"What’s the matter with you? !” Lin Chong grabbed the sofa cushion and HeWen took the cushion as a defensive gesture, which really made him lose his mind.
"Ji Ji Ya …" This guy said mushroom language.
Lin Chong still understood what he said, "I can’t speak human words."
"… I said don’t play dumb or I’ll throw you out of the plane wall!" Lin Chong threatened this little guy.
"Ah ~" seems not afraid.
"What about getting it back?" Lin chong sneer at.
This is the most severe mushroom law, and no small yellow mushroom has been implemented. Sending it back to the wall and bringing it back will be the only way to lose life and turn it into material.
"Well, you found out," Zer sighed. "I really wanted to tell you that I was your avatar."
"I know you are my incarnation!" Lin Chong snorted, "Explain to you that you are bilingual."
"It’s all because I have been studying hard for three years since I was born …" Zer pushed his nose glasses.
"Not only have I mastered Chinese, but I have also learned many popular languages such as English, French, German and Latin. At the same time, I have made some achievements in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, and published many articles and more than one paper …"
Lin Chong can’t listen to it. "You went to Deyun Society for further study, right? Blow what cowhide! "
While spitting Lin Chong, I thought, Why don’t you kill him? Nearly 10,000 busy people have died, one and two so-called deaths.
Thinking of Lin Chong so much, he grabbed a shoelace and tied him up.
"If you don’t believe me, please don’t kill me easily." Zer remained calm in the face of Lin Chong’s suspicion. "I am a peerless genius of the mushroom race, and I should die to explore the world’s true knowledge, not in the hands of an idiot."
Although he was scolded, Lin Chong really … a little believed.
Is this a big mushroom and a demon again?
Lin Chong will look at the big mushroom again or choose the joint chief engineer.
Also at the regular meeting.
Lin Chong has been on the phone for more than 20 years. Although the chief engineer is still in high spirits, he is still in his teens and has retired to take charge of some administrative work.
Professor Yang, the first leader of the 74 project team, also passed away a year ago. When he passed away, he lived to a high age of 132, and he seemed to be a man of wisdom.
But if the chief engineer looks at Lin Chong again, he will see that Lin Chong was different when he resigned that day. He was a little shy and rigorous, and he was inadvertently embarrassed when communicating with others, and he refused to be kind to others thousands of miles away.
What’s the significance of "getting stuck" Lin Chong’s body?
However, the earth is still flowing rapidly, which makes the chief engineer sincerely feel that life is limited and the road is limited.
"Are you all right, teacher?" Lin Chong noticed that the chief engineer was distracted in the video.
"Nothing," said the chief engineer with a smile. "It’s just cruel when life is too precious."
"I’ll send more golden mushrooms this time. You must take good care of yourself," said Lin Chong.
"Don’t be like this. All materials are coordinated and negotiated by many parties, which is the optimal distribution ratio that can take care of the principle of fairness." The chief engineer shook his head.
"I still have something special. No one will say anything." Lin Chong smiled. Professor Yang’s death a year ago made him sad. Geophysics lost a giant pillar.
"It’s not that Professor Yang has no chance to prolong his life, except that you have made some breakthroughs in mushroom life technology, but Professor Yang is still willing to follow the tradition of returning to the roots." The chief engineer sighed.
"Besides, he always said that when people are old, their brains are not enough. I understand him, and now my brains are not enough."
Twenty years ago, I was able to personally take charge of the demon wind and flower demon chip attack, but now the demon holy chip can take charge of administrative affairs, so that life will continue to be great for the country