From awakening talent to upgrading, one more strengthening opportunity has enabled Su Li to strengthen his muscles four times, and he has gained 1,700 Jin of great strength. It can be said that he has unprecedented self-confidence, regardless of the previous group of sea spiders or the three-level elite mantis giant shrimp.
But at present, this huge giant spider made him feel great pressure from the bottom of my heart.
Because he knows what this giant spider is.
The queen spider, the leader of the sea spider colony, said that a sea spider colony would only appear when it was threatened by a huge crisis. Why did the queen spider, the leader monster, appear now?
This is what Su Li did not expect.
The vertical eye-shaped fine lines appear in the eyebrows, and the information appears in my mind.
"Name: Spider Mother Class IV Leader Spirit Beast moves fast, powerful, sharp claws and hard shell make it almost perfect. It is the most powerful spirit beast in Class IV. You can only kill it if you hit its head. After killing Spider Mother, you can get 100% special ability’ Spider Walking’."
The spider queen’s fourth-level leader monster is much more powerful than the elite beast. It is so terrible that it is called the most powerful of the fourth-level beasts. Its only weakness is its head that looks like a human face.
Su Li sucked deeply. This is the third leader monster he met. The first one is the one-eyed frog king. Although he has a low level and a second level, his strength is not weak and extremely strong.
And the second leader level monster is the magic Yan beast of unknown level. It’s not that Su Li can fight against it, even if his realistic force doubles, it’s definitely not the magic Yan beast opponent.
And the third is the spider queen.
"This is the Spider Queen’s four-level leader monster. Everyone is very careful-"Su Li issued a heavy drink to wake up his three people’s attention and Spider Queen has launched an attack.
Like the "peep symbol pattern" waking up, the spider queen, although huge and like a small room, moves very fast, and her long legs are swept to the ground. The target is Su Li and Gong Xiao behind him.
Gong Xiao was busy dodging Su Li, but he didn’t retreat. His mind was locked and the spider mother gave out a low drink. He held a machete in his hands and looked at it and cut it out head on.
His attack on the spider queen is extremely accurate, and the moving speed is strangely fast, but the attack speed is not so exaggerated, otherwise the battle won’t be fought.
The attack of the spider queen is to lift two front legs, the tips of which are like claws, like guns, and stick them at Su Li like two javelins.
Su Li’s knife accurately cut these two inserted front legs, but Su Li’s strength failed to cut these two front legs, but Mars exploded with a gold and iron crash.
"It’s so hard-"Su Li felt that his arm was sore and numb, and he staggered back out.
This spider queen is too powerful.
Although Su Li’s knife didn’t hurt the spider queen, he also gained something, that is, he found that the long leg joint of the spider queen was made of fascia through close observation. There was a hard shell to protect the body from invulnerability elsewhere, but this joint was not. If you can cut the fascia of this joint, you will definitely be able to cut it off, just like dealing with a bully crab with a hard shell, and it will be much easier to kill it after disintegrating its mobility.
Although it is fatal to the head, it is too difficult to hit it in the head easily.
Here, Su Li blocked the spider’s queen mother’s attack. Ding Longyun approached quietly from the rear to kill this large monster. The most important thing is that it is possible to acquire special abilities. This special ability is the most important thing.
Chapter 5 Guild Wars Leader Beast
Gong Xiao just got the "mantis boxing", and Ding Longyun also wants to get the special ability of the spider queen, and the probability of killing the leader monster to get the special ability is 100%.
This time, Ding Longyun didn’t rush, but took an axe to identify the spider’s queen mother’s leg and chopped it off. He was inspired by the killing of the crab by former Su Li. It is difficult to kill this monster easily, and they can slowly grind it with their strength.
The axe hit the spider’s queen’s hind leg. Ding Longyun felt his arm shake, and the axe bounced back. The spider’s queen’s hind leg had been stabbed if he hadn’t dodged quickly, which made him break out in a cold sweat.
"Its head is fatal, but it is difficult for us to attack it. First, try to abolish its legs and attack the leg joints!"
Su Li followed the spider queen’s constant movement and attacked her mouth again, while Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun were awake.
"Know-"Ding Longyun steadied his mind. What axe was just bounced back? Although this guy’s leg looks thin and long, it seems that it can be easily cut off. It’s actually very hard and knotted, which is the weakness.
Gong Xiao also followed Su Li and rushed out to find that the spider’s mother raised her legs and stabbed Su Li mercilessly. She immediately gave a rebuke and shouted, "I entangled it, and you made a move-"The left hand suddenly shot out a piece of "winding rattan" and wanted to tie the spider’s mother’s legs together.
It’s a pity that the spider queen attacks fast and hard, and her legs stab at Su Li Gong Xiaofa from left to right. At the same time, she can entangle both legs and one leg.
