Wang Deren listened to the fighting outside the valley, and his blood was boiling. He constantly urged the soldiers to speed up their actions. The soldiers tried their best. Taniguchi boulder was smashed into several pieces and then transported to one side. Taniguchi was dug inch by inch. Wang Deren listened to the fighting outside more vividly.
After the deafening fighting resounded for two hours, it gradually became smaller. Wang Deren’s heart was cold. Is it true that Taniguchi was not attacked? At this time, the soldiers worked hard, and the stone at Taniguchi was less than a foot long and would soon be dug through.
When Wang Deren was suspicious, a voice rang out from outside the valley, "Jing Wang?"
"Jing Wangkou, I am Wang Deren!" Wang Deren heard the sound busy way
"I’ve been ordered to defeat Sui Jun!" Outside the sound added
Gu Zhengjun’s soldiers heard a burst of cheers, and the soldiers on both sides accelerated their speed and desperately dug up the boulder. After an hour, the boulder was completely removed and the taniguchi passage was opened.
Wang Deren was so happy that he stepped out of the canyon to breathe the air outside the valley and felt that life was so beautiful.
"Last night, the general who attacked Sui Jun Daying single attacked several generals in Sui Jun, and now Sui Jun has been repelled!" A captain said
Wang Deren is even more happy. Last night, there was a fire in Sui Jun camp. He saw this person’s words and proved this. Wang Deren was busy. "Jing Wangzheng Pass, I’ll take you to see him."
The captain nodded and Wang Deren led a group of people towards the Qing Palace. He entered the canyon and walked along the rugged valley for half a ring. Then he walked out of the canyon. Wang Deren took two captains along the circle and walked along the path towards the Qing Palace for half an hour before he reached the top of the mountain.
Wang Hang saw Wang Deren come back with a smile on his face, and he had guessed that some of his brow suddenly lit up.
Wang Deren quickly walked past the arch and handed over the way, "Jing Wang has successfully repelled Yang You."
Wang Hang smell speech ha ha smiled a "pursuit of British SHEN WOO that Yang You children and shall be rivals? !”
Wang Deren also laughed, "Thanks to the notification from King Jing."
Two people glance at each other because positions win two people happy couldn’t help laughing.
Suddenly, when they were laughing, a figure suddenly flashed up. The man was quite agile. As soon as he grabbed Wang Hang, his hand was like a cattail leaf fan and he kept pinching Wang Hang’s neck.
"What are you doing?" Wang Deren was taken aback.
The words sound just fell and another captain descended to knock Wang Deren down with a hard punch. He was about to get up when he fell to the ground. The captain suddenly pulled out the horizontal knife and "poof" cut Wang Deren’s head.
The soldiers around Zheng Jun were stunned for a while and didn’t respond. What’s going on? The captain who arrested Wang Xing suddenly shouted loudly, "I am the general of the Great Sui Dynasty, Fuling, and now King Jing has been captured by me. We don’t want him to die, so we don’t want to lay down our weapons and surrender to the Great Sui!"
Aside, Wang Xiong is eyeing up with a horizontal knife. His murderous eyes are full of murderous look. A few Zheng soldiers are not scared. Just now, he killed Wang Deren with one knife, which shocked Zheng soldiers.
Wang Xing was held in the neck by Fuling, and he was more afraid that he didn’t want to die. "Let’s all put weapons!"
Zheng soldiers looked at each other and saw that King Jing ordered Nai to release his weapons. Soon, Sui Jun entered the pass in large numbers and successfully seized the Qing Palace. Wang Hang and Zheng soldiers were tied up and sent to Sui Jun camp.
Wang Shichong in Luoyang Palace has changed into a clean dress. At this time, he is both happy and sad. After all, he got away with his life. This Zheng is still worried that he was ambushed by Yang You in the first world war. Not to mention that even Hanwang was trampled to death by disorderly horses in the first world war.
Looking around, Zheng Junchen is not depressed, and his morale is very low. Yang Baoshou and Liu Shili have bandaged the wound, but his body is still bloodstained. It looks particularly scary. Although Dan Xiongxin was not injured, he was busy running away last night, which is something he never experienced in his generation.
