The ghost saint suddenly hesitated, "Do you really want to?"
Xiao Yu nodded again.
The ghost saint hesitated, and Shi Moluo gave a sad smile and said nothing.
"Xiao pretty you don’t lie to me? I know you have a deep heart and you’d better not play tricks on me, "said the ghost saint cautiously."
Xiao Yu grabbed Shi Moluo and said slowly, "I’m doomed to be a dead man. I’m sorry I didn’t go here again. I don’t want to earn any more opportunities. I want to live the rest of my life safely. If my predecessors don’t believe me, I’ll crush Shi Moluo now!"
The ghost saint’s eyes lit up and smiled. "Don’t crush it yet. Shi Moluo is born with a strange body with two souls. I have a big one. Since you have figured it out, give me Shi Moluo!"
He slowly walked towards Xiao Yu’s body covered with a piece of raven, and the runes filled the air. Obviously, he didn’t believe Xiao Yu in his heart.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Terrible ghost saint
Ghost saint came up step by step Xiao Yu callous face without any expression.
Suddenly, the ghost saint stopped three meters in front of him, and the distance was extremely dangerous, especially for Xiao Yu, who is good at body art and is close to him for three meters. Even if he is extremely powerful, he will be unlucky, which is no different from death.
Ghost saint stared at Xiao Yu’s eyes indecision for an indefinite moment and found Xiao Yu still indifferent. He smiled and continued to come forward. He leaned out a thin palm and grabbed at Shi Moluo with a smile. "Xiao Xiao, you can see through the present situation very much like Shi Moluo, a waste. You think too much. I invited Shi Moluo Luo Rang to join our Yan Magic Palace. Unfortunately, this fellow looks reluctant. His body and soul fall into my Yan Magic Palace. Don’t worry. I promise you that you will never let anyone move your body to disturb your life before your natural death."
He reached out with his big hand and was about to grasp the stone demon Luo. Suddenly, the divine light in Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed like two lights across the eyebrows, suddenly flying out of a harsh knife and poof, cutting it into the ghost saint’s mind.
Ghost holy body slightly a dull face.
Xiao Yu’s face was new, and the five visions behind Moro broke out. The sea rolled, the fire dragon spewed snow all over the sky, and the emperor’s shadow crushed the sky. All means were crashing towards the ghost body.
At the same time, after he binged drinking, there appeared seven merits, a golden wheel buzzing and spinning, and several evil Buddha figures emerged, while chanting in the export was mysterious and confusing, which made Xiao Yu’s strength suddenly rise seven times.
Xiao Yu was full of golden blood, and his fists waved and ran, shaking, cracking, exploding and killing, and bombarded the ghost body. The sky was falling, and the golden energy was flowing everywhere. His boxing power was exerted to the extreme, and every punch contained unimaginable power, and his fists were terrible.
Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spewed out a blue flame, which turned into a sea of fire. He annihilated the ghost saint and made his whole body burn violently. The flesh and bones were incinerated.
"To die of old age!"
Xiao Yu folded drink face ferocious left hand cover, and heaven hand wrapped with all the ferocity flash across the ghost holy body exploded.
This moment Xiao Yu strength department broke out without any reservation!
Thunder shot!
Everything is slow, but it is actually a quick sneak attack from Xiao Yu’s rude, but the outbreak of all cards is almost the blink of an eye.
This piece was directly bombed and turned into chaos. The ground was sunken and disappeared. There was energy flow and explosion everywhere. It was like a sun sinking here. The ghost body was robbed and there was almost nothing left.
Xiao Yu’s face grimaced. "It’s wishful thinking to want to break my heart. The old man was born without a stone demon. Luo Lao has long died. How can you bewitch the old man in a few words? I really don’t know how to bewitch the old man. I practice merits and virtues, and the golden wheel is blessed with evil Buddha. Who can bewitch me except me?"
Stone demon Luo haha laughed. "Ghost Saint is such a fool. You really believe what he said. This guy has always been cautious and wanted to kill him for a long time. Unfortunately, this little timid ghost was finally killed by you at this moment. It’s an old revenge. Hahahaha!"
Suddenly, several gray runes lit up in front of my eyes, and they gathered in all directions. The vitality of heaven and earth received traction. They rushed to hear the sound of Gherardini crying. The sound of heaven and earth rang out, "It’s actually interesting that Xiao Man was ambushed. If he hadn’t been prepared before, he would have been directly beaten to dust by you!"
The evil wind of heaven and earth roared, and a tall shadow slowly emerged. It was more than ten feet tall and covered with scales. Behind it, there were two huge wings flashing and whistling, and there was a unicorn flashing around the eyebrows, which was terrible and abnormal.
"Archaean royalty!"
Xiao Yu’s heart shrank and shouted, "Let’s go!"
It is not too terrible to imagine that this ghost saint is also a royal family of ancient gods. Is it true that the top level of Yan Magic Palace is made up of this mysterious race?
He once fought against the powerful royal family, knowing that this race is powerful and terrible, and that both physical body and mana are top-notch, almost reaching the peak of the biological chain.
And this ghost saint is the strongest of the strong, and it is more terrible than the god he has ever met. He was blown to pieces by him, and he was able to unite his body and soul to show his true self.
Xiao Yu turned and walked to offer a mixed yuan action to cover himself and ran towards the ancient temple.
Ghost saint ha ha low smile dark black face with a cruel smile turned his hand and took out a mouthful of iron sword raven wrapped around toward Xiao Yu after.
Behind him, his wings were as close to him as a flash, and his iron sword was chopped and a raven was torn away toward Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu’s face changed and he hurriedly controlled the power to move quickly. At the same time, he forcibly moved the body of Confucian Garden Mountain to him to block this sword.