The spear skeleton erected its spear forward behind the shield wall.
Sun Hao is a bit in a trance when he looks at the battle of the skeleton army. This is very similar to the way of fighting in the terran secular world. All kinds of arms cooperate with each other and cooperate with each other.
Regardless of the fighting level and different skills, it is even the most mature ancestor among the nine protoss.
The sickle of death waved impenetrable, and the wind would sweep away the arrows at its own speed and float to the front of the shield wall. With a wave of his hand, the sickle flashed across the shield wall and was swept away in a semicircle.
The great god of death laughed. "The native tile dog also wants to stop my army of death."
Bone progenitor unmoved mouth to "stab …"
The arrows in the rear are like a wave of black clouds pouring forward, and almost at the same time, the spear in the spear skeleton is thrust forward and straight.
Just sweeping away the shield wall, the god of death finally failed to defend the heavens and the earth, and at the same time, the front of the attack camp made a lot of poop-poop.
A god of death was shot into a hedgehog, and a god of death was pierced by a spear. However, when he was attacked, the god of death did not lose his fighting capacity, nor was he really defeated. When his body shook, he shook his arrow or spear out of his body, and the sickle swung forward again …
The battle really entered a state of melee.
A powerful god of death wields a sickle and reaps the soldiers in front of his ancestors in large tracts.
Skeleton soldiers rushed out of their own camp in waves, brandishing their weapons fearlessly and constantly launching combined attacks on the gods of death.
During the battle, casualties began to appear on both sides.
Death sickle can sweep a large area with one knife.
Skull’s three rounds of arrows hit death in the rain, and it can’t stop the continuous damage and be forced to collapse.
The death clan and the bone clan launched a selfless fight on the battlefield with a huge battle disk thousands of miles away
The ancestors of the bones are always calm as water, and they mobilize their bones to go into the battlefield one after another.
The body of the great god of death trembled slightly.
Most of the bone warriors are gathered from souls, not elite troops. It is a sea of bones accumulated little by little in the Red Moon Cave.
The warrior of death is an elite family.
Even if a hundred skeletons are exchanged for a god of death, the actual loss is still a god of death.
At this time, it has reached the red moon lair, and the battle has started, so there is no turning back and we can fight to the death.
From the scene, the army of death has taken advantage, and the sickle will be flattened ahead and advance quickly and quickly.
Gu Zu’s first army of bones and seas was completely defeated by the army of death in less than three days.
In addition to the skull shooter shooting and retreating into the second bone sea, the two troops seem to be similar in terms of the proportion of battle damage when his skull warrior department is killed.
The first world war showed a close tie.
However, as the fighting continued to deepen, the great god of death inadvertently frowned slightly after the second bone ceiling came.
The second bone sea is still playing the same way.
It’s still the spear in front of the shield wall, and then the skeleton shooter throws it.
Playing the same way, the attack results are beyond the first bone sea. Many reasons are that the first bone sea is less than 20 million, and the skull shooter has returned to the second bone sea. Every wave of arrows and rain that broke out in the battle is much denser than the first bone sea.
Destroying the second bone sea, the death clan has paid more price, and the proportion of war damage of the death clan has exceeded that of the bone clan.
When entering the third bone sea, the situation changed suddenly
In the first half of this bone sea, the shield walls and spears are still cannon fodder, and those who are brave enough to block the front troops, but in the second half, the archer troops have joined the bone ancestors to bring the real skeleton archer elite.
Elite Skeleton Shooter shoots arrows with all kinds of wonderful attack effects, such as penetrating attack, renju attack and Yin fire additional attack …
The army of death began to suffer large casualties.
The army of death can float and glide, but it can’t fly quickly. Together, the three bones, the sea, the arrow and the rain have finally exceeded the defense limit of death, and it is a bit impossible to kill.
When the great god of death saw that things were not good, he had to restrain the troops from retreating quickly
The army of death retreated and tried to pull away and attack again from the side or other direction.
Gu Zu wouldn’t let him get his wish, and the third skeleton soldier rushed out and chased him. Almost at the same time, several of him prepared for the battle and blew the battle horn, and the army of death surrounded him from all directions.
