"I’ll go after" Ellie directly turned into a moon dog with a keen sense of smell. She is very good at chasing the enemy in the complex environment of the city.
And Xu Le didn’t stop is told.
"Be careful, protect yourself first."
"got it"
Wang Shu still needs to protect the practitioners around Xu Le. Even Xu Le is not afraid of melee. This protection is still necessary.
Distance is the warlock’s greatest weapon.
"Are those your associates?" Xu Le looked at the warlock Luo.
But warlock los is shook his head.
"I have no partner."
"Yes, after all, you have just set up an organization … after all, your purpose is to find someone left behind."
When Xu Le said these words, warlock Luo’s eyes flickered slightly. Because he was worried that his eyes would expose his emotions, he kept his head down and asked Xu Yuefa to continue to pay attention to his eyes.
However, Xu Le’s way of noting Luo has never been eyes but mind.
"Your heart can fluctuate and betray you. I really don’t have to pretend to be so troublesome in front of me."
"You …"
Luo, the warlock, interrupted Xu Le before he could continue to ask him. He knew that all the information was from Wangman, and then he inferred it. Isn’t it a bad idea to talk about it?
Keeping mystery is the best way.
"What will your wife and children do if they return you dead?"
The warlock Luo was silent for a while and then lowered his head.
"My lover has become weird. Even if Zion is very liberal, it will not allow a weird to appear in the human world.
Plus, we both have ancient sounds and many marks. Even if I can keep a human awake, she is weird and can’t resist the ancient sounds and many will.
We’re finished. I hope Zion Welfare Home can take good care of our children. "
Listening to Luo’s words, Xu Le frowned slightly. This person is really sober
He is definitely not as fanatical as Xie Wenjie. He is a level 3 mystic. He knows the situation of himself and his family clearly.
He knew clearly that what he did was wrong and illegal, but he did it anyway.
What exactly is the ancient sound mark? Is control so strong? Even a sober level 3 warlock can’t avoid it?
"Since you are white what to do? Can the diamond mark enslave your will? "
"It can directly distort us into weirdness because we don’t want to violate the effectiveness of the seal. This is the power of the ancient sound multi-seal, which gives us extra ability and gives us a layer of shackles that are almost impossible to get rid of.
After becoming weird, I am afraid that even the self-awareness will gradually dissipate. "
After hearing this explanation, Xu Le probably understood the situation of ancient sound and multiple children
They may be as enthusiastic as Xie Wenjie, but they also have calm people like Luo.
The ancient sound and multi-imprint have the effect of turning normal human beings into weird ones, and even level 3 warlocks can compete with it.
Once it becomes weird, it is still driven by the ancient sound, so they should keep their consciousness, and they can bow to the will of the ancient sound.