"I remember that this is definitely a sacred temple!"
"I heard that the origin of 100,000 clans was mysterious ten thousand years ago, and some large clans such as Monty Sect and Extremely Demon Sect claimed to have the divine power to infuse the temple and be immortal for thousands of years, which could crush everything!"
"This is really an amazing news! Hundreds of thousands of ancestral temples have been filled with divine power and have great power, but only a few of them have killed swordsmen! "
"Sanxiao Jianzong kicked the iron plate this time!"
"Although it is said that the consumption of divine power will be compensated by law, at this time, I am afraid that the top 100 players who have moved to the Temple of Heaven will fall by more than half!"
"Three clouds sword is dangerous …"
A friar suddenly exclaimed and recognized this temple filled with divine power.
Many monks are amazed to see a trace of schadenfreude in the eyes of Sanxiao Jianzong Jianxie and others.
"Back! Everybody back off! "
Sword evil grim-faced, Three Clouds Sword, in the hands of him and the old sword and the old wind, can’t stop the temple from being crushed. If you don’t retreat, you can watch many Three Clouds Sword Sect strong people being crushed to death.
Friars of Jianzong, one by one, are more frightened than fleeing, that is, the sword evil. All three of them have to escape and dare not confront the bear temple and crush it.
However, despite this, there is still a strong man named Three Swordsmen in the sky who turned blood and fog into red in front of the temple.
There’s no way. The speed of the temple is so fast that it’s directly crushed. Nothing can stop it!
One by one, the Friars of the Three Swords used their strongest means to escape.
When Xia Qi and Gu Yue arrived, they saw such a stunning scene.
The two men finally came here, never expecting to see the scene that Sanxiao Jianzong, together with the sword evil, was killed and fled in panic.
"Moon, are you too powerful to kill Jianzong?" Xia Qicheng’s mouth is speechless. I can’t believe it.
"This is the killing of Jianzong’s inheritance temple. It is said that the power of God is unpredictable, but once it is motivated, it will cost a lot and there is no way to supplement it. This is the last resort to kill Jianzong."
Gu Yue is looking very dignified.
This is the last life-saving measure to kill Jianzong. If you don’t take the temple once, you will be weak. I’m afraid you will lose it once or twice.
"It wouldn’t have been like this for hundreds of families thousands of years ago, would it?"
Xia qi feel cold sweat to Gu Yue asked at the end.
"How is that possible! There are absolutely no more than ten temples filled with divine power, and they are all large doors. "Gu Yue words let Xia Qi breathe a sigh of relief.
The temple was crushed by Xia Qi, and just one of them escaped from here. Brother Sanxiao Jianzong was directly crushed to death by blood fog, which was extremely sad.
"Let’s go and beat Reservoir Dogs!"
Xia Qi saw Brother Sanxiao Jianzong in a state of constant fear, and his face was exposed with a cruel smile. He rode the sword light and hunted the monks scattered in the sky.
At this time, the strong swordsman in Sanxiao is really like a Sangguquan who has been crushed by an irresistible temple. Without fighting spirit, I know that running around is even if I encounter Xia Qi hunting and dare not resist, but I keep running away.
Xia Qi sighs lightly in his heart that these three strong swordsmen are all famous, and their hands are stained with don’t know how much blood, but they are completely collapsed in the face of the irresistible temple!
The sword is like rain, and Xia Qi harvests three clouds. The life of the strong sword Sect is cruel without pleasure!
The world of cultivating immortals is so cruel, the law of the jungle is a hunter a moment ago, and now it becomes a hunter who doesn’t want sympathy or mercy from others.
Sword evil, Feng Lao and Jian Lao meet together and attack the temple with a sword of three clouds in one hand, hoping to win more opportunities for more brothers of three clouds sword Sect.
But at this time the sword evil eyes are full of sadness.
Their harassment of the temple is too small. For these three swordsmen who have been deterred, there is nothing to watch as they are crushed and killed by the temple.
"The two uncles will soon combine the three swords!"
Swordsman’s eyes flashed with pain, and he drank violently in his mouth.
"This ….. the unity of the fairy sword is comparable to the support of the patriarch by the spiritual force root method of the celestial world, which is a master in the deification period. You have to think clearly, but this will make the three swords lose great vitality and may not be able to recover for more than ten years!" Sword old two tiny one zheng and then big say
"Don’t hesitate! If you go to these elite death rays in this way, there will be a fairy sword in Zhenzong and a sword Sect in Sanxiao! " Sword evil anxious roar loud.
The old couple sighed and finally stopped giving a part of the three clouds sword in their hands to the sword evil.
The light of the sword blooms, and the three handles and three clouds of swords are integrated into one. Listening to a crisp but seeing one, the light of the three clouds of swords is as bright as a god, illuminating a sky!
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Many secrets
The light of the sword is as bright as a star, and the dark clouds will shine brightly, making this fierce and bloody lake as a holy place.
Sword evil hands clasped the real three clouds sword and directly spit out a mouthful of JingXie pale eyes looked at the killing sword Zongcheng temple.
Chengshen Temple is like a millstone. It runs through the present and the present, roaring and running over a famous swordsman. The strong man turned to blood and fog and exploded in Chengshen Temple.
"Everyone retreat immediately and don’t resist!"
Watching those clouds explode like fireworks, beautiful and sad, blood and fog, sword and evil eyes bloodshot and splitting, these are the elite of Sanxiao Sword Sect. This loss is too great!
He stepped, his eyes were empty, his mouth was cold, and he drank a lot. Brother Jianzong of the Three Clouds was single-handedly confronted with the crush and inherited the temple.
"Sword evil through the ages, how many clans want to kill me? You can do it with your three swords? Today, I will not only kill you, but also kill you here! "
The temple gods thundered and crushed, and the binge drinking in Qin Yi’s mouth prompted the temple to burst out. The bright brilliance was like the scorching sun with the glow of Xiaguang Ruicai hitting the sword evil.