"hey!" The pterodactyl-like black monster swallowed a large animal leg before giving a giggle. He even spat, "Are we still afraid of meeting the strong Terran with you Quetta?"
This slightly flattering tone made Quetta’s magic man feel good, but he still didn’t lose his mind.
"Having said that, it is true that our Quetta people are sensitive to laws and breath. Who knows if there will be some fate generations in Terran or Demon clan? Always be careful. Let’s go! I have sensed that the monk who cast the great curse should have fled in this direction. "
The Quetta Magic Man reached out and pointed out that the direction was actually the escape direction of Zhang Yang and others
The bat’s wings swallowed its prey with a few mouthfuls. With a wave of his hand, it soared and circled in a circle without moving.
Quetta’s magic man, on the other hand, kicked the whole person’s shell with his feet, and "Bang!" As soon as the ground falls, bats have wide wings and broad backs.
Bat wings that force waving wings into a streamer blink of an eye disappeared in situ.
Obviously, the two monsters are very cooperative. Quetta Magic Man is almost sensitive to laws and breath induction, and can find that Zhang Yang and others left breath many days ago. Bat wings are extremely fast, and they are the best combination for tracking or escaping.
Mangshan mountain is full of ancient trees.
A shrill call a lux fox is followed by four tails dazzling beauty than.
The fox’s four tails behind the treetops stand high and become a peacock screen.
But this cute little beast like a pet, at this time, his eyes are full of hatred and he is staring at the three monks opposite.
There, three figures are suspended, one by one, big and strong, and covered with red scales on fire, which are generally humanoid rather than terran.
These three Hiderigami are Buffon, Gila and Amir.
Since Zhang Yang left Wanlei Mountain, the Terran has been left behind and handed out information to let the twelve departments go out to experience.
Twelve people, including ghost servant and blood slave, have been closed since they entered the celestial world. Although there are a lot of resources and new mustard huts in Zhang Yang, the speed of promotion is faster when it is ten times that of the outside world.
However, due to the lack of experience, it is gradually in a bottleneck, which is not the breakthrough of experience and self-perception
Wan Leishan and his party, Zhang Yang, have seen through the situation in the mainland of Xianyuan. Those mighty men are busy plotting to take care of themselves and others temporarily.
This is a good time to go out and experience.
If the other party finishes the arrangement, Zhang Yang and Fujimori will defeat nature, it is hard to say that if they are defeated, even if they hide in the mustard hut, they will be doomed to fall.
It’s absolutely not as simple as you think that everything in the world is hiding
Experience and breakthrough to enhance strength! This is the way of life.
Buffon and others all have the high-level strength of Hiderigami and can be promoted at any time.
Plus several kinds of talents, the avatar is addicted to the baby array flag, and even if it meets Jin Xian, it has a fighting force, but it has the qualification to walk in the fairy continent
Now the four-tailed fox body opposite them has half a step. The realm of Jinxian is that the four-tailed fox has strong blood. The real combat effectiveness is definitely not weaker than that of ordinary Jin Xian.
Come to BuFeng and others strength in the face of this four-tailed fox is not sure to slay, is not going to provoke each other.
But the four-tailed fox insisted on seeing the three men instantly.
"What’s going on? It seems that we haven’t killed fox monsters recently, right? Does this fox seem to have a vendetta against us? " Gila has a depressed expression.
The four-tailed fox is extremely fast, even if they can win each other together at the cost, it is hard to say that it is hard to kill each other, that is, it is even worse if it attracts the strong.
"Yes, I also wonder! Supposedly, this fox should also see that the root of our strength is not ordinary Hiderigami. How can we still insist on our appearance? " Amir is also in a bad mood.
There was a flash of light in Buffon’s eyes.
"Well Buffon, do you know anything?" Several people get along with each other and see him like this. Gila and Amir naturally know something and ask immediately.
"yes! You two can still remember that God’s adult once told us about the magical experience of tian hu, his gifted avatar. "Bufeng didn’t speak directly, but he knew the sound of God."
"Do you doubt that this fox was killed by the Lord God?" Gila also changed the sound of God.
"no! I suspect that this demon fox body was killed by the Lord’s adult. "Bufeng has a positive tone."
Gila and Amir looked at the hatred in the fox’s eyes opposite and nodded their heads.
"yes! God Lord’s adult beheaded a three-tailed fox with three lives. It is normal for the other side to be promoted to the four-tailed fox if there is any adventure after rebirth. It is no wonder … Our strength comes from God Lord’s adult, especially several talents and magical powers. It is normal for God Lord’s adult to give us the breath of God Lord’s adult. It is understandable to be bitten by this fox! "
The four-tailed fox force can’t find Zhang Yang after promotion, and it happens that several people are close to Hiderigami with Zhang Yang, so of course they can’t let go.
The fierce beast fox is a very vengeful creature!
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Fierce soul sharp
"This four-tailed fox normally has four lives now, but when it was three-tailed, it was cut off by the Lord God’s adult. For this fierce beast, this is the root of monstrous hatred, which can be adjusted. If we are so powerful that it dare not covet, maybe it will quietly escape; Now that we are Hiderigami, it wants to eat us. We can’t hide. "Buffon continued to talk to Gila and Amir.
"What do we want to hide? It’s just a small one-four-tailed fox. The realm is also a half-step Jin Xian level. We may not be able to leave it together. "Gila’s tone is full of confidence.
"yes! We didn’t want to fight it because we knew that it could escape quickly, even if it could hurt it, we couldn’t keep it, but now it is bent on killing us, which will benefit us. It is not impossible for us to trap and kill it, "Amir said excitedly."
"Ha, ha, ha, that’s what I think. Then we’ll just …"
Buffon is obviously ready to sound the plan immediately.
The strong man’s idea of knowing the sound is completed with one move, and the communication speed is extremely fast.
Seeing the four-tailed fox across the street, it looks like it’s ready to move. Bufeng shouts.
Whoa, whoa!
The three streamers fled in three directions to show people that they seemed to be self-confessed and ready to flee for their lives.