"Boom …"
Huge thunder rolled and shook people’s scalp and made them cold.
"My god, Lord Wolf is so horrible."
"It’s terrible. I didn’t expect the boss to be so tough."
"Wow, the master man is so tough. I’m waiting for someone to bless me."
All kinds of exclamations are endless.
Chapter 566 Monty still dies.
The storm of firm but gentle gradually subsided.
Old man figure slowly exposed.
Look carefully, the old man’s body is covered with scars and blood rushes out.
Even if he is huge, he can’t hold so much blood.
A sudden surge of weakness made him almost fall into the sea.
"Shout …"
After a few breaths, he turned back to his original state, showing his anger.
Red eyes seem to devour everything.
He watched Muhai’s teeth rattle. "You … you have completely offended me. If I don’t let your daylights out today, I won’t be a demon."
"Xiao Tian Mo?"
Hear this MuHai peep out one silk sneer at "you can also be monty? You can use a crazy means. "
Muhai carried his hands with contempt in his eyes and looked at the old man faintly.
"Oh …"
Xiao Tian Mo roared, "My old name is wrong. Xiao Tian Mo is so angry with me that you will be stunned today!"
Roaring day demon chest ups and downs violent eyes give more than resentment.
The wide-eyed face is changeable.
Then he bowed down to the sky and
Say something in your mouth
Seeing this scene, Muhai couldn’t help but stare big eyes.
Remember not long ago, Liu Kun summoned the dark king in the same way, but for the cracked magic gun, he would have died on the spot.
Today, Xiao Tian’s demon is also doing this trick.
Maybe he can also summon the dark Lord to borrow his power?
"Impossible, he is the devil who borrows the most power, that is, the devil king." Muhai andao shook his head slightly.
But never let him sacrifice successfully.
Ann is still the first.
So want to MuHai right hand a sword light rapid forming.
Just as he was about to use the sword light, a bloody red light rolled in from the sky.
It seems to tear the heavens and the earth apart
Induction to these magic yuan MuHai stare big eyes can’t help but reveal a method to suppress surprise.
Then he quickly recovered the sword light and instantly appeared on the old man’s head.
"Wow …"
Like a waterfall, the magic element falls and the department rushes into the Muhai Dantian.
The magic baby in Tadantian grows rapidly
His realm rose rapidly.
After a few breaths, the Muhai realm will soon reach the middle stage from the early stage of Seraphim.
But monty yuan can’t fall without slowing down.
Muhai realm continues to increase.
A moment later, his realm reached the late stage of Seraphim.
Until now, a red virtual shadow fell on the genius.
That huge shadow is like a nine-night monty, which makes people’s hearts tremble and faces twitch at a glance.
He blazing with anger soon stare in the sea.