Just as there are rows of sparse dumplings in front of them, but the cannon fodder of fierce and fearless skeleton soldiers is followed by the same harassing soldiers, and then there are hundreds of millions of skeleton shooters, regardless of whether they are friends or enemies. Anyway, they just shoot at the center of the dumplings and pour arrows and rain.
Sun Hao found that the fighting style of Gu Zu was really very effective or very shameless.
The sickle of death has magical harvesting ability. If you cut it out with one knife, the skeleton warrior in front of you should not be swept away by the partition.
Lai Pi Gu Zu made his shield skeleton quite sparse, but made death have to wield a sickle.
In this way, the number of skeleton soldiers taken away by death every time he wields a sickle will not be large.
When the army of death attacked, the army of skeletons retreated like a tide.
When the death army tried to distance itself, the skeleton army bravely rushed forward.
The battle plate skeleton army turned into a true bonesetting sea, and waves set off freely.
From a single point of view, the army of death is dominant, and the skeleton is not an opponent in the encounter
The comprehensive evaluation of the whole battlefield is that the skeleton army has taken the initiative in the battlefield, with several times the number of opponents and proper tactical play, and the army of death is flourishing, and the advantages of the skeleton army have become more and more obvious.
At the end of the battle, the troops of the two ethnic groups killed the army of death, which had already finished the dumpling stuffing. Like a prisoner trapped in a cage, it was submerged and destroyed by the bone sea little by little.
When the last god of death was eliminated, he raised his weapon in his hand and cheered on the spot. The great god of death floating in the distance was silent and silent.
There’s no point in saying malicious words. Gu Zu won’t dump him. The death clan suffered heavy losses in this battle. Liang took it.
But so what? Skeleton is the foundation of the undead domain, even if the death clan wants to develop its own domain, it must make the skeleton clan build itself, and it is hard for the skeleton clan to hate itself.
Unless you have the courage to enter the skeleton sanctuary, enter the skeleton holy city and destroy all the skeleton monks, but that is impossible. The holy city of the skeleton clan has never been broken.
In the battle table, it was decided that Gu Zu won, and the death and the defeated side of the monks around him were excluded from the battle table.
After a great war, there were still a lot of bone ancestors’ war losses. Now there are only seven bone seas left, that is to say, the battle losses are ten times higher than the death.
But the ancestors at the scene are all white, and everyone knows that the loss of strength of the ancestors is the cannon fodder obtained by Lu Juhun.
The true elite soldiers of Gu Zu hid in the sea of bones unscathed.
At the end of the third game, the size of the battle plate has now ranked first.
The sacrifices produced in this battle also surpassed the battle between the stiff ancestor and the death knight.
Seeing the size of the battle plate, the undead dragons in the second battle plate growled unwillingly. Their strength is the strongest, but in previous battles for the undead altar, their battle plate ranking is often not high. Naturally, the opponent releases water as soon as he sees the undead dragon horse!
If you don’t play well, the number of undead warriors will be small, so you won’t go. This is really depressing, and there is no place to argue …
Chapter 2364 Huge disparity
The dust settled in the third round, and 23 was the fastest.
No, the crown of death did not hesitate. The horse opened the fourth battle plate. This time, it was a red light and a dark light. The selected troops were suddenly vampires and Darth Vader.
Gu Zu war plate grinned at Sun Hao. Sun Hao knew what old bones was laughing at, and he was proud that he was right.
In front, the big ancestors went to war one after another, leaving the big lich and the soul ancestor behind. There is no doubt that the judgment of the bone ancestor is correct, and the death crown judges that the strength of the big lich and the soul ancestor is the most powerful and should be the last one.
Sun Hao’s heart is also vaguely white. Jin Liuwei is probably like the Asian dragon, otherwise there will be no grand finale of a million monks.
And the lich side may accumulate a number of corpse witches, which is quite scary, otherwise it will not be the last appearance.
It is speculated in Sun Hao’s heart that Fang Zu and the Great Warrior have already flown and started calling their troops into the battle plate.