Seeing the dam break, that is, the iron ore in the distant mountains turned into a knife and axe, Ling Fei cut off the dead branches and vines of the dam
A flame followed the knife and axe to melt the gold water and cast it on the dam.
This change can be described as dazzling, and the five elements are mutually reinforcing and the Tao is interpreted incisively and vividly by several teachers.
The younger brothers marveled at the fact that they had been standing still and the gray clothes teacher came out.
Before the gray clothes were taught, the sand table continued to count the clouds around a lonely peak, and the clouds gradually became straight and the lonely peak hid.
Several of his teachers have been urging mana to see a boulder flying high on the top of a mountain and crashing into the clouds like a meteorite.
Jungle around the clouds, giant vines entangled in the clouds, gold and iron melted into the clouds, and the sword shot into the clouds like a meteor.
Listening to a tinkling sound, the boulder was ejected from the cloud and smashed into several swords thrown from one side, which was already worn out and most of it was damaged.
Not far away, a water column suddenly appeared in the river, and clouds were flying like huge waves.
In an instant, I rushed to the clouds and finally saw the scenery of the clouds.
A hemispherical enchantment covers the outside of the butte enchantment. Fujiman is blackened and floats in a Shui Ze. The enchantment or the cloud transpiration faintly sees the butte shadow, but it is the slightest loss.
Firefighters hey hey smile finger hanging in the high fireball separate plumes of fire into the enchantment.
Enchantment light and shadow rippled round, dozens of fire lines bombarded indiscriminately, and the enchantment gradually crumbled, but finally carried it over and stabilized.
The fireman frowned slightly and threw his right hand with a slight grip. The fireball, which had been suspended and rotating, was released and then smashed into the enchantment like an angry bull.
In an instant, a kind of light wave visible to the naked eye exploded to the surrounding mountains and grew up. With a wave of his hand, he blocked the younger brothers and looked at the enchantment. The enchantment had disappeared and left a huge blackened stone pit at the original butte.
All kinds of scenery in the sand table have turned into dust and restored the original appearance of the sand table.
Stunned brothers came to their senses to teach in gray clothes, and then they said, "From today on, I will teach you the Five Elements Array, so you can call me strict teaching."
The mountain leader went on, "Now that you have seen the six instructors, you will have the opportunity to ask for advice and take this opportunity to show you the door of Xiuzhen. I don’t know where to talk about entering through the door."
When the mountain grows up, the sleeves are waved, and the sand table clouds rise, and the five colors of light gradually appear in the clouds. The long road of the mountain says, "Heaven and earth contain five elements of aura to nourish all things in the world, and the aura can be seen with the naked eye."
An illusory figure appeared in the sand table, and the five elements of aura were absorbed into the body to nourish the flesh and gradually gathered in the abdomen.
Shan Chang went on to say, "Those ancestors who had abnormal spiritual perception and those who had congenital Taoist bodies noticed the five elements of aura and tried to introduce physical exercise to refine their spirits."
"After several generations of monks’ groping and trying, they gradually formed some similar cultivation methods, that is, to fix the truth today."
"According to the ancient times, the cultivation of truth was at its peak, and the cultivation of truth was roughly divided into three stages: fairy, fairy, fairy, ancient cultivation of truth, and fairy included two realms of building a fund."
"The fairy has Yuan Ying’s out-of-body experience and distraction, and Du Jie Mahayana has six realms. After Mahayana, Xiafei is promoted to the fairyland. It is not known what the fairyland is."
"More than 3,000 years ago, a pre-catastrophe swept through the whole field of repair, and the repair of repair was almost broken. Now, after 3,000 years of cultivation and interest, the remains of the monks’ ancestors have struggled to find their way, but today a monk has broken through to the fairyland."
"The prosperity of ancient cultivation is not only the profound practice skills, but also the various kinds of pills for cultivation."
