He raised his arm high.
The flying hand axe returned to his hand with silvery white light, and the war ghost roared to make a sudden snatch axe, so the axe fell from the sky and dragged a series of silver flashes to bombard the second member.
This doppelganger is also shattered.
From time to time, the live light jumped on the ground, and the ghost jumped up from time to time. This light flashed on the ground, looked at the moonlight and then ran grinning.
Seeing that he is about to join the war, Lingyuan and I will join hands to kill Moonlight, the enemy.
He was a star-bound barrier, stuck to the force field and armored. At the same time, the ghost of the explosion war looked blankly at himself being swallowed up by the light of the fried star, and then the whole person flew out and fell heavily.
He felt numb and his chest ached as if he had been chopped by his own hand with this thunder axe.
He struggled to get up.
Suddenly a black shadow flashed across the field of vision, and the ghost suddenly shook and looked at his chest.
A short blade was inserted there.
He looked again and saw the silver hair fluttering in the sun.
"I have … killed you."
He died with his mouth wide open and his eyes wide open.
Tianyang watched the silver gradually shrink in his hand, picked it up with an axe and then turned around and swept it toward the moonlight.
Just now, Tianyang thought of getting the "revenge magic crystal" from the fifth district when he saw that his two places at once were killed.
The doppelganger is formed by his energy condensation. The doppelganger has been attacked by the war ghost, which is equivalent to the attack on Tianyang. Then the cumulative damage of the doppelganger should be returned to the war ghost.
With this idea, Tianyang made some attempts and it proved to be feasible.
This unexpected discovery gave him another tactic.
This tactic will induce and Yuto finally counterattack in one.
"It’s all right, but it’s a little sinister …" Young people sighed and then Xing Yun injected the axe with the hand axe, generate flashed.
"If only this were a sword."
Chapter 913 Low key processing
Lingyuan is at a disadvantage.
He doesn’t know what will happen to this situation.
It shouldn’t be like this!
When they found that the Harvest Castle had searched their party, they thought that it might be the moonlight that revealed the information to the Harvest Castle. They immediately moved and disguised it so that the Harvest Castle could not touch them for the time being.
And just like the moonlight speculation, Lingyuan came to bear a grudge against the moonlight. Now this practice of hers adds fuel to the fire. These people are not good crops and are cornered, but they are even more fierce. When Lingyuan decided not to hide but to hunt moonlight in turn.
His plan is to attract the attention of the fortress by hunting moonlight and revenge, and then escape from the chaos.
He moved all the resources and contacts in the Harvest Castle, and finally locked in the moonlight, which surprised him a little. It was moonlight that had dinner with Tianyang.
In his mind, that woman has never been false to other men, let alone dating young men alone.
But this is good news for him.
Because the moonlight was not with other people, Yu Tianyang met him that day and didn’t play against him. I want Tianyang to be so young and have limited fighting power.
Even so, Lingyuan is still very careful to assume that Tianyang is a master of rank 5. For him, Tianyang is a genius at the age of 19.
And because both of them didn’t carry weapons when going out for dinner, Lingyuan personally called Moonlight to let the war ghost deal with Tianyang, and then ordered it to occupy the commanding heights nearby to be responsible for harassment and interception to prevent the two from breaking through.
He patiently ambushed the moonlight, and when the moonlight passed, he quietly gathered strength and burst out instantly. Even if the moonlight didn’t kill him, this knife would have to hit this woman hard, and she could win the advantage of the wind bureau at worst.
I don’t know why I hit the moonlight, but it’s like two people across a milky way, and the distance is so desperate.
After the miss, Lingyuan quickly adjusted his mentality and made a decisive attack, and at the same time, the war ghost also made a move. At this time, the situation was still favorable to him
However, it was not long before the war ghost was killed, and he himself seemed to be stared at by the unlucky god. In general, there were repeated mistakes in the subsequent meetings.
That’s all. Sometimes there will be a moment of trance, and sometimes you will make a wrong judgment. These small mistakes are nothing, but with the increase of times, his flaws will become bigger and bigger.
So in the moonlight, he made one wound after another, and Ling Yuan felt more and more wrong. He didn’t dare to hesitate to take out something that could be quickly transferred, but at this moment, it was just swept away by a sword wind in the moonlight.
When he wanted to get it back, the moonlight probably guessed what it was. The sword was on display like a storm, which killed his ability to defend himself and dared not be distracted to pick it up again.
After he had carried the moonlight attack, he was about to take the opportunity to pick it up, but at this moment, a shining hand axe was spinning and chopping at him.
"Damn it!"
Ling Yuan likes to hide from this axe and then intends to explode. He believes that he can still do this on his own.
He yelled at the rising star and the rising star and the rising star as he thought, and Ling Yuan jumped high, so he had to cast a killing move to push back the strong enemy.
But at this moment
He suddenly felt that the soaring star aggregates were like a pot of fire that suddenly poured a bucket of cold water, and instead of going, they fell.
This sudden change surprised Lingyuan.
Then, when his eyes suddenly burst into strong light and he couldn’t open his eyes, his eyes turned white. He suddenly felt a sharp pain, as if he had been thrown into a flood furnace, and a fierce flame scorched every part of his body.
This terrible pain made his mind turn white in a flash.
When the pain subsided and the bright light disappeared, he saw the clear night of the Harvest Castle, and then he realized that he had fallen to the ground. He wanted to get up, but he couldn’t feel half his strength.
What’s even more frightening is that he feels difficult to breathe and his consciousness is gradually blurred.