The so-called "I don’t know the material, rice, oil and salt". Li Yan stayed outside the door for seven years, but I know all this.
As the green fine stone was put into the fire, a green air stream spewed out of the copper furnace and instantly filled the whole hall.
These green gases entered Li Yan’s body with breathing, and he was surprised to find that these green gases actually made the expert’s bones much harder.
"Baby" Li Yan exhaled breath very anxious to suck all the green gas into the hall.
Jimo month looked at Li Yan and immediately turned away. I don’t know this person.
The blind man grinned. "This little teacher younger brother is a very interesting person. Although green gas can quench the body, it doesn’t need such an alternative absorption."
"Uh-huh is the reason." Bo Songyang also opened his mouth and sucked a few zhangs of green gas around him and was immediately absorbed.
"Hey, brother, what are you doing here? You don’t need to exercise."
"But I’ll try it when I see him sucking. Well, it tastes good. Try it if you don’t believe me," said Bo Songyang.
"really?" The blind man’s eyebrows moved and he opened his mouth to suck it. It was just this mouth and a shoe that slapped his face.
Chi martyrdom scolded, "Suck, suck, I told you to suck, believe it or not, and let you suck shit. Don’t hurry to help melt this green fine stone. When the essence in it escapes, the old baby will be ruined."
"Yes, Master", the blind man silently tore a piece of cloth from his body to cover his face, and then said nothing to help increase the temperature of the fire.
"Ha ha ha" Bo Songyang bent down to laugh and just didn’t lie down.
If the face is frosty, Jimo Moon pursed her lips and tried to hide her smile.
"You laugh a fart, don’t hurry to stabilize the surrounding temperature. If the old hall is baked, you will eat those things in your room." Chi Martyr continued to scold a way
"Yes, master" Bo Songyang immediately stopped laughing. He sat quietly and murmured, one by one, and the metaphysics lit up the hall from the starting point of the four Liang Zhou.
Li Yandao, who is practicing for this matter, is not at ease. At the moment, he is immersed in the joy that his flesh is getting stronger and stronger.
"This thing is amazing, so it makes my bones as hard as refined iron." Li Yan pinched his fist, and his physical strength increased several times, and he could easily lift pieces of ore even if he didn’t transport gas.
However, with the increase of the flame temperature in the bronze tripod, the green gas will no longer overflow, and the remaining green gas will quickly escape from the hall. It’s a pity that Li Yan sees intuition.
"Come on, it’s too great a chance to get a lot of this stuff. How can we expect anything more?" Li Yan thought in his heart.
Chapter 24 Refining Long Dao
Chi Martyr’s sleeve shook and a fist-sized variety of minerals fell to the ground. "Well, now it’s time to refine the device. You don’t have to make any noise and just give it to me. There are enough minerals needed for the device embryo. You can stop."
Li Yan immediately step back a few steps away from this increasingly hot cop furnace.
At the moment, it is dignified to sweep away the lazy color of Chi’s face.
Bo Songyang and the blind man didn’t say another word.
Li Yan looked at all this carefully and was not curious. He knew that this pool of martyrdom refining artifacts was definitely not simple. Maybe it was a treasure.
Although Jimoyue’s face was cold, his eyes were staring at Chi’s martyrdom with no less curiosity than others.
Chi Martyr gulped down the bronze wine bottle in his hand and threw it down to the ground. His eyes were clean and he shot his big hand at the hot bronze tripod. He grabbed a force and poured it out like mercury. It was a stuffy feeling in the chest of the whole hall, and it was difficult to stabilize his mind.
"Good terrorist forces can actually tell that the whole hall is caged with their own divine power. This person needs to move his mind. The whole hall, together with several people waiting for us, must be turned into dust and survive. It may seem that he has definitely surpassed the realm of refining gods and reached that incredible realm, even the master …" Jimo’s eyes sparkled.
Beyond the realm of refinement?
Li Yan’s heart jumped. He knew that there were three levels of practicing power, practicing gas and refining God. Amen. Once he became a friar in refining God, he was a master in ten thousand. He was qualified to occupy a peak in this million mountains. The king couldn’t even control Amen. But this lazy guy who knew how to drink and sleep all day was actually stronger than refining God.
Suddenly, the mysterious force that pervaded the hall suddenly recovered like the tide and sank into the bronze cauldron with a height of three feet.
The blazing fire in the cauldron gradually changed from orange to gold, and then from gold to white. Finally, the cauldron was pure white. Li Yan felt that the flame in the cauldron would be gone if there were no heat waves rolling in from time to time.
As soon as the white flame came out of the hall, the temperature rose again, and the black stone on the floor was glowing red and braving the white gas temperature to an incredible height.
"Bad can’t stay here, or it is possible to be roasted alive." Li Yan’s face suddenly changed, and his footsteps moved away from the bronze tripod, and the burning feeling that he had been leaning against the wall of the hall was gone.
At this time, Li Yancai noticed that there were several mysterious runes engraved on the walls around the hall. These runes seemed to have life, and they were constantly absorbing the heat from the bronze tripod. The closer they got to the wall, the cooler they felt.
Bo Songyang and the blind man also stepped back slightly. Although they looked as usual, they still couldn’t stop sweating.
"White flame? The master is getting old this time. What does he really want to refine? He actually needs a horrible flame as usual. "Bo Songyang sink a way.
The blind man shook his head. "I don’t know what he’s going to do. Maybe he’s bored on a whim, but don’t blow up the stove, or we can all leave our lives here."
"Fried furnace! !” Bo Songyang gave a good shock and hurriedly laughed. "Gnome male-"Master’s craftsmanship should not happen, and this kind of apprentice will make mistakes. "
"I’m just saying." The blind man shrugged his shoulders.
Li Yan, what do you mean by talking casually about sweating? This will kill you. Let’s stay away from it. It’s really like they said that the blast furnace killed themselves. That would be wronged.
However, they obviously underestimated their own meaning, saying this sentence is powerful and powerful, and Jimo Yuewen also stepped back several steps to flash to the edge of the hall.
Chi Martyr looked at the bronze tripod burning with white flame and mused in his heart. After nearly fifty minutes, he suddenly reached out to the bronze tripod, grabbed it and exploded it. A mass of flowing lava spewed out of the bronze tripod. He was imprisoned by him and kept rolling and swimming, risking bubbles and being roasted by the white flame.
A little black powder gradually falls off from the lava, which are impurities in the ore.