"Quick-"Gong Xiao tried his best to entangle one leg and drag it back.
Su Li raised his knife and stabbed another spider leg to block it. The strength of this spider leg made him grin.
Even he can’t resist the power of the spider’s mother, which is even worse.
Gong Xiao wanted to pull the spider’s mother’s leg, but she underestimated the strength of the spider’s mother. When she saw this entangled front leg, she in turn pulled Gong Xiao to fly.
"Let go-"Su Li knew that it was not good to let out a big drink and jumped up with both hands and feet.
This time, he finally got enough strength. This knife contains more than 1,500 Jin of strength.
The spider queen suddenly turned four legs in her body to support her body, and the other four legs were lifted together and stabbed out like four javelins.
Gong Xiao was torn up and flew involuntarily, knowing that it was not good. He was busy putting away the "winding rattan" and fell to the ground and rolled on the ground.
"Before", a dark and sharp spider leg was inserted in the place where she just fell. A small hole was stabbed in the concrete floor. Looking at Gong Xiao’s scalp, he was a little slower for half a second. Now being inserted by this spider leg is not the concrete floor, but his body.
Life and death Gong Xiao’s strain response is not slow. After rolling, he will block his targeting top with a baseball bat in his hand. Sure enough, this spider leg on the cement roof sweeps sideways towards his targeting top.
Fortunately, she was swept by a spider’s leg in front of the baseball bat to protect herself, and Gong Xiao’s arms shook, so she couldn’t hold the baseball bat and flew away, and she flew out involuntarily.
Without the baseball bat, she would have been separated from it by spider legs now.
All this happened in an instant. Gong Xiao even escaped two deaths and was covered in cold sweat.
This spider queen is really terrible.
The other spider’s leg burst into a loud noise in the heavy chop of Su Li’s machete. As before, this spider’s leg was as hard as steel. Su Li was strong enough, but he still failed to cut himself off. Instead, he was bounced out and fell to the ground with a thud.
Another spider’s leg followed like a javelin to nail Suli, who had fallen out, to the ground
Like Gong Xiao, Su Li didn’t react slowly and fell out. Looking at this, the spider’s leg fell into the concrete roof around him, but it was different from Gong Xiao.
When he fell out, he had already anticipated that the spider mother would be rolled by the next attack. At the same time, his hands, feet, waist and abdomen were forced to turn over to the ground, and his right hand was holding a machete. He did not protect the targeting top body like Gong Xiao to fight against the spider legs, but took the initiative to cut across the spider legs.
Although the spider’s leg is as hard as steel, the fascia at the movable joint is not invulnerable. He easily cut off half of the spider’s leg and immediately flew away from it.
Su Li’s hand was thrown out quickly and obliquely.
Sure enough, the spider mother screamed sharply, and several spiders retreated and landed, all of which were inserted into the concrete floor on the roof.
After one leg was cut off from the joint, the spider mother was shocked and furious. As soon as she turned around, she suddenly rushed towards Suli.
She realized that Su Li was the most terrible and hateful of these human beings. Now she ignored Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun and attacked Su Li to kill him.
The spider mother rushed to Su Li like crazy. This time, Su Li didn’t take the initiative to attack, but ran towards the exit stairs. At the same time, she took out a dagger from her pocket and threw it to Gong Xiao on the other side.
Get up Gong Xiao took one look at the spider leg that fell about two meters long and looked at the dagger thrown to his face by Su Li. At first, Zheng Su Li picked up the dagger and chased it towards the spider mother. She and Ding Longyun had a chance.
Su Liwen attracted the hatred of the spider queen, and he was clever enough to lead the spider queen in the direction of the stairs, creating opportunities for them.
Su Li rushed into the entrance of the stairs, and the crazy spider mother slammed into the face. Her body was too big to get in, and she could not keep hitting the entrance and exit. Several legs reached in and attacked madly. It was impossible for her to destroy the stairs made of reinforced concrete. Although she was strong, she was far from reaching the level of a monster beast.
Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun grasped this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and made moves from the rear almost at the same time. Although the spider queen has certain wisdom, it is not human beings who are angered by it after all. This is an instant equivalent to losing the ambition and giving Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun the opportunity.
Chapter 6 Spider Walking
Ding Longyun chopped the axe in his hand. This time, he hit the movable joint of one hind leg. When the axe fell, one hind leg of the spider’s mother was broken. Gong Xiao also shot a dagger at the same time, and the fascia of the movable joint of the other hind leg of the spider’s mother was cut off.
Instantaneous and even lost two back spider mother frantically turned again to attack Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun behind.
"Run!" Gong Xiao cut off a hind leg and woke Ding Longyun at the same time. They chose different directions and fled to the distance. They would never continue to fight.