I finally got into the house, and when she was relieved, she "bang" and both of them fell at the door.
Cold is still pressing on her.
Helen pushed the man, but he did not move.
"Mywood … don’t leave me …"
Men’s vague words tickled Helen’s neck.
Force turned supercilious look in the sky. Is this cargo drunk because of Yan Mumu again?
He’s still thinking that everyone has gone to America.
Really cheap
"Cold bitch, you are dead." Helen yelled at the cold ear.
The man raised his hand and waved, "Don’t sleep …"
"I fucking want to sleep, okay? Are you up?" Helen really wanted to kick the man aside.
The man raised his head and looked at the woman with a smile and said, "Mumu is so beautiful."
Helen pulled pull mouth stare at the man don’t talk.
Cold caused a frown. Fingers touched Helen’s face and asked, "Why do you ignore me? I like you so much that I like you since I was a child … "Then I slowly lowered my head.
Helen’s frightened eyes widened and her heart beat faster as she looked closer and closer.
What is he doing?
Helen’s brain went blank when her four lips met.
There are six words floating over her-being-strongly-kissed again!
But also male and female postures.
Men hold women’s faces in their hands and chew Helen’s lips like jelly. The more they chew, the stronger they chew.
Helen gas hug cold neck also warm back to chew.
It’s just chewing your mouth. You can’t keep being chewed by him. She should take the initiative to chew it back.
Helen closed her eyes and chewed the wine in the man’s mouth and handed it to her mouth through a kiss.
My head is getting dizzy. Did he get drunk and dye it for her?
The two bodies clung together, and they heard swallowing saliva in the air.
Cold-induced consciousness reached into the path of Helen’s clothes. Helen was shocked and shook, and a limp and numb shot all over her.
Is she really drunk?
Consciousness is getting blurred …
Helen felt pain all over when she woke up.
Shit, she’s still sleeping at the door
So I slept on the floor at the door all night.
Open your eyes and you will see the man in front of you enlarge his handsome face.
Lips are swollen like sausages.
Helen consciously touched her lips. She won’t be like a sausage, will she?
A sleeping man’s face is calm and his eyelashes are like two rows of small brushes.
High nose gently breathing hot air sprinkled on Helen’s face.
At this time, she discovered that she was actually resting on her cold arm.
Eyes to see a man naked chest brain crash for a second.
I looked at myself again and I was naked.
She and he.
I think back to last night when they came to chew each other’s mouths, and finally they took off their clothes, and then that’s what happened.
It’s a mess …
"Ah …" Helen couldn’t help screaming.
She *!
The man rubbed his ears and looked at Helen’s eyes. She was embarrassed to turn her head when she saw her chest towering.
Why is it so cold? The bed is hard.
He’s naked, okay?
Ah, hey …
Ah, hey …
They both made a spray at the same time and then looked at each other.
Cold to busy holding a dress to cover his important part.
Helen stare big eyes, pointing to the cold to "you … you also my pants"
Cold caused a bow and immediately threw the cloth in his hand to Helen, and then he went naked and blushed.
Helen quickly put the clothes on her body without shyness, and looked at her from the corner of her eye after the cold.
Put your hands on your chest. "What are you looking at, you pervert?"
Cold turned his face black. "Who are you calling a pervert?"
Helen grabbed her coat and wrapped it around her body, staring at the cold. "It’s you. You actually beat me last night when you were drunk."
Cold to despise a look at her "you say it backwards, I am drunk how strong you? You must have seduced me. "
"Ah … you’re a pervert." Helen jumped into the cold and put her hands around his neck.
Cold to busy stretched out his hand to push unexpectedly met her chest.
Helen blushed as soon as she brushed it.
Slap to the cold and rush into the bedroom with clothes in your arms.
Cold touched his face, slowly put the clothes on his body, and then pulled the door and left.
Helen was washing herself in the bathroom.
The more I washed, the more humbled she was.
By the time she came out of the shower, she was already gone.