Sitting backwards in the first section of Wang Shichong, Da was not injured because there was no confrontation between Sui Jun and the south bank of Luoshui. After learning that he had been recruited, he returned to Luoyang safely.
"You Yang You children are really cunning. I was bold in this first world war," Wang Shichong said with a sullen face.
At the beginning, Dan Xiongxin was the main attacker and Dan Xiongxin was the consort, so Wang Shichong had to break his front teeth and swallow it.
Chapter 953 Countermeasures
Wang Shichong’s remorse made Dan Xiongxin bow his head. He was right when he argued that Sui Jun must be unguarded and can capture Yang You in World War I to change the war in the Central Plains. But now the facts are in front of him. Zheng stole the chicken and costly, and lost 20,000 meters of military forces. In addition, Hanwang’s physical death is very unacceptable for Wang Shichong.
However, Wang Shichong is also very white. Dan Xiongxin is the only place where Zheng Zheng will fight. He can’t blame Dan Xiongxin. At this time, he needs Zheng Zheng’s military and civilians to unite as one to defeat the strong enemy, and he will take all the mistakes.
Duan Da narrowed his eyes, a wily old fox. How could he not understand what Wang Shichong thought? No matter the outcome of this World War I is Duan Dabai, he and Wang Shichong have one way to go, and that is to continue to fight against Sui and surrender. Others can live, but it is impossible for her to reach Duan Dabai.
"Pursuit now seems to stick to Luoyang Miao" Duan Da slowly mouth.
Wang Shichong habitually smoothed her beard and said, "It is indeed a policy for Chen Wang to stick to Luoyang."
Duan Da added, "What we need now is that the minister of the rectification department admitted that the invasion last night was very confidential and Yang You learned about it and made corresponding arrangements?"
Wang Shichong is Chen Wang this point "good I suddenly invaded is also a temporary call you love qing Yang You learned? Someone must have snitched! "
Dan Xiongxin couldn’t help but nod his head. "I’m afraid it’s hard to keep this Luoyang city."
Wang Shichong suddenly grew up and said, "Yes, General Shan, I’ll leave it to you to do the necessary work to find out the traitor."
"hey!" Dan Xiongxin replied.
Duan Da added, "I’m afraid there is a royal guard in Yang You that has been mixed into the city. I think it is necessary to thoroughly investigate or they will make trouble in the city at any time."
Wang Shichong nodded again, "General Shan will leave it to you to do."
The words sound just fell and a soldier hurried in and knelt down. "Sui Jun designed fake reinforcements to make Jing Wangdang attack the Qing palace now!"
"Silk!" Wang Shichong took a breath of air conditioning Duan Da, Dan Xiongxin, Wang Xuan Ying and others also took a breath of air conditioning. Yang You was able to make full use of the shortest time to force Wang Shichong to send troops to fake reinforcements. This quick wit was daunting. Now the Qing Palace has been taken away from Mangshan Pass in the north, and the Sui army has been lost. From Mangshan, it can kill all counties in Luoyang West.
Once the western counties of Luoyang fall, Luoyang will become an isolated city completely, and the situation is even more pessimistic. Now that it has just lost a battle, the morale is low, and it is impossible to stop Sui Jun from acting. Wang Shichong got up anxiously and paced in the room, thinking.
A moment later, Wang Shichong stopped and said, "Have you led Tang Jun into Luoyang now?"
Dan Xiongxin mused that his eldest brother was killed by Tang gaozu in Li Tang. He vowed to avenge his eldest brother. Now, forced by the situation, Zheng needs the help of Datang to fight against the Sui Dynasty. Even if Dan Xiongxin doesn’t want the imperial interests in his heart, he can temporarily swallow it.
Duan Da thought for a moment, "I recognize that I need to write a letter to invite Tang Emperor to send troops."
Wang Shichong moment immediately write a letter and send someone to Luoyang as soon as possible.
At the same time, I met Wang Hangyang in Yang You camp, so that I could detain him and immediately strike while the iron is hot. Several orders were reached. Guang Shen, Du Fuwei, Fuling, Wang Xiong Xian and others led thousands of troops to kill along Mangshan Mountain to the west and go to Yang You. It was the shortest time to seize the important town of Luoyang West, and the counties such as Xin ‘an in Hangu firmly trapped Wang Shichong in Luoyang.
