Tiandaokou made Gu Yue’s eyes look horrified
"Who is the sword attendant"
Gu Yue show murder cold asked.
"If in doubt, it should be the’ Killing Sword Master’. This person is the one who created the killing kendo. It is difficult to match it. It is because he is now in a special place that he wants to train you."
Tiandaoshen said
When Gu Yue saw Heaven talking about killing the sword master, his eyes actually flashed a bit of fear.
Gu Yue’s face was horrified, but he couldn’t help thinking that there were many terrible inheritors in the celestial realm, but none of them came from the celestial realm without exception.
Gu Yue vaguely knew that it seemed to come from a world stronger than the celestial world.
"Is there a world stronger than the celestial world?" Gu Yue suddenly asked Heaven.
"It seems that you know something, but your idea is wrong. The celestial world is the highest level. The killing sword master is also a celestial person, but now he is in a special place."
Heaven gently shook his head and said
Gu Yue was a little confused in his silent heart, so I don’t know.
She realized in the mirror that she was killing a sword, but at the moment she was told that killing kendo would become a puppet in the end, which made Gu Yue so good.
"Gu Yue, I’ll give you two choices. One is to give up practicing killing kendo. My means can be guaranteed. I’ll worry about the killing sword master in the future, but if you do this, you’re afraid to practice again. The second choice is to continue practicing killing kendo."
Heaven looked at Gu Yue suddenly mouth way
"I choose the second one."
Gu Yue made a choice without hesitation.
Let her practice again. If she hadn’t come to a dead end, Gu Yue’s positive law would have made such a choice
"You may have to suffer some hardships in the future if you think carefully about choosing the second one, but you can rest assured that I can save your life and worry, and if you really succeed, you may turn the killing sword master into your sword master to control it in the future."
Heaven’s eyes flashed fine mans coagulation said
"I choose the second one and don’t consider it."
Gu Yue is very determined, and the light in his eyes is shining as if his eyes have melted into a sea of blood, in which blood is rolling and surging.
"If you accidentally enter the first heavy day this time, the killing sword master will attack you. But you have to pretend to be controlled by it, and he will try his best to cultivate you. You can achieve the immortal emperor in a short time, and then you can find opportunities to control it."
A golden ofuda appeared in the hands of Heaven, showing great splendor.
Gu Yue took the ofuda solemnly away.
"It is said that the triple heaven is actually an ancient road that connects the gods. Do you think that the killing sword master will attack me when I enter the first heaven? Is it true that the end of the triple heaven is to surpass the secret of the emperor, and the killing sword master has already controlled the secret of surpassing the emperor?"
Gu Yue put ofuda suddenly asked to heaven.
"Beyond the emperor, maybe someone can surpass the emperor, but killing the sword master is impossible, and the end of the triple heaven is not a secret beyond the emperor, but a …"
Heaven sank its mouth, but it suddenly stopped in the middle.
"It’s not good for you to know too much now. When you enter the first day, you will be white when you meet the killing sword master. Now you go back and consolidate the realm first."
Heaven sighed and waved Gu Yue away.
Gu Yue was full of curiosity, but heaven didn’t say that she couldn’t excuse herself and leave honestly.
Chapter one hundred and seven Break the record again
+Romance updates faster than a rocket. Can you believe it?
Chapter one hundred and seven Break the record again
The genius of the 500-day Sect entered the heart-refining mirror to hone his mood.