In the serial bombings, the bomb is the root cause of the "desperate virus" experimenters. These people are the bombs that can’t find traces of residual shrapnel in the bombings.
"Now we have to find killian first …" Goofy closed his eyes and pondered. He remembered that after the bombing, killian had gone to Pepper to try to close Pepper.
Take out your cell phone and fly high and give Pepper a call.
"what happened to officer Hell goofy?" Pepper was a little nervous when he received Goofy’s words.
"Nothing. I just want to ask if there are any strange people looking for you to talk about bioengineering recently." Goofy asked tentatively.
"No … it’s all old customers recently. Why do you ask?" Pepper warned
He and Skye have been waiting for Man’s appearance since supper, and waited until late at six o’clock.
When the second hand sweeps past 12 o’clock, it jumps to late. At the same time, the video screen suddenly flashes, and then the screen is hijacked. The sign made up of ten rings end to end appears on the video screen again.
"Come! Coming! Really! "
Skye was very excited, and he quickly ran his brain to track the signal of Man’s adult.
Goofy is watching intently. He doesn’t know anything about hacking and can pray silently.
Adults are very arrogant, grinning and provoking the whole United States.
"The Oriental Grand Theatre is a poor imitation built by the United States. You can reproduce the ancient and profound culture of the East with your poor imagination? It’ s really ridiculous to draw a tiger and not be a dog … "
"My followers will destroy these imitations one by one and at the same time destroy you Americans naturally …"
"Do you think I will stop after blowing up the Oriental Grand Theatre? Or give you a break? "
"Naive is so naive …"
"Guess what one of my goals is? Before suggesting that the owner of this target is an egomaniac and a natural guy, he is the smartest genius in the world, but I am sorry that he is a selfish and stubborn giant baby in my eyes! "
Hearing this, Goofy suddenly became nervous.
Selfish and stubborn giant baby, this is Tony Stark!
"Damn it, my Lord, the next target to blow up is the Stark Building!" Goofy hurriedly grabbed the phone to call Stark.
"Tony Tonima told Hapi to evacuate the Stark Building staff. One goal is Stark Building!"