However, Yu Huifei still shook his head. "Don’t think about immortality. This world of mortals is rolling. It’s harder for mortals to live forever than to become immortals."
Song Dongcheng immediately said, "Then seek immortality."
I gave him a white look. "Why didn’t you say you wanted to be the Jade Emperor?"
Song Dongcheng wry smile way "Sir, I am sincerely seeking Tao"
I will not be a face of nai finally he asked himself than sincere eyes looked at Song Dongcheng way "do you think I’m kidding you? It’s impossible to live forever and become immortal. If you think I’m miraculous, it’s because my genes have mutated.
Do you know Spider-Man?
Do you know Wolverine?
I am almost that kind of situation. "
Song Dongcheng walked over and looked at Yu Huifei. "Is that woman Hera after God?"
Yu Huifei froze, then coughed freely and said, "Don’t talk nonsense. That’s spicy. You heard me wrong."
Song Dongcheng said, "Your dog can talk."
I’m sweating all over my head. "You’re hallucinating."
Song Dongcheng shook his head "Mr Yu, do you think I am a fool? I wouldn’t be so stubborn if I wasn’t completely sure. I know you are a master and everyone has their own rules. I don’t ask much. Today, he also begged Mr. Wang to accept me as a disciple. If he thinks my brother can still be made, he will bring one.
I, Song Dongcheng, ask myself that I haven’t done anything bad since I was a child.
I haven’t done anything terrible.
One-ninth of my efforts today are the dividends brought by my family, which can keep me from going through the dark period of fund accumulation …
So I ask myself that I am still a good person.
Mr Never give a person. "
I’ll have to hear that this is really a big one.
He doesn’t mind the problem of accepting disciples. What is it to teach?
He hasn’t learned anything himself. How can he teach it?
Song Dongcheng suddenly knelt down and said with sincerity, "Please show me the door."
I’ll talk for a while. It’s no problem to accept him. What will you do after getting started?
I don’t want to deceive people, but I firmly shook my head and said, "You’d better get up. I won’t accept you."
Song Dongcheng looked up at Yu Huifei. "How can I get started, sir?"
I’ll have to think about it. This guy is a stubborn man at first sight. If he doesn’t make it clear, it’s estimated that he won’t leave today.
After reasoning, I will say, "It’s not impossible to enter our door."
Song Dongcheng eyes a bright.
I would say, "Take it or leave it. I’m in a good mood. You might as well take it … but it makes me very unhappy that you are dragging people to squat at my door every day!"
Song Dongcheng immediately got up and started to leave when he heard this. "Sir, I will make their horses disappear later!"
Then Song Dongcheng left, as he said, ten minutes after he went out, his body left Xiulin Village.
Yu Huifei is really a little admired for the efficiency of Song Dongcheng.
When Song Dongcheng returned, Yu Huifei asked first, "Tell me how you found the dragon cave first." Yu Huifei asked.