Su Li peeped at the symbol pattern and immediately observed their information. This is a 20-level elite beast, a two-headed Sirius.
Compared with the former cannibal tree beast and Sirius beast, the strength of the two-headed Sirius has risen to a higher level, which is much stronger than them.
Yishan’s right hand stretched out, took out his weapon, and found the treasure in the palm of his left hand to build a house.
The building flew out and became as big as a house, smashing it into a group of two-headed Sirius.
Double-headed Sirius is very strong, and the left mouth can spray a venom, and the right mouth can spray ice.
Whether it’s venom or ice, you’re in big trouble.
The dark six-pointed star on the soles of Su Li’s feet enveloped the power of the underworld, and the right hand held the red crescent dragon, which combined the French king and the power of the underworld to split a huge knife and attack these two-headed Sirius.
Killing a two-headed Sirius Su Li can get a spiritual source. Yishan is one level lower than him and can get ten spiritual sources.
Inducing the change of spiritual source, their faces are slightly lit up.
"No wonder it is said that those newcomers who entered the forgotten war territory all reached level 2 after going out, and they soon broke the territory. It is not difficult to get promoted to level 2 in seven days even if they can’t get the forgotten crystal."
Yishan holds the building, and every time he throws it out, he can smash three or four double-headed Sirius into a ball of meat and get thirty or forty spiritual sources. According to this speed, he will soon be promoted to level 17.
There are two-headed Sirius around, and the number is close to a thousand. A lot of venom and ice are constantly spraying at the two.
Su Li and Yi Shan scattered to kill the two-headed Sirius in different directions.
Soon Su Li killed more than 60 double-headed Sirius, and the number of spiritual sources has exceeded 27. The number of spiritual sources needed for further promotion is less than 7.
When Su Li had 29 spiritual sources, Yi Shan suddenly let out a growl in his mouth and released a strong energy. His whole body was undergoing amazing transformation.
Su Li took a look at his data level and changed it to level 17.
Just Yishan broke through.
After the breakthrough, Yishan can understand that the strength of the second form of the fifth spiritual source technique must have a great rise.
Yishan looked excited.
In a short time, nearly a thousand double-headed Sirius lost more than half, and the double-headed Sirius broke up.
The two men killed all the way, and soon these two-headed Sirius dispersed.
The two men stopped chasing. At this moment, a huge explosion came from afar, and there was a piercing scream in the ring.
Hearing this scream, the two men looked at each other and then immediately accelerated towards the place where the scream came.
Although there are faint screams from time to time around, this scream is different. They all feel this scream, which is familiar and probably their companion this time.
Su Li’s speed was faster than Yi Shan’s, and he quickly rushed towards the front. Then he saw a bald man running away. It was their ten companions this time. Su Li remembered that his name was Ding Yi.
Ding Yi looked very embarrassed. His helmet and armor were shattered, and he was covered in blood. A huge hole was broken in his chest, and he was desperately fleeing.
Behind him was chasing a figure shrouded in black light.
When Su Li saw it from a distance, he saw the black figure jump up and held a strange weapon in his right hand. The weapon was shaped like a black wooden stick with a huge eyeball as black as ink at the top, which was very strange.
"Be careful-"
Su Li suddenly accelerated and woke Ding Yi with a loud drink.
It’s a pity that it’s still late. The black figure’s right hand is holding that strange wooden stick, and it has actually hit Ding Yi’s head from behind.
Ding Yi’s head exploded instantly, and black light was released from the wooden stick’s black eyeball. All of them got into Ding Yi’s body, devoured him from the outside, destroyed him, and exploded into several pieces of flesh and blood.
A spiritual source appeared in the forehead of this black figure.
Su Li entered the "spider walk" and swept dozens of meters, but he was still a step late. He could watch the black figure hundreds of meters away blow Ding Yi to pieces.
Chapter 65 Phantom warlock
At the same time, he launched the "third eye" to capture the information of this black figure.
"Name: Phantom warlock level, level 17, racial forgetting Terran talent, holy eye, The Hunger eye treasure, ghost pupil weapon, dark spirit staff, etc."
Sensing this information, Su Li immediately turned white. This black figure is powerful, and the special profession with double talents is absolutely terrible. No wonder it can easily kill Ding Yi.
This comes from the fact that after the Forgotten Terran Phantom warlock killed Ding Yi, he saw that Su Li was coming quickly, and his eyes immediately glowed with a faint white light and wanted to peek at Su Li’s information.
Su Li feels as if her body has been scanned by a substantial energy. Only the third talent is hidden, and immediately the other party has a strong peeping ability. Information shielding also works. Besides the third talent, its data department is exposed.
The illusionist peeped into Su Li’s information and found himself almost the same as a hidden class with 17 levels of double talents. Suddenly, his face changed slightly, and then he saw that Yishan, who followed the rear, was another strong person with 17 levels of double talents.
When Su Li rushed a hundred meters away, the illusionist suddenly turned and ran.
One enemy, two, he is not completely sure to choose to escape.
People who have been watching in front of the crystal wall of the base suddenly find that the number of people has changed from ten to nine, followed by people, all of whom have just gone in with a slight shock, and two of them have died.
Human beings, especially those who forget the war situation, are faced with the fact that all the major races feel the same fate when they see their compatriots die. They hope that their compatriots can get it at this moment, and both of them feel very sad in their hearts when they die.
Someone took out the crystal couplet and the executive was busy reporting the latest news 2.
Executive adults can sigh when they receive news.
He lost two new people in less than half a day, and he felt sad when he heard the news.