Countless broken weeds flew half way, and were rolled by a turbulent airflow, like a long turquoise phoenix tail, undulating and chasing to the east.
Leading this airflow is Xie Feiwu’s figure.
He has already seen the high school display the strategy of not getting old and changing the baby into a monarch, and immediately set off to recover.
However, his speed is still a little slower than that of the baby king, and because of different starting points, Fang Yunhan and the little monk are even slower than him
Xie Feiwu’s body is like a mobile landmark.
On the east side of this sign is flying and walking, and the baby becomes a god.
On the west side of this sign is vertical and horizontal cutting, almost all over the long tear, ringing firm but gentle, golden bell
The distribution of golden bells is closely linked, just like a nine-winding golden corridor, which is chasing the trajectory of the baby and bombarding the past.
And Fang Yunhan’s firm but gentle is more vast and scattered around the Admiralty Corridor.
Xie Feiwu just looked up when he was chasing, but he didn’t feel anything. After he chased for a long distance, he looked up again and a little strange appeared in his heart.
According to his experience in dealing with Fang Yunhan, the other party’s spiritual realm is not as overbearing as the strong bridge of heaven and earth, and it should be more nuanced for the manipulation of heaven and earth in the outside world.
There is no reason to release the shock wave all over the sky to do work.
"Unless …"
Xie Feiwu took one more look and got a little judgment.
Those seemingly crazy-released, endless and long-shot shock waves actually have subtle differences in density and intensity in different areas.
In the face of such a large-scale attack, the strong will choose the weakest link if they are mindful.
If these weak points are deliberately designed, then the escape from this trajectory is actually in the hands of those who release the firm but gentle spirit
Of course, this kind of control cannot be too accurate, which is a general direction.
The so-called authorities are fascinated by onlookers. After realizing this, Xie Feiwu looks up and looks at his heart. His feelings are completely different from those just now.
When he looked forward, he felt that it was their side that was struggling to chase after the happy baby to become a god, and the hope of keeping this wooden baby door owner was getting smaller and smaller.
Now I think
In the sunny summer, the baby changes into the posture of the emperor, although it is still as correct as a dragon, but it is hard to say, but it has been tied with a long rope of firm but gentle, which seems to affect and fall to a given position.
Xie Feiwu just thought that there was a sharp light slanting in the wilderness in front of here, and the figure of the baby changed into a king just hit it.
“! ! !”
The sky flies and the earth walks.
When this light burst out, a feeling of surprise emerged at the same time.
Xie Feiwu was shocked and confused.
"That is Fang Yunhan leave a layout? ! How is it a person? !”
"Besides us, who else in the capital of Daqi Emperor is qualified to intervene in this war?"
It is surprised and surprised that the baby becomes a king of God.
He was surprised that this man could deceive his perception.
Muyingmen’s vegetation and life in the six veins of Magic Sect are learned, which can be said to have climbed to a peak in ancient times.
When Xie Fei-wu tried to lead him into the game, several people in the middle of the lake waited for him, and they all restrained themselves well, showing some bad ideas at most.
This unfriendly feeling is, of course, within the normal range, which does not arouse vigilance.
However, after looking to the east, the baby king felt that there was a little killing left on that hill about seven miles away.
That’s where Xie Feiwu and Fang Yunhan fought last night, and where Fang Yunhan invited the other two to set up a game together.
The Fang Yun Chinese character line was infiltrated there, revealing a little murder and winding the tender grass on the hill.
So weak that Fang Yunhan didn’t even care about anything himself.
But it gave the baby a warning.
Now, the distance between this man who suddenly jumped out and him is less than one mile before his hand, and the surrounding area is full of vegetation, trees, flowers and grass
Baby-turned-God has never caught anything wrong in advance.
Be surprised …
I am surprised that this person is too fast! ! !
Generally, when a human figure thinks something fast enough, it will take its own thoughts as a unit of measurement.
Say that you haven’t reacted, and an idea has not been turned over, and it has already reached your side.
After reaching the realm of heaven and earth bridge, the life level of fighters has completely changed. The thinking intensity, mental breadth and nerve reaction ability are thousands of times higher than those of ordinary people.
They can "predict" the development of external natural phenomena by their own thoughts.
With this kind of foresight, in addition to interfering with the experts in the same situation, even if they really flash, there are traces to follow in their eyes and there is a lot of room for manoeuvre.
But I never thought that today’s baby-turned-god was like going back to childhood and experiencing the same experience as ordinary people.
He was not disturbed by the same realm, nor did he feel that his foresight was touched, but the humanoid thing had flashed from the side in his remaining light.
Boom! ! ! !
The baby turned into a god, and the body tilted and the high school rolled out for a distance.
Heaven and earth gas around his body woven into a turquoise fog, and he steadied himself with one foot and looked back.