On the second floor, Hiro, a package worker, was beaten all over. He was trying to repair ordinary people, and his legs were broken when he was beaten by the innate strong man.
Fan Muxi had Hiro carried to the hospital with Lu Yi’s theory.
Lu Yi saw Fan Muxi’s eyes shining brightly. "Yo, the general manager of the hotel is so young and so beautiful. Ha ha … what did you say? Want me to accompany the medicine?
Do you know how much this suit costs? That garbage stained my pants and soup hurt my skin. It’s not enough to accompany me for 100 thousand. How much is his garbage and a cheap leg worth?
Is it worth 10 thousand? It’s almost the same to accompany the old ninety thousand, but why don’t you come and have a drink with us and talk to me about the ideal life tonight? "
Lu Yi’s speech is full of alcohol. Lu Jingfu and Lu Yongxuan have almost the same food. They have drunk a lot of wine.
Fan Muxi was so angry that her chest fluctuated. She expected that the three-person second-class aristocratic family would be very rude, but she didn’t expect it to be so rampant.
See Fan Muxi towering chest ups and downs. Lu Yi’s heart can be vented. Suddenly, his desire rose and he stretched out his hand and touched Fan Muxi’s chest
Fan Muxi didn’t expect the other party to be so bold and so rogue. Although she will raise the peak of her condition with the help of Jasper Lingguo, Lu Yi’s response in the early stage of her birth is very slow, but she can’t avoid it when she sees the other party’s palm caught up.
Lu Yi’s hand was not caught in Fan Muxi’s chest, so he was pulled away by a palm and Yun Fan appeared in front of Fan Muxi.
Lu Yi roared, "Who are you?"
Yun Fan said, "I am the owner of this hotel. Who started hitting people just now? Leave 1 million medicines and then get out of the hotel with a slap in the face. From now on, it is forbidden to stay. "
Lu Yi came to Yuecheng as a second-class family brother and always looked down on others as a superior person.
No matter which family in Yuecheng, the Lu family in Xiangcheng, is contemptuous. If you face the late congenital period of Yuecheng’s top family, Lu Yi, the strong peak, can still converge.
But Yun Fan … is less than 20 years old at a young age, no matter which family brother Lu Yi is contemptuous.
Especially now Lu Yi’s bad temper and drinking wine are even more rampant.
Lu yi "roll you m le a wall! Dare to talk like this in front of the old? "
Speak Lu Yi slap to YunFan smoke to come over.
A crunchy Yun Fan slapped out the first step to smoke Lu Yi’s face and fly the latter.
A breath of air conditioning sound!
On the second floor of the hotel, many customers are Yuecheng family brothers or elite celebrities. I never expected Yun Fan to slap Lu Yi.
This is Lu Jiadi, a second-class family in Xiangcheng!
It’s not long before Yun Fan Yuecheng became famous. It’s normal for outsiders not to know him, but hotel owners should be clear about the identity of customers!
In the face of Xiangcheng Lu Jiadi, he even slapped him back?
When everyone saw it, they all secretly said, Yun Fan must not provoke even the second-class family brother. He didn’t give the roof. What’s worse, the third-class family in Yuecheng provoked Yun Fan to have no good game.
Lu Yi looked furious after landing. "How dare you hit me?"
Lu Jingfu and Lu Yongxuan also looked stunned.
More to their consternation is yet to come.
Yun Fan figure a flash Lu Yi side to yuan qi operation stepped on it.
Lu Yi’s leg bone was suddenly broken.
Yun Fan is too fast. Lu Yi wants to dodge the roots. No!
"If you don’t want to pay for 1 million medicines, then let our hotel pay for it by itself. If you break my hotel staff’s leg, I’ll break your leg and get out of here!"
Yun Fan cold drink a kick will Lu Yi flew out from the second floor and fell out of the hotel directly.
Lu Jingfu and Lu Yongxuan looked at Yun Fan in awe. They never imagined that the other party had no fear of them at all, nor did they show any respect at all.