Baiya’s expression was very calm, but both Chixiao and Ding Ke saw some unwillingness in her eyes.
They used to be teenagers with dreams, but their fate finally changed everyone.
According to their own understanding, each of them has lived a fairly good life, but is this what they originally wanted?
"I never thought that you would actually become the Lord of the Red Crescent Temple."
"What? Shouldn’t Chixiao challenge me according to your personality? After all, I am the Lord of the Red Crescent Temple in name. "
"I have this idea for a long time."
See two people together again to mix the most salted fish Ding Ke hurriedly out of persuasion.
"Alas alas very not easy to meet once don’t make this fancy, ok? There’s no way to end a real fight.
After a good meal, you may go your separate ways. "
Baiya stared at Ding Ke and smiled;
"Ding Ke don’t you really don’t want to get rid of the state of talking nonsense? What I said just now is not a joke. I can really help you if you want to get rid of the state of gibberish. "
"Then what do I need to pay?" Ding Ke side didn’t promise is asks.
"What you need to pay is just a little loyalty."
Baiya sound has become very confusing, which is completely different from the previous flat state.
Chixiao felt wrong and immediately grasped Ding Ke’s palm.
A stream of heat flowed into Ding Ke’s body to make Ding Ke react when he was lost.
"It’s really worthy of being the Lord of the Red Crescent Temple. I’m afraid the average person can’t really react and cope with it now."
There is already a warning in Ding Ke’s voice in the sky.
She wanted Ding Ke to wake up, but a hundred years’ practice might make Ding Ke enter a new confusion.
This is not what she want to see.
Baiya and Chixiao had been in a daze until the third confrontation. Ding Ke looked at Baiya with some vigilance at this time.
Just that kind of ability … seems to have exceeded the normal warlock category.
Although she is a babbler, she is already a pseudo-7.
In the awake state, Ding Ke is no different from the normal level 7 master except that he has no strange powers.
But it was just a light touch and a look, and she fell in front of her …
This kind of exaggeration is a bit like a god.
"Okay, okay, I don’t want us to be so stiff. Let’s change the subject."
Baiya saw that the atmosphere was a little stiff and took the initiative to change a topic.
Chixiao and Ding Ke are still vigilant here, but they don’t seem to want this long-lost party to end in discord.
The past is still worth remembering.
"Do you still complain about teacher Chixiao?" Baiya suddenly asked
After she gave this question, Ding Ke also turned to look at Chixiao.
The teacher’s problem is that they can’t get around together because they came to the Red Crescent Temple and pointed out that the teacher is really the same person.
It was Cang Ming, the former master of the Red Crescent Temple.
It can be said that Ding Ke’s group of people is the future cultivation of the Red Crescent Temple.
They were trained by the best knowledge of the Red Crescent Temple, loyalty, baptism and fighting skills.
They are flawless warlocks, in theory.
Chixiao saw two people looking at themselves together, and she also smiled.
"What’s the point of him now that the past is over?"
"Chixiao, if the teacher hadn’t died, maybe you would have been the owner of the Red Crescent Temple."
Baiya staring at Chixiao seems to be testing Chixiao’s idea, but Chixiao won’t buy it from her.
"Oh, the position of the Lord of the Red Crescent Temple is not attractive to me, but it is just a puppet of strength and belief."
See red clouds said he was a puppet baiya side also smiled.
"Many times I can’t help myself."
"Can you help yourself? Many times those choices are just excuses. "
"Say yes."
"Ok Ding Ke let’s go" Chixiao patted Ding Ke seems to want Ding Ke to leave with himself at this time.
Because she doesn’t seem to be safe.
However, Ding Ke also has her own ideas here. She didn’t promise Chixiao but turned to look at Baiya.
"Baiya, you are now the owner of the Red Crescent Temple. Can you do me a favor?"
"Tell me what it is first."
"I haven’t seen you for many years. Can I go to sweep the grave for my teacher?"
Ding Ke’s request doesn’t sound too much, but it’s a bit special to set up a Cang Li body.
Chixiao narrowed his eyes slightly and his expression was unpredictable.