Since Bai Cang Bu Su Li left the sacred court and passed by the Purple Palace Council, he suddenly thought of Wen Sheng’s help to Ding Longyun and entered a state of ultra-dimension, tempering Wen Sheng’s broken holy way to help him complete it again.
At the moment, Wen Sheng is reviewing a large number of documents, surrounded by several people reporting what happened in various places.
Suddenly, Wen Sheng felt that something was wrong, and the dead body had already dried up, and a new force appeared, like a dry land, which was nourished by rain, like a dead tree in spring.
"This … this is …"
Wen Sheng was amazed and didn’t know what had happened to him.
Suddenly a male voice came to my mind, "Take this opportunity and you can go further."
After that, the sound disappeared. Wen Sheng was stupefied. This is Suli sound.
It turned out that Su Li secretly helped himself to recast the Holy Way? But is this how to do it?
It’s a real miracle. It’s a miracle.
Wen Sheng was so excited that he remembered Su Li’s words, meditated immediately, and then waved others away without reviewing those documents for a while.
Wen Sheng’s heart is like a mirror, knowing that he went to Jiluo before, which was the right thing to do, and he actually got this great reward.
All this was easy for Su Li to pass by the Purple Palace Council, and when I remembered it, I helped Wen Sheng, and then I went to the burial platform.
One day will come to the appointed day, the last day, and Su Li decided to meditate on this burial platform and keep up his energy to enter the peak state.
Yun Tang and Huang Shen both came back from the dark world. Seeing Su Li, they were surprised and busy saluting.
Su Li is motioning with his hand toward them cross legs sit close your eyes and say nothing.
Two women dare not disturb and silently accompany him.
Now, after Yuan Yan’s promotion to the jury of the Holy Court, he will live in the Holy Court and will not come back to bury the altar.
At present, there are two racial gods, Yuntang and Huangshen.
Soon the day passed.
The wasteland is becoming more and more lively.
A large number of people know that the news is sacred and all converge.
However, all the sacred people know the rules very well, but they have left the edge of the wasteland.
The whole vast wasteland will be the battlefield of Suli and King Guang, and no outsiders except them are qualified to set foot on it.
In recent years, some unknown world deities and sacredness have gradually emerged, such as the celestial world, the underworld, the frost world, the elf world, the abyss world, the human world, the thunder world and the Tianlong, Fenghuang and Jiuli deities.
This time, it did not attract people from all walks of life, and even some antiques that have not been seen from all walks of life for many years have appeared one after another.
This war is truly eye-catching for all ethnic groups.
Sitting cross-legged on the altar of burial, Su Li slowly opened his eyes and took a long breath. There were clouds rising overhead.
The appointed day has finally arrived, and he should go to the waste market.
Yuntang and burn god and two women are silently watching his side face worried.
Su Li said to Zhongguang Wang that they didn’t think highly of Su Li.
Su Li grinned at them and said, "Let’s go to the waste market."
Two women nodded.