " Think of the old man Jiang Feng already felt that he vaguely contradicted himself with the original, and here he robbed his position as the chief brother.
"Don’t worry! What’s to be afraid of if that old thing doesn’t know how to be good or bad, I’ll beat him up! " Jiang Feng’s face, Gu Jingbo’s words seem to be commonplace.
But this surprised Kong Liang and bit his tongue.
"Old … old stuff …" Kong Liang stammered and immediately covered his mouth like what he had violated.
He didn’t dare to give Jiang Feng a look at such names to insult an elder.
Kong Liang gaped at Jiang Feng and saw that his expression was not like lying.
Does he really dare to beat the elders! ? How brave I am to go here! What else in the world does he dare not do! ?
"all right! Go back and tell the patriarch that if the saint comes, let her come and sweep the floor for me! " Jiang Feng said and waved the Kong Liang out of the house directly.
Kong Liang gawk outside a good half-day just to react in a hurry Xiaofeng hurried to cover up the virtual hall.
Yanxuzong hall
The patriarch listened to Kong Liang’s words and sat silently for a long time.
"Patriarch! This Jiang Fengwei is too rampant! Root didn’t take us seriously! I think it’s better to leave him as the chief! " An elder couldn’t help but anger toward the patriarch.
Patriarch shook his head and waved Kong Liang away before he said slowly, "That’s all! Let him do what he wants! If it weren’t for him, the Wan Xuanzong saint wouldn’t have come to me to cover up our Zongsheng Cave treasures and never see the light of day again! "
"If he doesn’t do anything that harms the interests of Yan Xuzong, he will make mischief!" Patriarch silently said
"But … patriarch you so believe this small! ?” Four elders unwilling mouth said
"Trust him! ?” Patriarch shook his head and looked behind him at Yan Xuzong Hall. "If there is him, I won’t believe it. I believe it’s the bodhi old zu! Although the bodhi old zu has always been unreliable, he has never harmed our clan. He will never give a false order to an unknown person for no reason! "
All the elders were right when they heard the patriarch’s words, and they could finally nod their heads.
It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu Hua disappeared for a long time and didn’t know where he went, otherwise they wouldn’t be so confused and have such a headache.
"Let’s go to Japan to celebrate the arrival of the virgin of Wan Xuanzong!"
All the elders didn’t dare to neglect the busy patriarch when they heard the news.
Chapter 11 For cases to meet
Jiang Feng doesn’t feel anything about Li Zhushuang coming, but it doesn’t mean that Yu Di doesn’t feel anything.
One night, the news that Wan Xuanzong’s saint Li Zhushuang was coming to cover up the imaginary Sect spread all over the whole thing.
At that time, the brothers were more excited than the brothers, as excited as chicken blood.
In particular, Yan Xu’s male brother is even more excited.
You know, it’s not just amazing to cultivate a saint who hides the truth.
The appearance is also amazing, pure and beautiful, a big beauty.
The next morning.
As soon as it was dawn, many young boys dressed themselves up.
Treasure still treasure clothes artifacts are not stingy to take out, hoping to show coquettish in front of Wan Xuanzong saint.
"Saint Wan Xuanzong is a beautiful woman who has been famous for a long time. I heard that people who are fascinated by him can circle the whole continent!" A hand-held folding fan with a sanctimonious appearance excited brother said
"Say good! Maybe we have a chance to capture the virgin’s heart! " Another dressed as a powder face niche brother echoed and said
"Hey hey! I said that it is too simple for you to think about it! " An informed brother directly attacked, "Sister Wan Xuanzong came to me this time to cover up Xu Zong because I won the 10,000 th Sister Wan Xuanzong in the assessment of my chief Wan Xuanzong."
A sudden remark aroused the anger of a group of people.
"what! ? It’s that loser chief! ? So Wan Xuanzong’s saint is not going to marry that loser chief! ?” Just now, I was in high spirits, and my brothers were all blown up.
"What’s going on! ? How come I have never heard of it! ?”
Who is the virgin, the chief of her own family, and who is the virgin who wants to marry him? That is a flower stuck in cow dung.
"Hey hey! You don’t know that! Listen to the elders said that the virgin came here not to marry our chief, but … "The younger brother said that a long sound was deliberately played here to arouse the appetite of the younger brothers.
"oh! You’re about to say it! But what? Don’t continue to sell! " A younger brother asked eagerly.
The younger brother hey hey smiled and said, "Saint’s second visit seems to be a chore for our chief! See the chief living in Xiaofeng? I’m afraid the virgin will live there in the future! ?”
"what! ? Work as a handyman for the chief brother! ? That’s a saint. How is that possible? " There is a brother who doesn’t believe it. This is to subvert his cognition.
"I said, don’t believe it. I heard from the elders that our chief personally asked the virgin to be his handyman and was approved by the Lord Wan Xuanzong!"
"what! ? How can such rude work be done by a saint! The waste chief is really hateful! "
"It’s not hateful. How can this saint who has suffered thousands of knives be so humiliated? I want to talk to the patriarch!"
One by one, the younger brothers were all angry, and the unmasked saint was keen.
But the former brother hurriedly waved and stopped, "You are stupid! This is not a bad thing, but a good thing. Isn’t it a chance for us to get close to the virgin instead of marrying our chief? "
The younger brother’s words suddenly made the younger brothers shine at the moment and suddenly realized.
It would be the happiest thing if I could get in touch with the saints every day.
At noon, all the younger brothers gathered in front of the main hall.
The long queue is divided into two columns, and the large-scale large-scale clan outside the mountain gate has always been concealed, which can show how much attention is paid to concealing the virtual clan.
All elders of Yanxu Sect are waiting outside the mountain gate.
Of course, the patriarch is not, after all, a patriarch. He must maintain the majesty of the clan.
At this time, a song suddenly sounded on the horizon, followed by a golden shadow coming from the horizon to Yan Xuzong.
A golden eagle circled, and soon the giant eagle fell from his back and left two people.
One is responsible for escorting the elders, and the other is naturally the virgin Li Zhushuang of Wan Xuanzong.
Li Zhushuang is still a white face with a cold face. A closer look reveals that his cold face implies a little bit of anger.
If you think about it, you know that a generation of Tianjiao actually came to Yan Xuzong to work as a handyman, and who was in no better mood.
"This is yan xu zong! ?”
Li Zhushuang glanced around her eyes. Seeing such a way can’t help but make her knit her brows. Has this cover-up really come to this? ?
"King elder saint chez makes ZongPeng magnificently! I have long heard that the name of the virgin is really amazing and beautiful at first sight today! " Elder Yan Xuzong came along. First, he gave the elder a compliment and his eyes fell on Li Zhushuang.
"yes! This is my Wan Xuanzong saint Li Zhushuang, and I will trouble the elders to take care of them in the future! " Wan Xuanzong Wang Elders ourtenant responded.
"Jiang Feng! ? I didn’t see him! ?” Li Zhushuang indifferent mouth said