Lin Hao and Huang Yubo couldn’t help laughing when they saw that Xia Zhu was suddenly sick and dying.
Just then Bai Yinting came in. Lin Hao immediately shut up and looked at Bai Yinting Huang Yubo and put away his smile. "Yin Ting, you are also injured. I will check one."
"My injury is nothing," said Bai Yinting, sitting in the past, then looking at Xia Zhu’s arm and looking at her face. "Is this too serious?"
"Don’t you want the effect?" Huang Yubo asked
Xia Zhu was talking to Bai Yinting just now. "I’m afraid you won’t see me again if you come later …"
Lin Hao and Huang Yubo laughed again as soon as they arrived, while Bai Yinting widened his eyes. "Can you say something auspicious?"
Xia Zhu was startled by his attitude. Isn’t it just a joke? Is it worthwhile to be so serious?
Lin Hao vomitted a tongue and dared not go out again. After Huang Yubo treated Lin Hao’s wound, the two went out together.
Xia Zhu looked at Bai Yinting discontentedly. "What did you do to me just now?"
"I’m too emotional," Bai Yinting said, taking a deep breath and then continued, "That man has been caught. He said that Zhao Jie, the wife of the chairman of Tianhao Group, made him do all this."
"Zhao Wei?" Xia Zhu couldn’t believe it. Looking into Bai Yinting’s eyes, "You don’t believe it, do you?"
"So I will let Huang Yubo create a wound for you. After all, the news that he was caught has not been leaked, so we can try to catch the real mastermind," Bai Yinting added.
"What should I do?" Xia Zhu is at a loss
"In a coma," Bai Yinting said, "We will ask him to call his employer and say that he was not caught and that it was completed because of a change. At the same time, he will also announce that you are seriously injured and unconscious. I think maybe that person will come to the hospital to confirm."
"Come to the hospital to confirm? What if it’s someone we know How can you tell? " Xia Zhu has always suspected that that person should also come.
"So you have to pretend to be in a coma." Bai Yinting took Xia Zhu’s hand and said, "Don’t worry, I will always arrange someone to watch you."
"I’m not afraid of this," Xia Zhu suddenly realized. "She found out that I was really going to die and would probably do it to me again?"
Chapter three hundred and seven Her face is ruined
Yimo still looked a little trance when she got home. She also went to the supermarket to buy some messy things.
As soon as I got on the bus, I saw Qiao Yi and Wang Guanjia as if they were sighing, as if something important had happened.
As soon as Yimo got nervous, he walked slowly over and when they saw her, they stopped talking.
"Aunt Qiao, what did you just say?" Although Yimo didn’t like talking to her very much, she had the cheek to walk by at this time.
"Ah" Qiao Yi sighed "Little lady had an accident"
"Something happened to Xia Zhu?" Yimo one leng couldn’t help hanging up her heart. After all, she didn’t know what happened later.
"I don’t know where the madness came from, but the young lady’s face was scratched several times. Finally, the young lady and the gentleman drove in the ravine. Fortunately, the young lady was seriously injured and still unconscious?" Aunt Qiao also shed tears when she said this.
"How is there such a thing? I didn’t know "Yimo mood began to complex.
"We just got the news," Qiao Yi replied.
"The man was caught? Is he mentally ill? Xia Zhu is also unlucky. How can this happen? " Yimo followed with regret.
"That man is cunning and doesn’t know where he has fled now, but I believe that he will be caught sooner or later and he must be severely punished." Qiao Yi became more and more angry.
"Which hospital in Xiazhu I want to see her" Yimo still has some uncertainties.
"Let’s talk about it when the gentleman comes back," Qiao Yi said, looking at Yimo’s hand. "Miss Yi just came back from the outside and it was hard. Go back to the room and rest early."
"That’s all right. When Xiaobai comes back, Qiao Yi must call me." Yimo said and quickly returned to the room.
She closed the door and began to call Rui Danni, but no one answered after several calls.
A few minutes later, Rui Danni called back the words. Her tone of voice was also a little anxious. "I am in a panic now when something happened to Sister Yimo."
"What the hell is going on?" Yimo is as scared as she is.
"That damn guy is a fool. He screwed up again and brought in the police. Didn’t he kidnap Xia Zhu and drive away? As a result, somehow my brother’s car turned into a ditch in the suburbs, and I just got the news, "Rui Danni continued."
"I just heard Qiao Yi say that Xia Zhu’s face was really scratched and Xiao Bai, who is now in a coma, was also injured and that person escaped." Yimo felt that that person was a regular * *.
"It’s a good thing that he didn’t get caught." Rui Danni also breathed a sigh of relief. After all, things got worse and worse, she couldn’t handle it, and her strategist didn’t know what was wrong.
"Danny, does he know who you really are?" This is what Yimo is most worried about.
"Every time I see him, I wear a mask and I don’t tell him who I am or what his name is, but it’s hard to say such a thing." Rui Danni now dares not say anything if she slips up.
Yimo sighs that Rui Danni is really weak and weak.
"You this idea is also the strategist? What did he say? " Yimo asked again.
"The idea is that I think he doesn’t know that I just contacted him and I couldn’t find anyone." Rui Danni became smarter and now she knows that she has no ability to deal with emergencies.
Yimo was a little frustrated, and the strategist ignored Rui Danni, probably because she was not obedient enough.
It seems that the fate of her and Ruidanni is in his hands. Now the only way is to ask him for help.
But Yimo left a message and the strategist didn’t reply. He just disappeared like a person evaporated.
The only way for them to contact each other is that chat software, and there is no other way.