If it weren’t for the excellent physical structure, amphibious and talent, it has a unique advantage.
in addition
The most important thing is that you are lucky enough to survive several crises.
I think he is an orphan player who was thrown out of the house by his own mother [Chaos Queen] at birth.
Either it has been brainwashed and enslaved by the Benthic Magic Fish or it has been shared and eaten by those guys …
Have to say
He is in such a state.
There is a strange story in which all kinds of down-and-out geniuses are beaten down by the enemy in the early stage.
Highlighting is a miserable word!
And at the moment,
Belly growling with hunger [Demogorgon] Due to the injury suffered during the second predation,
Still patiently recovering from the injury
Root predation
a short while
In a lonely and cold mood
He was lost in thought when he looked at the tributary Styx running through other areas in the distance.
Intention to divert one’s mind from hunger and pain and cause bad feelings …
But soon,
He slowly found something not quite right from the perspective of his two heads.
It was a figure coming out of Styx …
Chapter 1 White
Different from the surrounding toxic brine with dark green color.
Make a number of branches of Styx.
distant place
The tributary of Styx, which runs through the salt marsh and connects with it, is somewhat similar in shape, so it is a huge whirlpool.
Several purple rivers are spinning at high speed like blood.
The swift current is like a sharp knife to destroy everything.
Whether it’s a demon or something, once it touches, it will be melted by difference.
It is very different directly from those dark green brine.
It seems that there is a layer of wall that forcibly separates the two.
And that is that pow from the deepest part of the abyss.
If it weren’t for the continuous diffusion of the penetrating wall with the river Styx, there would be no second possibility except that the whole salt marsh was completely destroyed.
It is also for these reasons.
Past dialect
There will be no more life in this area similar to the dividing line between the two.
The terrible smell of destruction and assimilation brought by Styx will make life with independent consciousness feel repulsive and uncomfortable!
Just as the guillotine blade is constantly adjusting its position, it is as uncomfortable as it is.
But relatively
[Demogorgon] This guy who was abandoned by [Chaos Queen] only has a chance to survive in this harsh environment. The growth gap seems to be some kind of safe house …
Although due to natural reasons
[Demogorgon] The eyesight is particularly good
Very good, a little extraordinary
However, the huge whirlpool formed by the purple river in the distance still covered most of his sight so that he could see the anomalies clearly.
[Demogorgon] Two heads
Both Amur and Heslati can vaguely see that there is a white trace in the purple river that is different from the color of the river, and it is becoming more and more obvious.
What’s that?’
In the face of such things beyond understanding [Demogorgon] two heads
Despite the difference in temperament
But I still can’t help but wonder about this idea.
This front
It never occurred to them that the terrible torrent that destroyed everything would really contain things beyond the purple river …
So unexpected and unusual
It brings surprise and curiosity, and it also brings fear of the unknown soon.
Since no one has seen nature, no one will know the danger …
Think of here.