[Output 1 liter/kg per unit]
That seems pretty good, but the question is, should we make some equipment?
[All products will be produced in iron drums. Please put a corresponding amount of iron blocks into the raw material inlet. If the iron blocks are insufficient, the oil production and refining platform will not continue to transport them.]
Boy, why are you so excited? I didn’t have so many explanations and explanations before I left.
This time, it did have some anomalies.
But …
"Come, don’t worry about how to say this time, oil and other extremely important materials are already available! Then it seems that I can be self-sufficient to a certain extent! "
Lin Yue mood also high up at the moment.
The importance of oil is self-evident, and now it will enter a higher stage in all aspects.
So as to continue to be at the apex of everyone in the whole different world!
"Self-sufficiency can’t rely on others, and I can also exchange his resources with others for things that I need more … It seems that I don’t need to be hands-on in some aspects."
Lin Yue feels that he has stepped into a new stage now, and in this stage, he will be able to put more time into what he wants to do!
Chapter 39 Armed upgrade of oil resource points! Owner of 16 robot dogs
"The armed forces are still a little short."
Ear listening to the medium-sized mobile whistle ring machine gun platform fire spewing thunder Lin Yue saw dozens of head before the mutant biota named "Dorusta" has completely changed the dead tower.
Some of them were seriously injured and didn’t die. They just dragged themselves up and the horses were blown to pieces!
"Not bad, but it does play a little?"
Lin Yue came to the front of the machine gun that had just been attacked by mutating creatures. Its barrel is very hot now!
He looked at the number of bullets that had just been fired.
"123 rounds really deal with more than 20 mutant creatures, which is a bit too much."
Look at the other side. 2 shots.
Crossfire is really high. Both hearing and sight can make people feel an ultimate enjoyment.
But the efficiency of shooting and killing the enemy is much worse
The medium-sized mobile sentry gun stand is not without weaknesses, and there are many more.
The shooting accuracy of the continuous projectile is guaranteed by the law, and the consumption of the projectile just now is the proof.
The penetration of other bombs is still quite limited. If it is harder, you can really kill each other by piling them up.
Another point that is the most deadly is the magazine.
At present, the magazine can play about three or four thousand pieces. From the recent attack, it can be seen that an attack costs more than one hundred. If there are ten times a day, the magazine will have to be replenished once every three days.
This is still the case when the number of enemies is small.
If ten thousand lizard people line up to attack a sea of tactics …
Then I’m afraid that these medium-sized mobile whistle-stopping machine gun platforms will be shot and polished in a short time, and the front lizard man will be completely misfired and completely decorated.
The magazine can’t be upgraded.