"There is a kind of Dan medicine called Zhujidan, which can remove impurities in meridians during the gas coagulation period, greatly shortening the time of gas coagulation period and giving monks a greater chance to break through to the gas coagulation period."
"Now there is no trace of Zhujidan. If you want to enter the door of repairing truth, you must have enough qualifications to break through the condensation period and enter the fairyland of real people."
The mountain leader told us that the sand table stopped here and the change was stopped. The mountain leader said, "Today, it is a hundred times more difficult to cultivate truth than in ancient times. The road ahead is unknown, but our fellow practitioners should not be afraid to explore the road. Do you know?"
Baiyunlou thought for a moment, "Pursuing the truth"
The mountain leader laughed. "What Yunlou said is that the ancient cultivation is really to explore the end of cultivation. In the past 3,000 years, the practitioners of cultivation have not only practiced hard but also explored the truth of the catastrophe."
"There are so many great abilities to fix the truth, and the higher the fly ash annihilation, the more chance we have to see the truth. I don’t know when a catastrophe will come. Only by rushing forward bravely is the color of our generation to fix the truth."
All the younger brothers listened to the blood boiling and their eyes had a direction. Shan Chang’s words not only guided the direction of repairing the truth, but also strengthened the new brothers’ heart of repairing the truth
Shan Chang waved his sleeves to smooth the sand table and said, "If you want to practice, you must first know your own qualifications, so you can test it with this sand table."
After that, the mountain leader pointed to the youngest girl on the far right and said, "The brook knows each other from your name. Just put your hand on the edge of the sand table."
The little girl’s face turned red and she was a little shy. She said to the mountain leader, "My name is Tan Xiaoxi, and I was ten years old."
The sand table suddenly burst into flames, and the whole sand table burst into flames. The little girl exclaimed.
The mountain leader appeased, "Don’t be afraid that this sand table can not only perform the Taoist body, but also test the spiritual pulse attributes of the primary practitioners, ignite a fire and occupy the whole sand table. It seems that you can ask the fire master for advice after you have a very high fire pulse."
The stream is weak and looks at the fireman. The fireman is very happy. I have never seen such a pure and extremely pure fire pulse. I have a great brother to teach myself.
Chapter 17 Sightseeing
The second brother came out, and when he saw it, he said, "My name is Jiang Xuan. I’m eleven years old."
Say a sand table with both hands is full of expectation. Looking at the sand table, you can see that the sand table is full of swords and shadows, and it is still chilly.
Shanchang Road "The golden vein and the two water veins are good"
"Thank you, Shanchang." Jiang Xuan bowed down and then returned to his original position.
The third brother, Jiang Feng, is a brother of Jiang Xuan’s compatriots. He doesn’t talk much, but he is very polite. The other two points are the pulse of fire.
The fourth brother’s name is Bai Zhan, twelve years old, nine points, golden pulse and one point, wooden pulse. Because he is also surnamed Bai Bai Yunlou, he can’t help but look at his eyes. This young man is full of vigor and high spirits and can’t help but praise him.
Then I went to Chaoyang Xia, a fake male, and this school sister didn’t have stage fright. She turned to several new younger brothers and greeted them with a smile. "Several younger brothers and sisters, I am fifteen years old. Hey hey, just call me Brother Chaoyang."
Say, throw a bunch of hair and press the sand table with one hand, and see the exotic flowers and plants breaking through the sand in the sand table and competing for each other.
This is a very jumping Xia pool. It’s actually a very wooden vein, and it’s like the Baiyun Tower raising an eyebrow and showing off. The Baiyun Tower can’t help but raise its forehead.
It’s the turn to see the Oriental Purple White Cloud Tower early, and I can’t help but look intently.
Seeing this beautiful woman Lianbu’s judo, "My name is Oriental Ziyan, half a year older than Chaoyang"
When you say it, Oriental Ziyan gently raises her hand and builds the edge of the sand table.