Xu Le glanced at the distance constantly pressure to black knight immediately turned to Wang Shuhe Gu Beichen shouted.
"The elder brother of the tree elder brother Chen dozen however run! Run! "
Chapter 12 Fracture Fate
Qiang Qiang!
The black knight’s big sword blade directly passed the crowd but was blocked by a level 3 fighter.
Several levels or level 1 fighters guard was instantaneous cut off half of the body.
The black knight is a kind of ghost, and he wears strong black armor, which leads to this strange and difficult situation.
Unless you really suppress it, the battle will be very difficult.
Wang Shuhe Gu Beichen took one look at Gu Jianuo after hearing Xu Le’s cry.
Anyway, their night watchman is going to finish it.
If Gu Jianuo doesn’t want to leave at this time, the night watchman among them can’t leave either.
Wang Shuhe Gu Beichen shook his head slightly.
"Xu Le, you are no longer a night watchman. It is no problem to leave now, but we have different responsibilities."
Xu Le see gu Beichen and Wang Shu don’t want to go. Some nai can persuade Gu Jianuo.
"Miss Gu! Let’s go and stay here. We’ll become weird targets and be crushed to death by them. "
GuJianuo frown, but she didn’t promise Xu Le is staring at the black knight and fighters.
Seems to be hesitant
What does she want to prove herself? Or is it to prove the power of light?
Xu Le couldn’t see clearly, and even Gu Jianuo couldn’t tell for sure.
Aside anzeel has rushed to the black knight, and her body immediately burst into a large number of gold branches wrapped around the black knight.
But her strength is only level 2, even if she is strengthened by light, her physical strength is level 2
Plus the golden light tree effect, at this time, she will at most wrestle with the level 3 ordinary weirdness.
Is it enough to see Black Knight Anjie in the face of level 4 ghost polluters?
"ah! ~”
Her own branch snatched a combat knife from a nearby fighter.
Gold branches wrapped around combating Dao suddenly stabbed the black knight mask.
The golden light burst from Anjie, and her strength really seemed to hurt the Black Knight.
See this result GuJianNuo frown finally stretch.
"But fighters with light power are definitely, but we haven’t lost in Xu Le."
If it is normal, Xu Le will follow her words.
But what’s the situation now? Kuroshio, weird, exhausted Kuroshio
Red moon robbery
Literally, it can be said that the Red Crescent is afraid of disaster.
You are a third-grade alchemist. What do you have here?
Xu Le knew that his original plan was when the Red Crescent was coming to an end or everyone was locked in a deadly battle.
But things have changed. He must take Gu Jianuo away!
Otherwise, Wang Shu and his department will die!
The first thing to do is to provoke her.
Xu Le took a deep breath and suddenly said to GuJianNuo.
"Are you gold devil dazed? Are you the black knight we have to face?
The black knight is the first wave of level 4 face-bashing weirdness. If you are not stupid, you can come with me now. "
Gujianuo froze. She didn’t expect Xu Le to talk to her like this.
And it is this reprimand tone …
"Xu Le, do you know who you are talking to?"
"I’m talking to you, GuJianuo. Your brain is really not awake. Short-term power has blinded your mind.
Is it really great that you have mastered a little ancient technology yourself?
Have you ever thought about how the first, second and third eras died if ancient technology was really great? "
Xu Le words let GuJianuo hesitated.
Yes, if ancient technology can really change everything, then the previous eras will not die.
But for this moment, I hesitated, and the war situation changed again.
Qiang Qiang!
The black knight cut off half of Anjie’s body with one sword. Before Anjie, a 4-level polluter, there is comparable strength.
But anzeel didn’t die because she was cut off by half of her body.
Her limbs were connected by branches of the golden tree, and she endured severe pain and continued to pester the black knight.
At this time, the black knight is not used to her armor. The palm of her hand directly holds Anjie’s head and abruptly breaks the golden branches.
Then the black knight sword sword stab into anzeel’s body.
Poof! Poof!
Gujianuo knows that if he doesn’t make moves at this time, I’m afraid even the Black Knight can’t solve it.
She can’t consider her own injury.