Sui Jun’s quick action did not deceive Wang Shichong’s eyes and ears, but at this time, Wang Shichong had made up his mind never to leave the city, so the Sui army captured several cities in the west of Luoyang on a roll, and Du Fuwei stopped before taking Fuling and Wang Xiong to Xianhan Valley.
Although Wang Shichong didn’t attack, the geographical position of Hankoo was important. There were 10,000 soldiers stationed in Hankoo. It was easy to defend and defend. After this, Tang Jun could come from Tong to support. Therefore, Wang Shichong ordered that Du Fuwei must defend Hankoo and lead troops to see Hankoo. He was ready to build a letter in Daying to tell the position.
Chang ‘an City
The news that Wang Shichong defeated Mangshan has been known to Li Yuan’s father. While coughing, Li Yuan’s room was holding a hoarse voice from Wang Shichong’s personal letter. "Wang Shichong wanted to attack Yang You at night, but it was unexpectedly designed by Yang You. Now Sui Jun’s momentum is booming. Du Fuwei, Hou Jun and other generals have led troops to sweep across the quartet. Wang Shichong has been unstoppable."
"Now he has sent someone to ask me for help again. Do you think I should save now, Madam and King Qin?" Tang gaozu’s face flushed with shortness of breath. Tang gaozu has been getting worse and worse these days.
Li Jiancheng was busy getting up and Tang gaozu poured a cup of tea. "Since my father is unwell, take a good rest. This Datang can only be steamed by my father."
Tang gaozu shook his head and said, "When Wang Shichong is built, the morale will be low. I’m worried that if Luoyang is attacked soon, there will be Datang’s independent resistance to the Sui Dynasty." Tang gaozu said that the wrinkles on his brow were deeper. He suddenly picked up the brocade handkerchief and coughed a few times. When he saw it, his face changed slightly, but he immediately pretended that nothing was going on and stared at the two sons.
Li Shimin heard a series of coughs from his father. He was a little uneasy and kept his head down and didn’t know what to think.
Li Jiancheng smell speech is not a breath against Sui. Although it is violent, Yang You has recovered most of the land, which makes Li Jiancheng have a deep sense of crisis. If Wang Shichong perishes, it will be Datang Yang and Li. Although they are relatives, from the current situation, it is obvious that Wang Shichong must save and save to increase the anti-Sui power.
Li Jiancheng walked behind Tang gaozu and gently beat his back, saying, "Father, the situation is now very obvious. Wang Shichong has tried to resist him. Luoyang is a strong city. Wang Shichong can’t support it until the year. Of course, now the king of Qi has been stationing troops in Hehe County at any time. A big war will inevitably occur in the Tang Dynasty."
"I need to immediately send troops to Tong to seize the valley of letters, so that the king of Qi in Hejun can echo each other to contain Sui Jun." Li Jiancheng said that when he looked at Li Shimin with his head down, he was slightly surprised at the king of Qin. So low-key?
Tang gaozu nodded his head at Jinpa’s immobile income. "Yes, you must never let the anti-Sui continue to be arrogant. Now that the spring ploughing is over, even if you move troops, it will not affect the harvest." Tang gaozu narrowed his eyes and said, "You said that it can be implemented after the completion of the project."
Li Jiancheng should be ready for the calculation. At this time, the news will be sent out. It will be a month after receiving less news there. At that time, Sui Jun has besieged Luoyang, which is a good opportunity. Once the rebellion against Sui Dynasty occurs, this season will affect the harvest against Sui Dynasty and will most likely force Yang You to withdraw.
Li Jiancheng asked, "My father sent troops to Tong Erchen and suggested that the king of Qin lead the troops!"
With his head down, Li Shimin suddenly raised his head and looked at his father and brother, and his heart suddenly became excited. His former father and brother would restrict themselves from leading troops, but at this time, when he heard his brother’s words, Li Shimin’s heart became active. He Li Shimin could only stand on the military to fight against the Tang Dynasty and climb the highest peak.
Tang gaozu was lost in thought when he heard this. However, after several wars, Tang gaozu was killed, injured and injured. For various reasons, Tang gaozu did not dare to let go. For example, after the king of Qin was sealed, there was a faint confrontation, which made Tang gaozu have to consider limiting Qin Wangli.