As far as the present situation is concerned, he is making great progress.
"The original is to want to confirm the coordinates. I can’t believe that I got such information.
Glad you came …
However, this state of red crescent is indeed much more terrible than before.
The human posture is normal, and the way of speaking is no longer the clumsy and bloated form before.
It’s really scary if you can skillfully use both forces.
It’s too risky to rely on myself. "
The puppet’s projection head was bitten off by the red crescent, which also made the puppet’s body completely unconscious.
Red Crescent crouches like a wild animal, and the puppet projection body bites like crazy.
He ate every part of the puppet’s body without waves at all.
Sharp and exaggerated, the strong bite force of teeth and normal shape made him eat the puppet body quickly.
Then the long tongue licked a lip around and took it back.
Let the body return to its original state and then gently wipe one’s quarrel. Red Crescent squinted.
"A little less elegant."
He quickly recovered his manners and took care of his hair.
Gently clench your fist as if feeling your new-found strength.
The finger left in front of the puppet moved when the Red Crescent was tasting the delicious body of the puppet.
Virtual rupture, a crack is broken quickly
Fingers hesitate to jump in and then quickly close the crack.
With the crack closed, everything around it returned to its original state.
Steady and quiet as if nothing had happened.
But soon the place where the crack had occurred began to creep.
It’s like crawling with each other. Insects are looking for something.
Soon the peristalsis area gradually narrowed and gradually formed a twisted cross visible to the naked eye.
Then … Ding!
A tentacle like a dead branch came from the far end and nailed the cross directly.
Like a bow and arrow hitting a bull’s-eye.
Tentacles are constantly cross-drilling and climbing, and it is already very unstable. After a resistance, a big mouth is suddenly drilled.
Virtual fracture leads to known
At the same time, the Red Crescent Lord slowly opened his eyes.
Chapter 523 Indiana Jones in the rear wing
There was excitement in his eyes.
Re-ascend to heaven and the red crescent speaks to the void
"to find Cang Ming … well and Xu Le.
Tell them that a new target has emerged.
A cunning guy has great power.
In the face of such opponents, I don’t know if they can succeed … Ha ha ha ha ha. "
Red Crescent is crazy and laughing wildly again.
He knew all about puppet projection for this purpose.
It’s just bait
Puppet’s purpose is to know his present situation and state.
Then determine a beacon through the stability of source power and lock his position.
But all this is for nothing.
But he doesn’t care.
No matter how small the bait is, it is also a piece of meat, which is rich in ancient sound and multi-source power.
His current state needs to swallow more ancient sounds and multiple sources, so that he can integrate himself more quickly and grow up.
Even a little source should be merged enough and fast, then his power will be endless.
His strength will surpass that of the past.
And no longer bound to the red moon.
Even though he knew it was bait, he didn’t hesitate to eat it.
And ….. Puppet bait tastes not his bait?
If the puppet wants to determine the beacon, he has to recycle the finger and leave it behind.
But when the finger returns, it is bound to crack.
At the other end of the crack, it may be a puppet. The trap is carefully prepared by the puppet
But what does that have to do with him?
The puppet handlers will be Cang Ming and Xu Le.
He just needs to wait silently.