Xu Le was silent for a while. He didn’t know what words Mingke Qiangyu were. It was an illiterate attribute that was exposed.
However, at this time, there is no shame. He still smiled and nodded his fingers.
"Oh, I know it’s that Ming Ke Qiang Yu Ke, right? I know."
Ding Ke slightly suspicious looking at Xu Le, does he really know which word it is?
"Well, although I’m poor, we should be able to eat something cheaper. Let’s go."
"good amount"
Xu Le raised his umbrella Ding Ke to keep out the rain.
Ding Ke walked a little slowly and Xu Le was embarrassed to urge her to walk in the rain, which was a bit like a sweet couple.
Ding Ke took Xu Le to a pub because he had no money.
This pub is not so much like a serious place to eat as a special place to drink.
"Don’t look at this pub, but the beef here is very authentic, boss. Two bottles of fire wine and 1 catty of beef."
"Okay, miss, please wait a moment."
Hear Ding Ke call Xu Le frown up.
"Can you finish 1 catty of beef?"
Ding Ke heard that Xu Le actually wanted to discourage himself from eating meat, and the horse came to fire.
Doesn’t this guy know how painful it is to eat cat food with him for so long?
Don’t all serious cats eat meat? Who eats cat food? Is there a little bit of public morality?
"It’s my treat. Why do you care so much?
"And you also called the wine? Don’t all warlocks drink? "
"Normal warlocks really don’t drink, but I’m not a normal warlock, so I don’t follow all those rules."
Although I said this with a smile, Xu Le always felt some pain in Ding Ke’s tone.
"What’s wrong?"
"It’s really nothing but having a long, long dream every once in a while."
Xu Le is not sure what Ding Ke would say like this, and he is not familiar with each other. Let’s eat.
"If you don’t care about things, don’t think about them. It’s better to eat."
Beef rice and Ding Ke’s drinks were soon served.
Although the beef in this small shop doesn’t look very clean, the smell of meat still makes Xu Le’s index finger move
Ding Ke seems to see that Xu Le is already very hungry and said with a smile.
"Eat, eat"
He broke off disposable chopsticks to stir up some soy sauce in the rice and said
A dry man, a dry man, a dry soul, a dry man, a pot of dry food, and a full man can’t get in the door
If you want to ask who is better at rice, you and I are both rice kings.
Soon the eyes of several people around the table were attracted by two people, because their eating posture was really exaggerated, like two hungry ghosts.
I don’t know if the psionics rose too much, but Xu Le still has some unfinished business after eating a pot of rice.
Unfortunately, there is no food on the table, and Ding Ke seems to have no intention of continuing to order.
What’s more, she is holding a pile of beef and drinking it herself, which is a self-indulgent attitude.
Wine lead three cruise Xu Le thought also eat about the same, he said to Ding Ke
"Ding Ke elder dinner also ate, if it’s nothing, I should go."
Hear Xu Le to go Ding Ke heart suddenly a panic.
"What should I do? Have you made any progress … How to teach him the knowledge of taboo warlocks reasonably? Forget it, I’m still drunk. "
Ding Ke cheeks slightly flushed seems to be the strength of wine. She suddenly took the Xu musician and said in a slightly lower tone.
"How do you want to teach you something so difficult? I don’t even bother to pay attention to people begging me to teach them.
Those people in the former Red Crescent Temple have tried their best to find me. Do you know the gold content of people who don’t know how to talk? I am very good! "
Xu Le looked at Ding Ke on his own, grabbing beef with one hand and pointing at himself with the other, shouting "I’m good."
He wiped his forehead slightly.
"Ah, yes, yes, yes."