Keep mumbling one by one
Hearing these words, Muhai smiled, "Rain is falling all, I have finished the ultimate assessment, and there will be a good show for you."
With that, Muhai’s mind moved and four women felt that the scenery changed instantly and appeared beside Muhai.
"The small …"
Four women threw themselves into Hai Huai and hugged each other for a long time, unwilling to leave his arms.
It was a long time before they relaxed their arms and wait for a while looked around.
A glance just found a face of despair ChiShaoYang.
"Chi Shaoyang"
Tang Yu is not a surprised to hide behind MuHai.
Chi Shaoyang’s terror still makes them concerned.
"Nothing. Now he is a toothless tiger. You can play as you want!" Mu Hai said
"really?" Zhou Qian’s eyes glowed.
"Of course" MuHai nodded.
Hear MuHai definitely look Zhou Qian nodded and walked over to ChiShaoYang step by step.
However, his eyes like didn’t find Zhou Qian no response.
"Boom …"
Zhou Qian fist boom in ChiShaoYang face let out a loud noise.
"Ouch …"
It was Zhou Qian who screamed. She touched her fist and kept shouting pain.
"This guy in Xiaohai is too hard for me to move." Zhou Qian couldn’t help secretly regretting.
"It’s okay. I’ll give you some strength to impress him."
Muhai smiled and a wave of his right hand rushed to Zhou Qian’s chest.
Zhou Qian felt like a powerful god, and her strength soared.
Zhou Qian walked up to ChiShaoYang and blew his mouth with one punch.
"Boom …"
The earth shook, the mountains shook and the teeth were scattered like hail.
"Ah …"
Chishaoyang recovered some look and couldn’t help crying.
He looked at Zhou Qian angrily and looked gloomy. "You …"
"How dare you stare at me like that?"
Say that finish Zhou Qian is a punch boom to "call you to die on the small"
"Boom …"
There was another loud noise. Chi Shaoyang’s teeth flew out.
The blood flow is more miserable than ever.
Zhou Qian didn’t feel any sympathy for his face. He vented his anger and punched him in the head.
It didn’t take long for Chi Shaoyang to lie on the ground with a swollen face like a pig’s head and keep whining.
He resented staring at Muhai as if to swallow him up.