The blue star Terran is a match, but don’t let the blue star Terran make a wedding dress.
In the end, the elite of the Daxi ethnic group spelled out all the benefits, but it was the Blue Star Terran!
After all, there are a lot of blue star terrans in the sun.
"If you leave this small universe in front of you, it is not impossible to ignore the Armageddon!" Cobalt took the initiative to express its position, but there was something in it!
Hearing this, Bishop Cyrus already understood.
I know that Daxi cobalt base is compatible with Bluestar Terran, but I understand his meaning.
"You in this case or have a rest? At present, this small cosmic vortex gate has been realized.
Why don’t we break the ban and see what’s inside?
It’s much more interesting than you guys fighting and killing here, right? "Bishop west flow DE initiative.
"I think it’s a good idea. I’m very interested in this small universe!" Koji, the consul of Daxi clan, took the initiative to fly out of the war circle and stopped attacking the Eldar’s elder Shuizhi.
However, there is a sense of propriety in doing it, and there is no back alliance on the spot
Although the attack on Shuizhi stopped, the breath force was locked, and Shuizhi still contained Shuizhi and let Shuizhifa attack Shang Long.
But the meaning couldn’t be whiter.
Shang Long looked back coldly at Daxi clan consul cobalt-based sword light, and there was a retreat when he received it slightly.
He got a sign from Shuizhi for Chijing, and another seven-star strong man and Dilinev also slowly divided.
Both sides stop for the time being
Took a mouthful of gas table has hung the injury Erila gasped for air, big chest ups and downs arrived at ShangLong side.
"Are you all right?"
Shang Long shook his head gently.
Erila touched a handful of fragrant sweat, but pointed to the Muya Eldar and cursed, "These people are too insidious and cunning. Why don’t you take advantage of the situation to have a Armageddon shopping for them today!"
Shang Long wry smile.
My eyes moved from Erila’s chest to the whirlpool gate in the sky. "I am also very interested in this small universe!"
There is a sentence that Shang Long didn’t tell the truth-shopping is not good!
Bluestar’s existing strength is not bad. It is possible for him to fight a Armageddon with the strength of Daxi clan.
But it can be a shopping showdown!
It’s hard to say how many people are left in Blue Star after the shopping.
The most important thing is that the Daxi people are not reliable!
The reason why he went to block the Daxi people and find temporary allies is also the present.
Yes, it’s just a short-term balance. Bluestar has won the most missing thing!
What does Blue Star lack most?
At present, what Bluestar lacks most is the time.
Strive for the more blue stars, the more powerful they will grow.
And here is the sun and the blue star camp.
In this small universe, it also belongs to the sun from the root, even to the blue star human beings.
Shang Long doesn’t know what’s in it, but from this point of view, maybe there will be power to help Blue Star in this small universe.
I won’t know until I try!
Bishop Xiliude breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the quartet’s top strong men stop. His state was really not suitable for shopping.
Of course, more importantly, this small universe.
If this small universe is really a small universe with order in their ancient books, then maybe there is something that they can help.
Maybe after hitting this small universe, we can quickly expand their power.
Blue Star Terran should not know this.
This is the bishop’s little plan.