Xiong Wu and the people inside gave the secret signal, and a secret door moved to the cave wall.
Three people filed in.
And then the secret door was
Everything is quiet again.
But no one noticed that there was a dark person on the roof at the moment.
It is Lin Yi!
Lin Yi’s cottage deliberately let Xiaoman escape and then followed Xiaoman and the white-haired man all the way.
Although the white-haired people are extremely cautious, how can they get rid of Lin Yi’s secret tracking? They didn’t notice anything unusual.
Three people entered the chamber of secrets in the rockery.
Lin Yi’s roof is light. He looks up at the starry night and then takes out a mask from his pocket.
The Hunger noodles!
With horror and blood!
Lin Yi slowly put the mask on her face.
This mask is full of anger.
Lin Yi is full of resentment now!
Chapter seventy Like a demon evil (1)
Xiong Wu took the white-haired man into the secret room, and the hunchback old man stood in front of the room table and watched the movement outside through the window. His right hand was on the table, and there was a pen container next to his right hand. This pen container was really a warning machine. If you turn the pen container, the warning bell in the rockery secret room would ring.
People inside will make corresponding countermeasures.
Nowadays, the wind is urgent, and the hunchback old man will turn the pen holder to warn the people in the secret room.
The hunchback old man looked out of the window intently, and suddenly a hand suddenly stretched out from behind him and took his hand, and then this hand instantly broke out with great force, which forced the hunchback old man’s hand into the table, and the hunchback old man’s hand could not bear the great force, and the whole palm bone was shattered.
At the same time, he flashed his hand over the hunchback old man’s mouth to shout
This hand is also full of qi, such as pouring torrent from the hunchback old population, and his neck swells, and the qi enters his viscera and shatters his viscera.
The hunchback old man was bleeding and his body was shaking in pain
Although he tried to shout, he couldn’t make a sound.
Soon, the hunchback old man’s body stopped shaking and his body became soft. The other party let go and the hunchback old man lay down on the table and died.
Behind him stood Lin Yi wearing a The Hunger mask.
At the moment, Lin Yi’s eyes are full of palpitations and murderous look. With that The Hunger face, it feels like a magic.
Lin Yi killed the hunchback old man and his figure floated out of the window, making it difficult to identify in the thin night.
There were three people walking back and forth in the garden, and soon these three people were killed by Lin Yi, who dragged their bodies into the dark and entered the rockery cave.
Lin Yi learned to knock a few times on the rhythm of Xiong Wu’s knocking on the stone wall.
Come inside and ask, "Who is it?"
Lin Yidao’s "uncle’s family"
The man added, "the cat was lucky."
Lin Yi said, "God bless my palace"
Then a cave wall moves slowly.
As the cave wall moved, Lin Yi’s face came into the eyes of the door.
Seeing this strange devil’s face, they were frightened to disgrace.
Lin Yi’s figure also drifted sideways from the half-moved stone gate, but they haven’t reacted yet. Lin Yi has made their right and left hands buckle their necks before them, and then they will take their feet off the ground.
The two of them kicked their feet and grabbed their hands to try hard to break off their hands, but how could they break off Lin Yi’s hands? Then their necks cracked and their heads collapsed.
Then Lin Yi let go of their bodies and fell to the ground.
Lin Yi turned the machine and closed the stone gate again.
There is a hole at the end of the cave.
Lin Yi walked over and there were more than a dozen stone steps extending to Lin Yi to pick up the steps. After walking through the last stone step, he turned left and there was a stone gallery three feet long and three feet wide.
There are two doors in the stone gallery, and two famous guards stand at the end of the door.
Lin Yichao swept to them quickly.
Because the figure is too fast to pull out a string of figures, it also pulls out a string of The Hunger noodles
It’s a magic shadow
At the same time, two things flashed at them.
It’s too fast for people to see clearly what it is.
The two guards were stunned and were about to open their mouths to exclaim, but the two things that had just opened their mouths had been accurately shot into the two people, and their teeth were broken. It turned out that two fruits were stuffed into their mouths, and they could not get out again.
Lin Yi figure also followed by Lin Yi palms hit two people chest two mouth blood gushing to the ground.
One of them spouted blood, and Lin Yi The Hunger noodles.